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Yahshua's First Advent Ties to Chanukah and Christmas
October had arrived again, and even before the wickedness of Halloween had been unleashed on the world, the attacks on Christmas had already begun on Facebook and elsewhere. Not only that, but I knew that the attacks would soon escalate in intensity - not only from non-believers, but from misguided believers as well. But, contrary to what many Messianic Jews and legalistic Christians are teaching these days, my research has proven that many of the facts being circulated about the origins of Christmas are incorrect or incomplete. Furthermore, the facts that are deliberately being obscured or hidden prove that all the virulent hatred of the celebration of December 25th among large segments of humanity today is NOT OF GOD, but is of the Devil.

The image above was taken from one of my previous articles on this subject that is linked to at the end of this article, and - like this article - that article shows that Christians do not need to be ashamed of the traditional Christian Christmas holiday, but that it should continue to be celebrated. Unfortunately, however, this is becoming increasingly more difficult because of the sad truth that many deluded believers and apostates are joining the ranks of demon possessed, unsaved people who make it a calling to attack the non-Jewish Body of Christ using FALSIFIED or doctored and false historical information.

This altered or incomplete information can be found in many popular encyclopedias and text books that were created in the last fifty years by Liberal, Secular Scholars that hate Christ and anything to do with Him. Many of them are undoubtedly also Occultists that are unsaved and demonically controlled. These people generally despise Christians and Jews, and have been taught to believe that Pantheism, Paganism and Shamanism came before Monotheism or the belief in one Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Creator God, which is absolutely not true. As a result, many of these scholars have adjusted the facts to be purposefully deceptive and misleading - leaving out key information that points to the Monotheistic truths I'm sharing here.

I have done extensive research on this subject, and - among many other facts supporting Christian holy days as reinterpretations of traditional Jewish Feasts - have discovered that, since Yahshua or Jesus our Messiah was most likely born in September of 3 BC based on the Signs in the Heavens at that time, He was most likely conceived at Chanukah in 4 BC. Furthermore, conception is when life truly begins! So this is when Yahshua truly came to be with us. Also interesting to note is the fact that Yahshua is the true Light of the World, and Chanukah is called the Festival of Lights, and it is associated with Divine llumination.

Not only that, but Chanukah begins on Kislev 25, the ninth Jewish month that always falls in late November through late December every year. As such, the month of Kislev is perfectly analogous to the 30 days between American Thanksgiving Day in late November, which is a Christian version of Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles (when Yahshua was born), and Christmas Day on December 25th. It is therefore no coincidence that December 25th falls on the same numeric day and at the same time of year as the first day of Chanukah beginning on Kislev 25, when Yahshua was conceived.

In addition, there is a good indication - based on clues in the biblical narrative and in the Signs in the Heavens - that the Wise Men found Yahshua as a toddler in Bethlehem during Chanukah in 2 BC, when Yahshua was about 15 months old. The December 25th date for celebrating Yahshua's entire birth and infancy narrative therefore makes perfect sense.

Yahshua was truly incarnated as a man at Chanukah, although He was born around Yom Teruah or Sukkot. Furthermore, He was recognized as the true King of Israel at Chanukah by the Wise Men. If you listen to the words of Yahshua, He said that He came to fulfill the Law, not to abolish it. The Jewish Feast days each have something to teach us about the redemptive work of Yahshua. But I have discovered that - contrary to Hebrew Roots teachings - the Main Christian Feasts actually acknowledge this fact.

Easter Week, which falls between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday, is connected to Passover Week because Easter Sunday almost always falls on the Sunday or first day of the week that the Firstfruits offering would have been made in the Jerusalem Temple during Passover Week. Not surprisingly, this was the very Sunday when Yahshua was presented to His Father in Heaven as the Firstfruits of the Resurrection into Everlasting Life. This exactly mimicked the way the firstfruits of the Barley harvest were presented before God in the Holy Place within the Temple to Yahweh. Yahshua was taken up secretly to be presented before His Father in Heaven just as the Barley sheaf was being waved in the Temple - on the day after the Sabbath, which is the Sunday on which Pesach, which means Passover, falls. Most of Europe calls Easter "Pesach" or "Pascha" because it celebrates the day of the Firstfruits Offering during Passover Week, and Yahshua rose from the dead on that day to become the Firstfruits of the Resurrection.

Christmas is also tied to its Jewish counterparts Chanukah or the Feast of Dedication and Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles in two ways. The first connection comes from the fact that the American Thanksgiving Day celebration has long been recognized as a Christian version of the Jewish Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles, which is an Autumn Harvest Festival dedicated to thanking God for His goodness in the harvest. Autumn corresponds to the time when Yahshua would have most likely been born in Bethlehem - around the time of Sukkot. The second connection comes from the fact that Chanukah corresponds to the time when Yahshua was conceived in Israel nine months before His birth, during winter in Israel - just as Christmas is celebrated in the West.

Furthermore, the Jews have added two Feast Days to their Sacred Calendar that - although the Jews appear to be completely unaware of this - are prophetically tied directly to the Gentile believers in Yahshua as the Second House of Israel. These Feasts are Purim and Chanukah, and they are NOT God-ordained. But no one is pointing their fingers at these Feast Days and calling them evil because they clearly are celebrating great moments of Israelite deliverance from government oppression and evil in high places. Christmas is the same kind of Holy Day. It celebrates the great promise of deliverance from evil, sin and death that came with the birth of Yahshua, the Light of the World, in Bethlehem of Judea in 3 BC.

So my plea to all of you that have come to hate Christmas and revile those who keep it, I would like to ask you to study my articles, and stop bashing the Christian celebration of Christ's Incarnation as a man in December! Because my articles repeatedly give research information that proves that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Christmas as a combined celebration of the full narrative of the chronological events surrounding Christ's Birth.

Image Taken From My Article:
As a strengthening argument to heed my plea, think about this: if you count from the middle of the week of Chanukah in 4 BC to September of 3 BC, Yahshua's 280th day in His mother's womb - when labor was most likely to have begun at the perfect end of human gestation - would have been on Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement, NOT on Yom Teruah or Sukkot. The image above was taken from one of my articles that is linked to at the end of this article, and it shows the connection between Chanukah and Passover through the events of Yahshua's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, and His Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Before I continue, I want appeal to all those who despise Christmas and hate those who keep it by being so harsh and unforgiving towards them. Before you go on your next crusade to bash Christmas and Christian practices, please remember that Yahshua was incarnated as a human being at Chanukah, when He was conceived - and this is likely being recalled by the date of December 25th and its direct connection to Kislev 25 as the date most analogous to the Jewish Lunar Calendar on a Gentile Solar Calendar. In addition, Scripture reveals that Yahshua was a toddler when the Magi came to visit Him, and the presence of Jupiter or the Star of Bethlehem above the town of Bethlehem was most prominent between June and December of 2 BC, which was nearly a year, to over a year after Yahshua was born in September of 3 BC. For more information about this, please read my article entitled: "Yahshua's First Advent Ties to Chanukah and Christmas" by clicking on the title link in this paragraph, or using the link to it at the end of this article.

Now, since Christmas is connected to a godly Feast day associated with Christ for good reason, it will not earn you any brownie points with God to try and shame those who keep it. Please remember that adhering to the letter of the Law without embracing the mercy, sacrifice and love of God, which are part of His Grace, is a direct insult to Yahshua and His Spirit. After all, Grace or unmerited favor was given through the perfect Torah-true life that Yahshua lived, and the Blood Sacrifice of Yahshua Ha Mashiach on the Cross for our sins! Therefore, Yahshua - as the WORD OF GOD - IS the Torah! So please stop hating your brethren in Christ, and learn to truly follow HIM in love.

For the Torah-observant, I also have to ask the question: "Why are you choosing to believe that Rome and the Papacy had anything to do with choosing December 25th as the date when Yahshua’s incarnation as a man was celebrated? How do you know that it was not a practice of the Early Church, as I strongly suspect - because they realized that conception is when life begins, not birth? Why are you utilizing the erroneous research of others without consulting the Holy Spirit for wisdom concerning these matters?"

Finally, I have some tidbits to share with those who object to keeping Christmas because they think it was connected to Saturnalia, or the worship of the false god Saturn, who was seen as represented by the planet or wandering star called Saturn. First of all, the Roman Feast of Saturnalia did NOT coincide with December 25th at all. In fact, it was celebrated between December 17th and 23rd on the Julian Calendar, which means it ended two days before Christmas. Secondly, although wicked people associated the planet Saturn with Sorcery and Black Magic, it was created by God to have a godly purpose, as the following illustration hints at:
Saturn's  Rings and Hexagon Storm  = Avenger of Blood Yahshua's Crown 
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In ancient times, Saturn was associated with the sky and the sky god or gods connected to it. To the Jews, however, it had another meaning. This is because they saw Saturn as the seventh wandering star (i.e. planet), and as such, they connected it to the Sabbath or seventh day of the week. Saturn was therefore associated with God's rest by the Jews, as well as His blessings, goodness and mercy toward mankind. In fact, inside or outside of Israel, the wandering star Saturn did not have any association with black magic until medieval times, when it started to be used as a symbol connected to magic, and the other dark arts of the occult.

However, Saturn does have another ancient and mysterious role in its association with one of the sons of Jacob or Israel via Joseph's dream vision. In that dream, Joseph saw his mother and father as the Sun and Moon, and his 11 brothers as 11 wandering stars (i.e. planets or other large celestial bodies) circling the Sun. (See Genesis 37:1-11). Due to this, Joseph's dream serves as a strong clue that each planet or large celestial body in our Solar System has an allegorical connection to the Tribes of Israel, just as the Twelve Zodiac Signs, Sun Signs, or Signs of the Mazzaroth do. I'll share more on this a bit later - in reference to Judah, and his descendant Yahshua.

Saturn also may have a connection to the idea of God's all-seeing eye. This is because, when seen from a certain angle, Saturn bears an uncanny resemblance to a human eye, and Yahshua had two. I found this out first hand during one of my sky-watching forays, in the spring of 2002. At that time, Saturn was prominently situated in a planetary line-up spanning the signs of Taurus and Gemini, Furthermore, Saturn was at such an angle that its rings could clearly be seen without the aid of anything more powerful than a standard pair of binoculars. Furthermore, the angle made Saturn's rings look like a huge oval human eye shape with a white pupil consisting of the planet Saturn. When I saw this, I wondered if this symbolism was not lost on the ancients, who may have seen Saturn as the eye of God.

Fascinatingly, the planet Saturn has a raging hexagonal-shaped storm at its southern pole, and the hexagon has six sides that fit perfectly around the six-pointed star shape known as the Seal of Solomon or Star of David. This star symbol, which consisted of two intersecting triangles pointing up and down, was likely originally an ancient celestial symbol for the concept of Heaven and Earth being entwined together as God interacts with humanity. It also connects Saturn to Yahshua by the fact that humanity's most intimate interactions with God came through Yahshua, Who was also known prophetically as the Son of David, and the six-pointed star that can be associated with a hexagon is known as the Star of David. As our Messiah or Savior and Giver of Divine Wisdom through His Holy Spirit, Yahshua is the aspect of God that shares our human likeness, and even today, He still sees the world through human eyes because He was resurrected into a human form.

Christ as the Alpha and Omega, or Aleph and Bet
In my studies of Saturn, it is interesting to note that the early Church associated halos, which are reminiscent of the rings of Saturn, with the holy family, the apostles, and the saints. For example, in the 4th century catacombs of Commodilla in Rome, a wall fresco of Yahshua's face and torso is surrounded by a halo, as shown in the adjacent photo taken from Wikimedia Commons. That it is a depiction of Yahshua is obvious due to the Greek letters Alpha and Omega on either side of the figure. These letters are attributed to Christ in the Bible due to His role in Creation, which makes Him the Beginning and the End of all things, and the First and the Last in regard to all things. Due to its importance as an attribute of Yahshua as our Creator, the Book of Revelation refers to Yahshua as the Alpha and Omega, or the Aleph and the Tav three times, in Revelation 1:10-11, Revelation 21:5-6 and Revelation 22:12-14.

Now, looking at the fact that Saturn is a giant ringed planet crowned with a giant hexagonal-shaped hurricane-like storm at its southern pole, I feel that it has a definite allegorical connection to the concept of an angry, vengeful king crowned with a circle of light. In this regard, it serves as a perfect allegory of Yahshua, Who is our spiritual and literal Avenger of Blood. In ancient Israel, the Kinsmen Redeemer and Avenger of Blood was usually the senior-most male family member and head of a tribe or clan that was called on to serve as the family's judge and counselor, as well as the person who was called on to avenge crimes against his extended Israelite family. Likewise, as the head of all the Tribes of Israel, Yahshua is the Kings of kings, and the Righteous Judge of Humanity that is coming to avenge the blood of all His spiritual family members that have been martyred or wronged in this wicked world.

Fascinatingly, Yahshua created Saturn using His Father's design. So I am sure it was God the Father's plan for Saturn to have allegorical connections to a halo or crown and a human eye. In that regard, it may serve as a symbol for Judah, who was considered to be the king among his brothers, and who was seen as a wandering star in Joseph's Dream (See Genesis 37:1-11Genesis 49:8-10; 1 Chronicles 5:2. However, since Satan is the god of this wicked world system, it is easy to see why occult practitioners have re-appropriated the planet Saturn, the hexagon, and the hexagonal star for their own wicked uses. Sadly, their ploy of turning good to evil has worked marvelously today, and many people have been duped by their subterfuge.

Other scholars try to connect Christmas to the Ancient Roman celebration of Sol Invictus, or worship of the “Invincible Sun”, which was the day that the Romans worshiped the birth of the Sun God Apollo. However, there is good reason to believe that, since Sol Invictus was not made an official holiday in Rome until the 5th Century, that it was celebrated on December 25th in direct affront to the Christian worship of Yahshua’s birth on that day, which had likely started long before the Pagans in Rome re-appropriated and tried to eclipse the Christian holiday.

An interesting thing to note here is that Sol Invictus was supposedly associated with the Winter Solstice, or shortest day of the year also, and - as previously stated - the Winter Solstice did not fall on December 25th in Ancient Roman times. So there seems to be a discrepancy in the historical records as to when Sol Invictus was actually celebrated, as opposed to when it should have been celebrated. This supports my view that the Romans chose to celebrate Sol Invictus on December 25th in opposition to the Christian celebration of Yahshua’s birth on that day, rather than on the actual Winter Solstice, which fell around December 22nd or 23rd in Ancient Rome.

In an uncanny way, the fact that Easter and the Firstfruits offering day are connected to Sunday, which the Pagans dedicated to their Sun god, and the fact that Christmas may have been connected to the Pagan worship of the birth of the Sun God has a way of sanctifying both days for the worship of Yahshua as well. Now, before getting upset by my preceding statement and proclaiming that I am a heretic due to it, please consider the fact that there is sound biblical proof that Yahshua, Who is fully God, is directly connected with the symbolism of our Sun. The proof is in Malachi 4:2, where Yahshua is prophetically called the Sun of Righteousness! This means that our Sun can allegorically represent our Risen Messiah, just as the planet Jupiter represents Him in His incarnation as a mortal man, and the planet Saturn may signify Him in his role as the Crowned King of kings. So, by this analogy, who would you say is the REAL Sun God? I say it is God the Father and His Son Yahshua, that’s Who!

Beit Alfa Synagogue Mosaic Floor Depicting King David in place of
Apollo in the center of a Zodiac Wheel depicting the 12 Tribes of Israel
The Jews of Yahshua’s Day seemed to fully acknowledge this fact, actually depicting King David - who led Israel by God’s command - in the same fashion as the Roman Sun God Apollo. They did so by placing an image of David in a chariot being pulled by four horses in the center of a Zodiacal Wheel of all Twelve Zodiac Signs, which the Jews allegorically connected to the Twelve Tribes of Israel. This can be seen in the floor of Beit Alfa, an Ancient Jewish Synagogue that was found in Northern Israel, as shown above. There are several other similar ancient depictions that have been found in Israel, so this was not an isolated anomaly.

Although some scholars have attributed these synagogue mosaics to the Samaritans, whose religion was considered to be a mixture of Jewish and Pagan ideas, Yahshua never condemned the Samaritan woman, who had been married five times, or her supposedly “heretical” religious beliefs, but actually acknowledged the Jewish and Samaritan belief in a coming Messiah as fulfilled with His actual bodily presence before her, and His prophetic ability (See all of the Gospel of John, Chapter 4). In fact, it was her testimony in her city about Yahshua that made her fellow Samaritans come out to meet Him at Jacob’s Well.

Subsequently, Yahshua decided to stay in Samaria for two days, and speak to the Samaritans about Who He is, and why He had come. During His stay, Yahshua converted many Samaritans to belief in Him, and they were saved! So, unlike the majority of Jews that did not believe in Him, many Samaritans had no trouble seeing the greatness of the teachings of this godly man before them, and His divine purpose and prophetic calling. They could also see His resemblance to King David as a man of God, and a Sun of Righteousness, for He was shedding spiritual light like David had in his Psalms, and in the example that David has tried to set for his people when he was King of Israel. Below, I’ve shared Malachi 4:1 through 3 to show its direct connection to Christ as our Sun of Righteousness, and our only true Light of the World:

~*~ Malachi 4:1-3 ~ *~

“For behold, the day is coming,
Burning like an oven,
And all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble.
And the day which is coming shall burn them up,”
Says the Lord of hosts,
“That will leave them neither root nor branch.
2 But to you who fear My name
The Sun of Righteousness shall arise
With healing in His wings;
And you shall go out
And grow fat like stall-fed calves.
3 You shall trample the wicked,
For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet
On the day that I do this,”
Says the Lord of hosts.”

AMEN and Hallelu-Yah!

In another article I wrote defending a believer's right to keep Christmas as the Gentile version of Chanukah and Sukkot combined, I address both of the false claims made about several verses in  Jeremiah Chapter 10 and Isaiah Chapter 44, which are primarily used to bash the use of Christmas Trees and Nativity Sets as evil and idolatrous Pagan customs. Sadly, however, these verses have been grossly misinterpreted and misapplied, and say nothing of the sort. The Title and Link to that illuminating article appears next. Please share this article with those who try to use those Scriptures to ruin your enjoyment of Christmas!

Yahshua’s First Advent 
Ties to Chanukah and Christmas

For more of my research into the reason why keeping Christmas and Easter or Pesach as they are kept among Christians is NOT Pagan or evil, please read the articles I've linked to below:

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Blessings To You All in Yahshua, and 

Merry Christmas! :-)

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