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A Supposition by Helena Lehman

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In January of 2014, the married Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer gave a speech to a group of Church leaders at Kenneth Copeland's Eagle Mountain International Church near Fort Worth, Texas, where a recorded message from Pope Francis was also aired. Before discussing the gist of his message, let me fill you in on who Tony Palmer was before his untimely death on July 20th, 2014.

Bishop Palmer was an ordained bishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, a break-away alliance of charismatic Anglican-Episcopal churches. Bishop Palmer was also the Director of The Ark Community, an international interdenominational Convergent Church online community. Finally, and most importantly, Palmer was also a member of the Roman Catholic Ecumenical Delegation for Christian Unity and Reconciliation. In other words, Palmer officially supported the Catholic Church's Ecumenical Movement, which has a sinister, satanic motive behind it that is NOT of God.

Tony's speech at Kenneth Copeland's Eagle Mountain Church was recorded and posted at You Tube here:

Pope Francis Sends Video Message to 
Kenneth Copeland - Lets Unite 

This speech was loaded with information about what Tony Palmer foresees as the future of the Church, with Roman Catholics and Protestants united as one body under the Pope. During his talk, Tony made it clear that he is very much aware and appreciative of the power of the Holy Spirit in the redemption of believers, which is what the Charismatic movement in the Catholic and old-school Protestant Churches sought to teach as an essential ingredient of our faith in Christ that has often been sorely missing over the millennia.

However, Tony also made it clear that he feels doctrinal differences aren't important as long as believers are born again, acknowledging the Spirit of God in each other as we are allowed to express our love for God in different ways. Therefore, his argument for unity is based on the idea of being united by the power of the Holy Spirit in those who are born again.

The trouble with this argument is that our Father God is not a God of confusion. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. So the idea that the Holy Spirit would choose to lead untold thousands of denominations in often diametrically opposing paths makes no sense. So the problem with this march toward unity is that not everyone agrees on what constitutes being born again. Some denominations think that believing that Jesus or Yahshua died for our sins and offers us forgiveness under Grace is all that is needed to procure the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

But they fail to realize that - when we are born again by the indwelling Holy Spirit, which marks us as redeemed by the Blood of Yahshua - we are transformed within at that moment, and we suddenly have acute spiritual discernment that allows us to sense when we are sinning and when we are pleasing God, even without a working knowledge of the written Word of God in the Bible. When we are born again, it's as if we know the Law even though we don't because the Spirit of God reminds us what God's Word says when we need to know it in order to live righteously and flee from sin!

This sort of inner knowledge is impossible, however, until we SURRENDER our lives to Yahshua and ask Him to help us change, and to be more like Him in our ability to love ourselves and others. We cannot go on sinning as we did prior to our conversion if we ever hope to be born again! In fact, if our repentance is genuine, our desire to change will overwhelm our natural propensity to sin so that we can be born again. So unless we truly repent, wish to change from our wicked ways, and seek God's forgiveness and mercy through Christ, we will never be born again, and we will face judgment!

This is why all moves to unite the many Protestant Churches with the Vatican are doomed to failure. Their definitions or DOCTRINES are different because of the failure of the Catholic Church and many Protestant Churches to understand the true nature of salvation, and how it can only be achieved via our belief in and COMPLETE surrender of our lives and talents and finances to Christ before we can receive the gift of His indwelling Spirit.

That is why God was NOT happy when, on June 24th, 2014, a private luncheon was held at the Vatican in Rome for a delegation of US Evangelical Leaders to meet with Pope Francis to discuss uniting the Catholic and Protestant Churches. This meeting was organized by the Bishop Tony Palmer, whose desire for unity led him to become an outspoken proponent of its supposed virtues. Here is a news article about it:

TRUNEWS Exclusive: Pope Francis 
Meets Evangelical Delegation

Now, beyond this move toward Ecumenism that is satanically inspired and will lead to the formation of the One World Religion of the Whore of Babylon, or the Vatican, I want to point something out that many may have missed concerning Tony Palmer's interest in it. When Tony Palmer spoke to Kenneth Copeland's congregation, I noted that he clearly said that he wanted to merge these opposing churches together so that the Catholics would COME TO FAITH. Personally, I think Tony Palmer was taken out of the picture when the Pope and the Vatican realized what Tony meant by this. In other words, Tony Palmer may not have died in a motorcycle accident on July 20th, 2014, but may have been secretly murdered by the Jesuits on orders from Pope Francis.

In support of this assumption, Tony said in his January 2014 speech that his Italian wife - who is an ex Catholic - eventually wanted to help him in his ecumenical efforts because Tony's goal was to get the Catholics to learn what it means to be born again. Although this is a laudable goal, I think this wish is what signed Tony's death warrant. Tony's mistake is that he thought Pope Francis wanted the same thing. But that is absolutely NOT the case.

As a Jesuit, Pope Francis wants the Roman Catholic Church to be the SOLE authority on all matters of Christian doctrine and practice, and that includes enforcing the Jesuit mandate to keep the Papacy and his outwardly "celibate" but inwardly whorish clergy in power. Pope Francis may pretend that he is Charismatic, but he inwardly hates the Holy Spirit, and wants the Catholics to remain unsaved and loyal to the Church, or he would be out of a job!

As a Jesuit, what Pope Francis wants is for all the other Christian Churches to be under his control so that he can systematically destroy the true faith in Christ that leads to salvation! Though outwardly pious and seemingly humble, Pope Francis is a Luciferian at heart and an Imperialist that wants the Vatican in Rome to remain supreme in its rebellion against Christ and His Kingdom. Never doubt that!

So this is what I think happened to Tony Palmer. I think he was murdered by the Jesuits, and has become the Vatican's latest victim because he was an unwitting opponent of achieving that goal. As a result, he had to be silenced, and so he has become a martyr toward the goal of a unity of faiths that will have the opposite affect that he wanted it to have.

Sadly, instead of saving many Catholics as Tony dreamed to do, his efforts will imperil the salvation of millions of new disciples coming to the faith who will suddenly find true Christian doctrine nearly impossible to find. It will then be as the Prophet Amos foretold:

~*~ Amos 8:11 ~*~
“Behold, the days are coming,” says Yahweh Elohim,
“That I will send a famine on the land,
Not a famine of bread, Nor a thirst for water,
But of hearing the words of Yahweh.”

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The dreaded days of spiritual famine that the Prophet Amos foresaw are rapidly approaching, and will be in full force after the Rapture, which will be very soon! So NOW is the time to repent and to surrender your Life to Yahshua so that you can become truly born again. Leave your life of sin behind, cling to the Cross and Blood of Christ, be baptized with water and the Spirit, and move forward into a new life dedicated to serving God with the remaining time you have left on this Earth.

As we await the Rapture, may you all be blessed in your service to God through Yahshua! In the meantime, as an Ex-Catholic, I can tell you much more about the Roman Catholic Church and its heretical practices that mock and deny the true doctrines surrounding biblical Christianity as practiced by the first apostles and disciples in the Church. A good, detailed book in print on the subject is Dave Hunt's "A Woman Rides The Beast"which is available at, as well as my own book at Amazon: "The Language of God in Humanity", which does much to demolish the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. My book can be purchased at my Ministry web site, and you can learn more about it using the link below:

Introduction to “The Language of God in Humanity”:

For those who are not familiar with the Roman Catholic Church's connection to Mystery Babylon and the Harlot that rides the Scarlet Beast of Revelation Chapter 17, and can't afford to buy a book, please read the following free articles on my blog:


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  1. Salvation is by Grace alone (given to us by God as a Free Gift),
    plus FAITH/BELIEF alone, in Jesus Christ alone, plus nothing.♡
    Adding anything to this equation is indicative of UNBELIEF and cannot possibly Save anyone.

    1. Dear Elena Nash,

      We are not saved by Grace or by belief in Christ alone. We are instead saved by the Grace of God that extends mercy to us in the Person and by the blood of Yahshua when we believe that He is our Messiah or Savior, and that only He can save us from sin, death, Hell and the Devil. In addition, Christ expects us to be baptized and filled with His Spirit so that we will gradually stop sinning, and will want to love and follow His Commandments because we love and believe in Him. Of course, none of us can do this without the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, which is the seal of our salvation, and our guarantee that we have inherited everlasting life through Christ (See 2 Corinthians 1:22-23, and Ephesians 1:13-14). We need the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit to guide us on how we should show God's love, mercy and forgiveness to others, and how we can sin less as time goes by until we are fully sanctified, and are incapable of sinning any more.

      According to Yahshua, Who said that those who love Him will keep His Commandments, and the Apostle John, who said that this state of being unable to sin can be achieved by those who are born again, believers are called to keep Christ's Commandments, and to strive to stop sinning in every respect. Although we are extended God's Grace through Christ when we slip up and sin after we are saved by our faith in Yahshua, He fully expects us to be convicted of any sin by His Spirit in due time, to repent of these sins, and to listen to the Holy Spirit better in the future so we won't commit the same sins again.

      To get a better understanding of what it means to be saved and sanctified in Christ, please read the whole article that the above comment was excerpted from. Here is the title and link to it:

      Pillar of Enoch Ministry Blog: WHY WILLFUL SINNERS WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN!

      Love and Blessings,
      Helena Lehman

  2. So you're saying that Jesus Christ died for all of our sins except "willfully sinning". Right? What about those secret sins that have been hidden away so long we don't even know they're there?
    If the Believer chooses to follow Jesus Christ (which is entirely a Choice; it is optional and not mandated as a part of Salvation) after they are Born Again, then Jesus wants us to Love Him and obey His Commandments.
    He gave us two.
    1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and being."
    Then He said,
    "The second is like unto the first. Love your neighbor as yourself. On these two Commandments hangs the whole of The Law."
    When a person Believes that what Jesus Christ did on the cross; He died, was buried and rose again on the third day, that Christ did these things FOR him/her,they are saved.
    *see the Gospel that we are to believe in and the one in which saves; 1st Corinthians 15:1-4.
    If a person chooses to add something to this Gospel that saves, they are believeing in and following another gospel which cannot possibly save anyone. Salvation is a "Free Gift" from God. If one chooses to add anything to it, it's not Free!
    Salvation is by Grace alone, (we are given the Righteousness of Jesus Christ as a "free gift' the moment we "Believe", at the same time we are sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise until the day of redemption.
    Ephesians 1:12-14), plus Faith/Belief alone, in Christ alone, plus nothing.♡
    ps. the New Testament was written in the Greek language. The word "repent" in Greek is 'metanoia" which means: a change of mind or attitude not a change in our Behavior.
    "Repent and Believe the gospel."
    This says to us we change or mind from the attitude of Unbelief to Belief.
    When you read the word "repent" that is exactly what it means.
    In the Old Testament the Lord God "repented" several times ie: "And it "repented" the Lord that He made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart." Genesis 6:6. Did, the Lord sin and have to change His behavior?
    Did the Lord change His behavior in any way? Of course not.
    *He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.♡

    1. The word REPENT means to feel remorse for wrong-doing, and to turn away from it. You can't repent if you don't confess your sins to God, express your sincere regret for your sin, ask God to forgive you, and ask Him to help you stay away from sin and flee from it by sending His Spirit to give you the guidance and strength. Yahshua said that unless we are born again by the Spirit of God, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. You also can't receive forgiveness unless you forgive others.

      Christ Himself said that if we do not forgive others, we will NOT be forgiven. Last I counted, that makes two conditions for entrance into the Kingdom of God other than belief. Then there's Yahshua's own insistence that those who love Him and hear His voice will keep His Commandments, and the Apostle John's reiteration that those who love Christ will keep His Commandments, or else they are not His. That's a third condition because those who are not Christ's own do not hear Him, and they will be left behind and excluded from the Kingdom of God.

      Sadly, as I have repeatedly explained in my books and previous articles, those who are saved by faith or belief in Christ are often not baptized with the Spirit of God due to their refusal to repent of their sins, and their refusal to acknowledge their need to ask God to send His Spirit to change and guide them. Due to their refusal to repent fully and draw near to God via His Spirit, Christ cannot step in and cover them with His spotless purity.

      As a result, those unrepentant sinners that do not have the Spirit of God dwelling within them are seen as unclean vessels, and they will not be resurrected at the time of the Rapture, or allowed to enter the Millennial Kingdom of Christ. They will instead be left in limbo or the outer darkness until the Last Judgment, when they will finally be resurrected and forgiven, and allowed to enter the the Kingdom of God. This will be at the time of the creation of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

    2. IMPORTANT NOTE: I am sorry that the link to my article did not show up in my previous comment to you. I will post it again in a moment, and hopefully the URL link will show up this time so you can get to the article and read it. That article is filled with all the Scriptures I alluded to in both of my replies to you thus far, as well as to the scriptures that support what I am about to say.

      The Scriptures I quoted in my article stand as proof that what I am saying is true, and they show that you are sadly mistaken in your beliefs. Because, without the Holy Spirit of God living within you, and helping you not to sin, and without having a real, living dialogue with Christ within you via that same Spirit, how on Earth do you think you can have a relationship with God, and be born again?

      It's not possible to go through life as a born again believer, and never hear from God or have dreams, visions, or words of knowledge from Him! If a supposed believer is not having a relationship with God in this way, then they are still dead in their sins, and they are not going to be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God. I have told this to many people over the years that profess to be believers, and I have found that the majority agree with me, because they have read the same Scriptures as I have, and gotten the same confirmation from the Holy Spirit within them that what they are seeing a whole in God's Word is the truth.

      This is the truth: Although salvation is a gift from God, it is not free! It comes with a price, and that price was Christ's shed blood on the Cross, as well as our complete surrender to God. We must die to the world to live for Christ in baptism, and be re-born with His Spirit so that we can live in obedience to God. Otherwise, our salvation is not certain, and we are in danger of perishing.

      To clarfiy this, please read the articles linked to below:






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