Monday, April 25, 2011

New Armageddon Show and Resurrection Son-Day Blessings

Now Playing on the Edge AM: The April 23rd Armageddon Show with Helena Lehman discussing the prophetic meaning of the 50-year Jubilee and its connection to Firstfruits or Resurrection Son-Day and Pentecost. In addition, Helena discusses the meaning behind the two donkeys that Yahshua rode triumphantly into Jerusalem as a king just one week before He died.

Armageddon Show Page at the Edge AM:

I hope you had a joyous and Happy Resurrection Son-Day everyone! I pray for blessings upon you and your families, in Yahshua’s Name. May Yahweh bless you all abundantly as we await Yahshua's soon return! Amen and Hallelu-Yah! He is RISEN!

As a gift to all my online friends, I would like to share the following embedded video with you. I hope it will bless you!

From CBN: The Jewish Jesus: Suffering Servant

A look at the crucifixion story as told by the prophets of the Old Testament and how 20 specific prophecies were fulfilled.

Maranatha! Keep looking UP!

Helena Lehman