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By now, many people have seen various videos and articles about Planet X that have flooded YouTube and the internet over the past decade. But Personally, I feel that these videos and articles try hard to prove their hypothesis with very little conclusive data to back it. Besides that, many people overlook the fact that the Planet X theory has been around for a long time, and none of the hundreds of past theories that have been shared about it have proven to be true.

Though few seem to know it, several researchers like the heretical Zechariah Sitchin were already predicting that this hidden planet that may have adversely affected the Earth in the past would reach Earth's orbit again in the 1980's. But sadly, ever since the first articles and books about Planet X appeared, all of them have made unfulfilled predictions about when this supposed planet would return to cause mass havoc and cataclysmic changes to the Earth.

One theory about Planet X supposes that our Solar System is part of a dual Sun System with a rogue planet that enters our own every few thousand years or so.  Another theory is that a dwarf star is circling our Sun with its own set of planets attached to it. If that were true, however, I'm sure NASA or the ESA would have spotted it by now and shared tons of information about it.

Although I know that the Bible contains prophecies that are coming true today, and some of these prophecies like Isaiah 24 and Revelation's Trumpet Judgments deal with adverse changes to the Earth or celestial bombardments upon it, I don't buy the conspiracy theory that the governments of the world are hiding a planet or small sun to avoid mass panic. Think about it. There's thousands of amateur astronomers with powerful telescopes that would have blown the whistle on them with clear data proving the existence of Planet X or an alternate Solar System by now if it was anywhere in the neighborhood of our Sun.

I talked about the Planet Marduk or Phaeton in my books as a possible cause of Noah's Flood, so I'm not discounting the existence of a rogue planet in our Solar System at some point in time. But I also believe it was destroyed before parts of it made their ill-fated encounter with the Earth, and I explain all this in my 800-page book "The Language of God in History" with plenty of convincing data to prove it. This book is available to purchase at my Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site and at Amazon as a paperback and digital book.

Everyone who believes the Planet X hypothesis seems to be ignoring the fact that, if there really was a large planet or mini solar system that was so close that it could cast huge shadows on our clouds right now, it would have been quite visible in the sky at night all over the world. That is, until it may have gotten too close to our Sun to be seen. Since no one has reported seeing this planet or solar system, my theory is that it only exists in the imaginations of some.

Granted, the Book of Revelation does indicate that the Earth will be bombarded by large objects from outer space during the Great Tribulation as part of the Trumpet judgments. I also talked about that possibility in another book in my Language of God book series that covers End Time  Bible Prophecy. It is called "The Language of God in Prophecy", and it is also 800-pages long, and is available on Amazon and my web site.

Before closing, I wanted to share the fact that I had a vivid dream about the coming bombardments of the Earth that will end this wicked world system, and I wrote about it in the following article, which also appears in my book "The Language of God in Prophecy":


Get Ready! Our Adonai Yahshua is coming for His Bride very soon!

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