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I have had several men tell me that they are uncomfortable with thinking of themselves as the Bride of Christ over the years, and this is an understandable thing in light of the Bride's role in an ordinary marriage between a man and a woman. But our relationship with God is so much more complex than any ordinary intimate human relationship. In fact, in reference to the Wedding of the Lamb, the terms Bride and Bridegroom are not gender-specific terms. Instead, they relate to dominance and subordination, as well as intimacy. We are subordinates to Christ, who is dominant over us in authority, just as Adam was over Eve (See Ephesians 5:22-33).

But our existence in the presence of Christ after the Rapture is described as a Marriage because we will be intimately connected to our Messiah and King, our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit continually during and after the Wedding. Furthermore, this intimacy we will experience with God will manifest itself in such incredibly wonderful ways that we simply can't phantom it all now. This is because we have nothing in the range of current human experience that can compare with it in the measure of inexhaustible satisfaction and pleasure it will give each of us on a daily basis.

This intimacy has nothing to do with sex, but everything to do with a continuous and limitless source of familial love, wisdom, knowledge, joy, fulfillment and comfort being exchanged freely between God and His beloved servants. As such, our intimate connection to God the Father and His Son and Spirit will be the most powerful and fulfilling force in our lives, and it will last forever - without end!

In addition, as shown in the contemporary Jewish Wedding photograph attached to this article, there are attendants to the bride and the groom, and other distinguished guests at a Jewish Wedding, and surely the Wedding of the Lamb will be no different. The Wise Virgins from the Two Houses of Israel will fill the role of some of these guests and attendants, and there are many men as well as women who are believers among the Wise Virgins that will fill these distinguished roles.

When the Bride of Christ is viewed as the genderless focus of a much bigger event where men will be in the Bridal Party and among the invited guests, men in the Body of Christ should be looking forward to this Wedding in Heaven as much as the ladies are! ;-)

If you find this bit of instruction helpful, please share it - especially with the godly men in your life!

Get Ready! Yahshua is coming for His Saints very soon! 

May Yahweh God bless you all, and Maranatha! 

Your Sister in Yahshua
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

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