Monday, February 10, 2014

50 Shades of SIN

Mystical Art by Occult Practitioner Emily Balivet
Years ago, when I was attempting to learn the craft of writing, and had an interest in writing historical books and historical romances, I discovered that some of the best paid Romance writers often dabbled in writing erotica on the side under pseudonyms because it can actually be more lucrative than writing regular romantic fiction.

Curious and naive, I bought a couple of these erotic novels, and was totally shocked at how cruel and vile these books were. Erotica is basically fictional writing that describes people performing violent or humiliating sexual acts without any commitment, nor any shred of real love or affection between the participants. As such, it's totally ungodly!

That is why I was shocked when the world fell in love with the erotic book "50 Shades of Grey", which I've ascertained is nothing more than poorly written Sadomasochistic pornography! Regardless of the fact that it was B-rated filth that should have been entitled: "50 Shades of Sin", the world fell in love with it anyway, and now there's even a movie coming out based on it. In the reviews of it, the woman with the lead seductress role has avowedly declared that she has "no shame", when she surely should!

Sadly, however, along with Homosexuality, this is what most of the world now craves! Since this is the case, it is surely just as bad now as it was in the days of Noah, when LGBT people and BDSM practitioners were also everywhere, and the whole world was filled with lust and violence!

Sharing the same debased and ungodly spirit, the world has also embraced a sick love for vampires and zombies, and fiction, video games and movies about these types of living dead are also all the rage right now. Needless to say, these types of "entertainment" are also filled with vile acts of gore and violence that are desensitizing and polluting the minds and hearts of both children and adults.

God help us!

Yahshua, please come soon!

Yours In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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Important Note: the illustration used in this article was taken from the online portfolio of a New Age/Occult artist named Emily Balivet. She is totally sold out to the dark side of spirituality, and I feel very sorry for her. She has such great talent, and it would be so lovely if it was devoted to serving the one true God Yahweh instead of Satan. I therefore ask that you pray for her salvation, for this talented artist is, and will remain well and truly lost without Yahshua.



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