Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Celestial Forebodings and Ominous Signs in the Heavens for the New Year

By Helena Lehman

On December 31st, 2008, prompted by a question sent to me in an e-mail, I decided to take a look at the sky in my Starry Night program - and I was truly surprised! The person who wrote to me was right. There is quite a show going on in the heavens tonight.

In actuality, however, the show started early this morning with the bright planet Saturn, which represents God’s Sabbath Rest in the Millennial Kingdom of Christ. Saturn is directly between the constellations Virgo and Leo - the beginning and end of the ancient Zodiac. These signs are memorialized in the Great Sphinx, which represents Christ as “the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last” (Rev. 22:13). Leo also signifies Christ as the Lion of Judah, who - someday soon - will reign on the Earth for a thousand years of peace and prosperity in a world restored to its Eden-like perfection.

These signs alone are interesting, but don’t mean much in regard to God’s heavenly prophetic timeline until the other signs are noted in relation to it, and this is when the sky had a more intriguing message. First, before sunrise, Mars - the planet denoting war, bloodshed, and sacrifice - was visible near to the junction between Sagittarius and Scorpio. Sagittarius represents Christ as the dual-natured God-Man and Archer whose arrow will pierce the heart of that old Serpent Satan, which is depicted by Scorpio and by Serpens - that giant Serpent writhing in the arms of the messianic Mighty Man constellation Ophiuchus, which is just above Scorpio.

A bit later, the Sun, which signifies God the Father as the source of all light, warmth and wisdom rose in Sagittarius, the sign that also signifies Christ battling Satan through His redeeming sacrifice for our sins on the Cross. Then, after the Sun sets tonight, this show in the sky gets even more interesting - and increasingly more foreboding.

First - low in the southwestern sky - two pairs of celestial bodies in conjunction with each other will appear. The pair closest to the horizon will be Mercury the Angelic (Enochian) Messenger planet and Jupiter the Messiah planet at the juncture between Sagittarius and Capricorn. These two signs signify godly ideas but also hint at the genetic corruption that was going on prior to the Flood via the fallen angels called Watchers and the Nephilim Giants.

For example, Capricorn depicts the death of all terrestrial life during the Great Flood of Noah, when the Nephilim and all other earthly life was virtually wiped out due to their wickedness and genetic corruption. The conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter between Capricorn and Sagittarius therefore suggests that Christ the Messiah is planning to bring war and bloodshed to the Earth due to the violence and corruption of humanity, which - at this time in history - is approaching the level it was prior to the Flood. Could this also be a warning that mankind’s genetic tampering with food crops and domesticated animals will soon be punished by another devastating act of God?

The second pair in conjunction tonight will be sitting at the juncture between Aquarius, signifying both God’s anger and wrath in the Great Flood and His love and provision through the Holy Spirit. This pair consists of Venus - the planet signifying spiritual illumination, and the Moon - representing utter sinfulness when it is new or redemption and purity when it is full. Tonight the Moon will be a slim waxing crescent with Venus just below it, and - if the sky is clear - this pair will be clearly visible, along with Jupiter nearer to the horizon.

This crescent Moon and the bright star Venus in conjunction evoke the symbol of Islam, and suggest that there may be great trouble brewing in the Middle East that will erupt into a full-scale war soon. Ominously, there is a skirmish that just began between Israel and Gaza right now, and this could become a much bigger problem rapidly - considering the hatred of the Anti-Semitic and Anti-Christian Islamic Terrorists currently surrounding Israel on all sides.

Meanwhile, troops are amassing at the border between India and Pakistan as tensions arising from the November 2008 wounding of over 300 and the torture, mutilation and slaughter of 173 people by Pakistani Terrorists in Mumbai mounts to a heated frenzy. If a war starts between these two countries, it could leave Pakistan’s Afghan border extremely vulnerable, and this may allow Al Qaida terrorists hiding in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan more freedom to advance their terrorist agenda in 2009.

Then there is the 2008 economic collapse and financial crisis that has had repercussions around the world with many losing their massive fortunes, their homes and their businesses, and many other people now unemployed and hungry. No one knows how or when this current worldwide Depression will lift, and no one knows how the USA is going to pay back its ever more massive debt load.

Emphasizing the coming wrath of God that is really evident in the sky this evening, two other planets that are tied to Noah and the Great Flood will be in Aquarius tonight. These are the gas giants Uranus - a planet connected to Noah in myth, and Neptune - the planet named after the Roman god of the sea!

Needless to say, after seeing what I saw in the heavens today, I hope Yahshua will forgive me for being lax in my observations lately! I have been busy finishing a fascinating look at ancient history through the lens of Scripture and the Gospel in the Stars, and I was sidetracked by all the amazing things the Holy Spirit has been showing me as I write. I can’t wait to share my newest book: “The Language of God in History” with the world! Check out its contents and pre-order a copy today at the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Web Site

In the meantime, for more information about what the Bible and Gospel in the Stars are predicting for us in the near future, check out my other books and the many free articles and downloads at my web site. I also have quite a few interesting articles published at the American Chronicles news site. For more background about what might happen in the near future, check out my articles there about the Prophecy in Psalm 108, the Perseus Prophecy article, and my 2012 Anti-Peace Sign articles.

I hope I’m wrong in my dire warnings for 2009, but only the future will tell. While we wait, let me take this opportunity to wish all those reading this a Happy New Year!

God bless America!