Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Messianic Secret Hidden Within The Orion Constellation

By Helena Lehman of the 
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


The constellation of Orion the Brilliant, which is a decan of the Zodiac sign of Taurus the Bull, is a powerful heavenly symbol of our TRUE Messiah Yahshua, just as Taurus is. While Taurus represents Yahshua as the bull once used as a sin offering by Israel's Levitical priesthood, Orion signifies Yahshua as the Prince of Peace coming to conquer the wicked at the Battle of Armageddon.

Orion, Conquering Messiah!

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Clues to the allegorical spiritual meaning of Orion can be found in Orion's distinctive HOURGLASS shape, which is suggestive of Christ's titles: the First and the Last and the Beginning and the End. These titles suggest that Yahshua is the Master of Time. Incidentally, the Great Sphinx at Giza actually signifies the signs Leo and Virgo, the first and the last signs in the Ancient Zodiac and the constellations that can be associated with the beginning and end of time, which Yahshua created as the Preincarnate Son of God. In addition, Virgo is a symbol of Christ's human origin in the virgin birth, while Leo is a symbol for the Royal line of Israelite kings that came from the TRIBE OF JUDAH. Yahshua is to be the final successor to the Davidic throne of all Israel and the King of kings during His coming Millennial Rule.

The constellation Orion can also be envisioned as a giant CHALICE OR CUP, with the three bright stars in the belt of Orion signifying not only the bottom of the bowl of a long-stemmed cup but the three crosses on Calvary at the Crucifixion of Christ! This association of Orion’s Belt with the Crucifixion indicates the true purpose of the three Old Kingdom Pyramids at Giza that depict Orion’s Belt. There, the middle pyramid attached to the Great Sphinx depicting Leo and Virgo signifies the Cross of Christ, Who is the First and the Last! Fascinatingly, a cross shape can also signify the Sun as well as the entire Zodiac through the Solstices and Equinoxes, and this ties in to Yahshua's role as the Sun of Righteousness described by the Prophet Malachi.

Orion and Taurus Depict Christ's Crucifixion:

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According to the 1st Century historian Josephus, Egypt's Old Kingdom Pyramids were NEVER pagan constructs to an evil false god, but were erected by the righteous sons of Seth and Enoch before the Flood. Josephus indicated that the Sethites were great astronomers, and their stone structures in Mizraim or Egypt preserved their astronomical knowledge. However, what Josephus did not know is that the Sethites were great astronomers because they loved God, who has revealed His entire Plan of Salvation through His Son in the Zodiac that His Son created for Him! In fact, the Zodiac that God the Father’s One and Only Son Yahshua created depicts exactly why He had to die on the Cross to save all mankind from their sins when they BELIEVE IN HIM.

The sacredness of the Old Kingdom Pyramids in Egypt are alluded to in the Bible. At the junction between Upper and Lower Egypt, the pyramids at Giza and Dahshur were likely constructed to serve as the altar to God in the midst of Egypt that the Prophet Isaiah identified. According to Isaiah, this pyramid altar complex will be recognized as a holy site during the Millennial Rule of Christ:
Isaiah 19:19-21 - “In that day there will be an altar to Yahweh in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to Yahweh at its border. And it will be for a sign and for a witness to Yahweh Tsavuot in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to Yahweh because of the oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Mighty One, and He will deliver them.”
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