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The USA tied to Israel in the Star Gospel
This brief article is meant to show two things. First, that the USA is tied to the Tribes of Joseph and Levi in the Star Gospel, and Second, that the USA and Israel are inexorably linked in history and in Bible Prophecy as great blessings to the world because they began as enlightened bastions of democracy and freedom.

The United States of America became a blessed place because of the many devout Christians who originally settled it. These believers brought Christ to the Native Americans, who do believe in a Creator God and may have Israelite ties, but who fell into sin and also worship demons unless converted. I deeply love and respect Native American culture otherwise, and I know that they were not always treated well by their White neighbors, and were very unjustly persecuted at times. But they did not always treat the White settlers who lived beside them justly, or honor the treaties they made either, so there were grave wrongs on both sides that need to be forgiven and forgotten.

It was the Christian settlers of America - who, by the way, were primarily White - that made America a prosperous and productive land of milk and honey that shows God's abundant blessings on the Tribe of Joseph. This land began as a moral and righteous one that became a haven for persecuted people all over the world - especially Christians. This nation under God also led the world in spreading the Judeo-Christian principles of democracy, liberty and freedom that ONLY work in societies where the people carefully follow God's Ten Commandments.

But Christian and Jewish democracies like the USA and the nation of Israel are an affront against the dictatorships of the world where the people have no rights and are forced to worship the State. Judeo-Christian Democracies therefore cannot be tolerated by those who love Satan and hate God. Sadly, for this reason, America and Israel have been slowly infiltrated by evil people who do not love God or mankind, but only worship nature, money and/or power.

The goal of these wicked infiltrators is not to make America or Israel better places to live, but to destroy America and Israel, just like other haters of true Judeo-Christian democracies essentially destroyed the prosperity and lawfulness of Zimbabwe and South Africa after attacking and killing Christian people, many of whom were White, and destroying their businesses and farms.

The Judgment that is now coming upon the WHOLE World is because of this assault on the true believers or Two Houses of Israel that are connected to the nations of America and Israel, but are not limited to them. Believers in every nation are constantly being attacked, and many poor believers are being unjustly persecuted all over the world by Satan's henchmen of every race and color, and only Yahshua can solve this conflict when He comes! To read more about this, purchase my book "The Language of God in Prophecy" at

Come Quickly, Adonai Yahshua! Amen!

~ Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


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