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Over the past 10 years, I have seen a good deal of art work done with dollar bill manipulations to show things like the Twin Towers being bombed, Hoover Dam exploding, and other dire proposed or past supposed "False Flag" events that have often been touted as Illuminati-based and prophetic, and I think it's ridiculous - especially because it is not a divinely sanctioned prophetic venue.

Besides that, if you spend enough time folding the bills or rolling them a certain way, you can see just about anything you want in them. But it has to be manipulated to be seen, and it's not clear. In addition, even the regular symbols used on the bills are maligned. We are being taught to see things that are not there, like the hand of the Illuminati in the All Seeing Eye atop the Pyramid, which I have proven has a godly meaning. Sadly, however, it was viciously re-appropriated by Occult practitioners to malign it.

This is also true of the Bald Eagle holding the Arrows and the Olive Branch. I have exhaustively shown this symbol's connection to the godly messages written into the heavens by the finger of God at Creation. In fact, it was God's Creation of the Gospel in the Stars to instruct His angels of His Will that led to the development of Sacred Astronomy and the Gospel in the Stars. Many of the sages and prophets of past ages understood the Star Gospel, and incorporated it into their understanding of who God is, and what He wants from us.

That is why heavenly symbols such as stars and constellations show up in Bible Prophecy constantly, especially in the Book of Revelation. Examples include the Woman Clothed With The Sun in Revelation Chapter 12, which is a description of the Sun in Virgo, and the Beast From The Sea and the Beast From The Earth in Revelation Chapter 13, which are signified by the constellations Cetus the Sea Monster, Hydra the Many Headed Sea Serpent, Draco the Dragon and Taurus the Bull.

Could this be why there has been a concerted effort over the past decade to corrupt and malign these godly symbols? Is this part of the wicked agenda to re-write American history and demonize America by her enemies that I have repeatedly written about? Here are links to illustrations that I've posted here on my blog and on Facebook to show the godly significance of these symbols that are being maligned:

The Meaning of the All-Seeing Eye Atop The Pyramid:


The Meaning of the Bald Eagle
Holding the Olive Branch And Arrows:


In these illustrations, of which I've shown one of the most important ones below, I've tied symbols on the US Great Seal, both sides of which are shown on the One Dollar Bill, to several important constellations and nebulae in the Gospel in the Stars. Though someone might view my conclusions as conjecture, they're not. There is a clear tie between them based on the symbolism being shown that the Holy Spirit has shown me, and that those who are born again should be able to see also.

Modification of an Original Illustration taken from the book:
"The Language of God in Prophecy" By Helena Lehman
The above illustration clearly shows the connection of the US Great Seal to the Gospel in the Stars. So, in my opinion, it's not prophecy to manipulate a dollar bill in order to see images that are NOT there to conform to a spurious belief, or to promote one's Anti-American agenda. It's deceptive subterfuge, and pure fantasy created by an over-active imagination. No one would see anything other than what is obviously printed on the bills unless someone suggested it. It's the power of suggestion, like a hypnotist's trick, and not reality.

Since so many of these folding manipulations of the images printed onto US One Dollar Bills and linear and geometric connections of the writing upon them are pure conjecture, don't be fooled by these Magician's Tricks! Focus on the actual symbols being shown, and use God's Word and Sacred Astronomy to figure out what they mean using your discernment. As you do, ask God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit to reveal what the future holds for you as you read and study Biblical Prophecies and the Gospel in the Stars, and keep looking UP, because Yahshua is coming for His Bride and the Wise Virgins soon! :-)

Beyond the power of suggestion, those who hate the USA and its godly symbols have spent countless hours writing false testimonies connecting almost all the symbols associated with America with the occult and satanism. But I'm not relying on occult practitioners or the so-called "experts" that also claim to be believers to get my information. The reason for this is that I have seen many articles and books that connect the USA to satanism, the occult, Babylon and the Beast before, and I know how convincing they can be to the uninitiated, who do not know how twisted all of this information is,

Sadly, so many of these Anti-American sites, books and articles are filled with Satanic lies and half-truths that they are deceiving many. But I am not allowing their lies to deceive me, having often prayed against deception, and having prayed for discernment. That is why I am looking at the truths that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me in the Gospel in the Stars, which put these symbols in their proper perspective as creations of the one true God of love.

That is also why I do not believe the LIES of the liberal, USA-hating historical revisionists and occult practitioners that HATE GOD. Why should I, since I know that they have flooded academia for the past 150 years with antichristian fabrications, spreading their syncretist religion of hate, and turning every good symbol that the educated believers in the past used to honor God to evil ends.

If you want to believe that the majority of the founding fathers were evil liars working for Satan, that is your prerogative. However, there is far more evidence pointing to the godly and Christian character of the majority of the 50 or so founding fathers, most of whom had ZERO connection to Freemasonry, referred to God and prayed to Him frequently in public, and actually served as ministers in their respective Church denominations.

I have prayerfully and carefully looked at the US Great Seal from every possible angle, and every time, God's Spirit showed me to look past the lies of the occultists and satanists out there trying to deceive uneducated, naive believers into having the wrong conclusions. Instead, God showed me to look at the basic truths behind Sacred Astronomy and the Star Gospel that many of the founding fathers with their classical university educations were familiar with. What I show in my books gives a glimpse of what every American knew as the truth 50 years ago because it was hinted at, or plainly stated in so many widely available history books of that past age.

Over time, all of those old history books that had the truth in them have gone out of print and fallen into obscurity, and many of them have sadly been destroyed. Now, all that is left is patently anti-God and Anti-Christian in nature, so there is no shortage of information painting the founding fathers of America, and most Christian symbols as deceptive symbols of the occult, which is a lie from the pit of Hell.

I wrote an article about this that every believer should read if they haven't already. Here is the title and link to it, and I highly recommend reading it:


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