Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Warning to Scoffers and Unbelievers:

The Heavens Show that the Tribulation is Coming Soon!

Shalom to you all.

Do you know somebody or are you someone who scoffs at any suggestion that the end of the world as we know it is near? Would you like some cold, hard facts to sink the teeth of your disbelief into? Then perhaps you would like to contemplate the possibility that God created the heavens to be both a time clock and meaningful sign to those who love Him and a witness to those who follow Him! The Bible repeatedly tells us that there will be unusual signs in the Sun, Moon and stars just before Christ's return. Over the next seven years, an extremely rare line up of Solar and Lunar Eclipses mark these seven years as extraordinarily significant in history.

The constellations also serve as a divine storybook that God created at the time He created the Universe. This is called the Gospel in the Stars and it delivers the same message about our need for Christ and His salvation that is in the Bible. This Star Gospel and the Heavenly Signs over the next seven years are shown in the link to my Tribulation Time Chart below, which appears to be targeting the Central Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon of June 15th as the beginning of the end. An illustration of the Star Gospel message surrounding this Blood Moon in the constellation called Ophiuchus the Serpent-Holder, a decan sign of Scorpio, is also included below:

Tribulation Time Chart Page at POEM:

Star Gospel Astronomical Illustration of
June 15th, 2011 Central Lunar Eclipse:

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If this is the sign marking the beginning of the Tribulation, then - in a matter of mere days - we will be entering the seven-year period spoken of by the Prophet Daniel and described by Christ as one of the most horrible times in human history. So I urge those of you who still reject Christ to repent NOW, before it is too late and you are left behind in the coming catching up of all true believers to Heaven in the Rapture. For those in Heaven, there will be joy and peace and fulfillment. But for those left behind, there will be war, terror, and loss beyond imagining.

The Rapture was promised to believers in Christ as the Son of God who became a man after being conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of a virgin. Many Scriptures in the Bible teach that the Rapture must happen before the final wrath of God is poured out in the last 3-1/2 years of the Tribulation.

If you wish to be spared this fast-approaching time of suffering and death in the Tribulation, you must first humbly repent and admit that you are a sinner in need of forgiveness. Then you must accept Christ's blood sacrifice on the Cross. This blood sacrifice paid for all of your sins and allows you to be covered with Christ's righteousness in exchange for your sinfulness so that you can be seen as pure and worthy to approach the throne of God with your prayer requests.

After you have accepted Yahshua (i.e. Jesus) as your personal Savior or Messiah from sin, ask Yahshua to place His Holy Spirit inside you as the seal of your salvation and as your personal guide into all truth. As you seek God's will in prayer and within the Bible regarding every aspect of your life, you will soon find yourself wanting to make the changes that God directs you to make that lead to righteousness.

If you have any questions or need more guidance, do not hesitate to contact me, Helena Lehman, or the person who sent this message to you. You may also wish to visit the Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site linked to below the closing line of this message. There are many free articles and book excerpts there that can be downloaded and that will help you to understand what it means to be a true and devoted follower of Yahshua the Messiah.

In the meantime, may our Father God Yahweh bless you all and save you from the coming Tribulation.

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)