Thursday, July 24, 2014


~*~ Revelation 22:16 ~*~
“I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you
these things in the churches. I am the Root and the 
Offspring  of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”

I am writing you today to show you all that the Star of David does NOT allude to 666, but to God and Eternity! Although some Anti-Semites are trying to convince believers in Yahshua to hate Israel because their flag features the six-pointed star called the Star of David, I can prove that their argument is totally false!

Depictions of the Star of David made by these people who are against Israel and the Jews are showing that this star can arbitrarily be made to signify the number 666, but they are doing so by subterfuge. In truth, their arguments don’t hold water, because I can prove that the Star of David alludes to the numbers 12, 180 and 360, NOT 666!

For example, each triangle in the Star of David is made up of an equilateral triangle that forms three 60 degree angles, and 3 X 60 = 180, not 666. Furthermore, 180 is one half of 360, the number of degrees in a full circle signifying completion and eternity. Also, since there are two main triangles forming the star, the number 360 (or 2 X 180), which alludes to the all-encompassing power of God, is being targeted - not 666! Since these two triangles point upward and downward, they signify the division of day and night, and the division of the year into 6 warmer months and 6 cooler months. These triangles also symbolize all of Heaven connecting to all of the Earth as God interacts with His Creation.

In addition, the intersecting triangles of the Star of David can be broken down into seven shapes, not six! There is the center hexagon, and six equilateral triangles forming the points of the star, and these seven shapes turn the Star of David into a circular Menorah, with the center of the star as the point for the Servant Lamp representing Yahshua. In addition, the Star of David can be dissected into twelve triangles, with six pointing down toward the Earth, and six pointing up toward Heaven. As such, it can represent the entire vault of Heaven and the twelve signs of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac, which in turn represent the Twelve Houses or Tribes of Israel.

In this way, the Star of David signifies the Light of the World Yahshua giving light to all the other lamps,as well as the Glory and Love of God revealed in Heaven, and in the Twelve Tribes of Israel. As part of the Light Yahshua shines each day, each of the lamps or triangles in the star signified by the Star of David represent the eternity all believers will spend in God’s everlasting Kingdom of righteousness and perfection.

Amazingly, in between each outward pointing point of the Star of David signifying the outward world that we live in, there is another angle or point pointing inward signifying the spiritual world where God dwells, which cannot be seen - just as these outer angles are often overlooked, and are not seen. This means that the Star of David does not have 6 points but 12, which can signify the twelve months of the year, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and the Twelve Apostles of Christ.

In fact, due to all these godly number associations, I believe that the Star of David can signify Yahshua, who is called the Root and Offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star in Revelation 22:16, as quoted at the beginning of this teaching. In fact, the term “Morning Star” could be a direct reference to the Star of David on the Flag of Israel, which appears on a white background that can represent light, and above a blue line that can signify the Earth’s dawn horizon.

In an article that I wrote many years go, I not only showed the godly aspects of the Jewish Star or Hexagram, but of other symbols frequently seen connected to Judaism and Christianity such as the Cross. For further study of this important issue, I highly recommend reading it. Here is the Title and link to that article: 

The Cross, Fish, Menorah, and Star of David as Divine Symbols

Although there is no denying that the Star of David also has connections to the so-called Seal or Ring of Solomon, which Occultists have been using since Medieval times in their magic rites in an attempt to control demonic forces, Jewish mystics have a different view of this Seal. In fact, they believe this star was symbolically imprinted with the name of Yahweh God, and could be used to protect the bearer from satanic hexes and demonic forces rather than summon or control demons - as the Occultists erroneously try to do. So what was originally created as a talisman against evil has been turned into the exact opposite by Satan, and it is our duty as believers to realize this and correct it rather than run from it and cower in fear.

The truth is that, rather than being a tool to summon and control demons, the Star of David or Seal of Solomon was meant to signify God's protection from the forces of evil. Thus, it is highly likely that the Zionists that created the Israeli Flag before the nation of Israel was established did so with that idea in mind. They were symbolically emblazoning their flag with a symbolic representation of the holy Name of Yahweh God, and asking for His beneficent protection from demonic forces rather than calling on the Devil to protect them.

Please remember this, and do not allow yourself to be fooled by the lies of the enemy in regard to the flag of Israel, which is not emblazoned with an evil symbol at all, but a truly godly one that symbolizes Divine protection. Although it has been misappropriated and misused by the Devil, we have been empowered by Yahshua our Messiah to reclaim that which the Devil has tried to malign and use against us, and re-establish the godly purpose these things were originally intended for.

The Star of David is one such symbol that we need to reclaim for Christ so that it can have no power to hurt us, but can be seen as a blessing instead. So, rather than allowing it to invoke fear or dread, we can look upon the Star of David and see our bright Morning Star Yahshua rising over the horizon when He comes again rather than an object of evil.

I, for one, prefer to live with the light of Yahweh God chasing away fear and misunderstanding, and empowering me rather than promulgating fear and misunderstanding, or robbing me of my God-given power from Yahshua. How about you?

Your Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


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