Friday, March 07, 2014

Don't Be Fooled By Satan On How To Help The Hungry!

The Devil Is A Liar Who Seeks to Deceive, 
Kill and Destroy, and He Loves To Deceive Believers!

This morning I was remembering what happened to my long-time online friendship with a woman named Mary, and how the Devil destroyed it. For a long time, we were really close friends. She discovered my web site when she was a baby Christian. She had come out of a Hare Krishna Ashram when she discovered Yahshua, and she was really on fire to find out all about Him and His Second Coming at the time.

It was really delightful to see her enthusiasm for the Gospel, and her desire to help others and reach out to the poor and needy was also very strong. During this time, I helped to educate her about the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and about the End Times. She also often came to me for advice, for prayer, and to share ideas. It was great for a long time.

But then something happened to Mary. She disappeared from Facebook for a couple of years, and when she returned, it was to advertise her work with the underprivileged at a Christian hospice that helped the homeless. That was great news, because when she initially left, she was trying to do street evangelism, with disastrous, hurtful results. So I was glad she had found a "safe" place to help and nurture others.

But there were problems there too, as I soon learned when sharing my articles on her timeline, and she quickly deleted them. When I asked her why she did so, she told me it was because the people she dealt with through the hospice mostly lived on the streets, and most were "broken" spiritually and emotionally.

She then went on to say that these "broken" people couldn't handle the truth, but needed to be handled with special kid gloves, and loved and nurtured without "condemnation" until they were softened enough to hear the Gospel. Unfortunately, the condemnation Mary was speaking about was the mention of the fact that we are all sinners that are damned to Hell without Christ, and we will perish in suffering forever without Him as our Messiah, and without His Spirit indwelling us!

When I tried to tell Mary that this is the essence of the Gospels of Repentance and Salvation, she insisted that unsaved people couldn't handle these truths yet, and she didn't want me condemning sin or mentioning Hell on her timeline in case they might read it and get "the wrong idea".

I was shocked at this development, and was further shocked when pleading with her to reconsider did no good. She still insisted that the lost she nurtured and "shepherded" needed to remain "lost" until she deemed that they were ready to be "saved"! But when I told Mary that these people needed to be exorcised of unclean spirits if they couldn't stand hearing the Gospels of Repentance and Salvation being preached, she got angry and refused to discuss it further with me.

At about the same time as Mary shared her involvement in this street ministry, she also started getting all these strange notions that she said "the Lord" had shown her, but that really had no biblical basis. I couldn't figure out where she was coming from half of the time, and when I did, I would show her where her ideas were not supported by Scripture. But Mary remained unconvinced.

Eventually, she started speaking about her beliefs as if they were carved in stone and were definitely going to happen as she believed, even though these beliefs were based on twisting scripture, or not scripturally-based at all. When I finally pressed her about this, Mary finally started sharing links to a certain man's Facebook page and web site where her heretical ideas had sprung from.

When I realized that Mary had become a devotee to this man's false religious premises, I immediately saw that this was similar to her past devotion to the Krishna cult, and I tried to warn her. But Mary would hear none of it, and she soon stopped my efforts to draw her away from this man. She did so by unfriending and blocking me on Facebook, and refusing to answer my frantic e-mails asking her to pray and reconsider her devotion to this man.

The reason I am sharing all this is to ask that you join me in praying for Mary. She is truly lost in another cult, and only Yahshua can save her and the many poor souls she impacts with her ministry on the streets of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Mary, and all the "believers" like her in the Church today that are afraid and ashamed of the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God! Pray that God makes them ashamed of their shame, and gives them the boldness to exorcise demons and preach the truth from the beginning to the hungry and the homeless, without fear and without shame!

Your Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


PLEASE NOTE: The photo associated with this article that I added John 6:33-35 to links to a video at You Tube, which I have linked to below. I found it via an internet image search for "homeless people being helped". This is a wonderful video of selfless giving and I would love to do what this man did for the holidays someday.

But while I think what that charitable man did was wonderful and should be emulated, I would have added a good Study Bible (or an MP3 Audio Bible on a basic MP3 Player for those who admit to not being able to read) to each box of shoes, blanket, and meal given.

Then I would have told that person that it was Yahshua that had moved me to be so kind, for it is knowing the Word of God and doing God's Will that truly can feed, cloth and house us now, and into Eternity.

Helping Out The Homeless - December 2013

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