Friday, July 23, 2010

Is the Houston Blooming of a Corpse Flower a Bad Omen?

By Helena Lehman

This story of the Corpse Flower threatening to bloom in tandem with a young couple’s wedding at Houston’s Museum of Natural History this weekend caught my eye, and upon investigating this rare Sumatran flower that smells like rotting meat, made me wonder if this is a sign that great death and destruction are soon going to be unleashed on the inhabitants of the US Gulf coast like those living in Houston.

Eerily, the upright stamen-like spadix of the Corpse Flower is the color of human flesh and maintains the temperature of the human body to release its foul odor, which attracts the flies it needs for pollination. Is it just a coincidence that these first bloomed in the USA in NYC in 1937 & 1939 - just before World War II broke out? See Wikipedia to learn more: