Monday, February 03, 2014


Do you know what the Scripture shown in the above photo truly means? If you're not sure, let me give you an education about the meaning of Matthew Chapter 7, verse 6 from painful personal experience as a born-again believer, scholar, author and preacher.

Over the years, I have learned what it truly means to be a believer in Christ, and I know that believers are primarily called to live sanctified lives while praying and educating their children, friends and families about God's Plan of Salvation, and His Commandments to live by. I also know that if you're not doing this out of fear or lack of concern, then you've been ignoring God's Will in your life!

Sadly, however, it is a very hard thing to do God's Will, and most of us fail miserably at it because we don't have the education and spiritual support we need from the Church, which has been infiltrated by devils in disguise preaching lies and half-truths. Most of us also don't have it in our circle of family and friends, most of whom don't know the first thing about spiritual warfare. That is why the world has become so wicked today, and this is also why that wickedness is increasing!

Instead of passing laws or signing petitions to protect dogs, unborn babies and children from abuse, we should be praying for God to reach the lost while educating all the people we know about the reality of God and His great love for them, and the terrible price we will have to pay one day if we ignore Him and His love. In fact, we need to do this before preaching about the sacredness of all life and how all life should be treated with love and respect, or it won't get through.

The fact is that people who don't love God don't care about doing good. All they care about is what's good for satiating their lusts and filling their pocketbooks. This is what is behind the total deterioration in society's values. Sexual aberrations and promiscuity, worldly and carnal pleasure, and violence and bloodshed as a form of entertainment are being touted by most movies, video games, television programming, and music bands, and it is a sign that believers aren't getting anywhere with God's message of love and reconciliation!

Preaching to our youth isn't easy today either. The majority of younger children and teens today are openly rebellious and distracted with violent video games, and violent and sexually explicit books and movies. Due to these godless sorts of distractions which they loved more than me or God, even my own daughter and ex-husband turned on me - despite years of loving them, caring for them, and teaching them the truth - and my current husband isn't much better! I got duped into thinking he actually had faith in God. What a joke!

He may believe in God, but he has zero faith and accountability, and the really sad part is that - despite the fact that he won't pray with me or study God's Word - he truly thinks that he is saved and that he's basically a "good" person that is going to Heaven when he dies. In fact, he won't even listen to me anymore. He has completely shut me out in that regard, and whenever I try to breach the subject and mention God in our conversations, he lashes out at me.

I've also seen this same attitude in most of the people I know, whether they go to Church or not, and this is why I also know that the world is becoming more wicked by the day! Very few want to make the daily admission that they're sinful degenerates that need Yahshua desperately to find salvation, forgiveness, regeneration and freedom from sin. This is especially true in the majority of Churches, where the Laodicean style, Health and Wealth Gospel is primarily being preached, and the reality of sin, death, Hell and the Devil are being ignored.

For this reason, I know that not even a hundred-thousand saints like Noah preaching to the wicked in this world will stop the tide of evil spreading everywhere like a virus right now. The Devil is going to have his day whether we preach and sign petitions or not, and it's our job to remain faithful to Christ, draw near to the saved, and stay separate from the wicked, despite the wickedness around us that we can't stop.

We are called to serve God and follow Him before we can love and teach others, and we can't love and teach anyone who doesn't want to know God. Without that hunger to know Him, it's wasted effort! I know from 30 years of preaching to those who don't give a damn about God, and who delight in abusing me to show how much they hate my God and my message!

I live in that hell daily, yet I focus on God to get me through it. So don't preach to me about saving boiled dogs or unborn babies, because I know it won't do much good! The damned will still be damned, and they'll still sin and tear us apart if we get too close and try to stop them, as I have learned the hard way!

My personal problems aside, our job as believers is to love God and love our family, friends and neighbors by teaching them about God and showing them how to love one another by preaching the Gospel. If we aren't doing that effectively, then nothing else matters.

You can't put a band-aid on a gaping wound and expect it to heal. The trouble is that we aren't doing enough to prevent the wound in the first place because the reality of God and the Devil, spiritual warfare, demonic control, our ability to find salvation from sin, being able to break demonic strongholds through Yahshua, and the importance of living a sanctified life free from sin are no longer being preached.

We all need to openly repent and confess our past sins to our friends and families and tell them how we have found love, peace, forgiveness and the ability to find freedom from sin in knowing and loving Christ.

Those of us who are saved need to preach salvation and godly living at home to our family, friends and children from the beginning! We can't wait until they start going astray to start preaching, because by then it's usually too late!

In short, I feel that the kids and adults that are already mesmerized by a totally godless culture and society are basically beyond our reach. They don't believe in the one true God, and won't listen no matter how hard we preach. Because of this, it will take an act of God to get any of them saved because they are spiritually deaf, blind and dumb by the demonic forces working tirelessly to enslave them.

Believe me, I know of what I speak! Years ago, as I sat in my own living room at a party I was hostessing, I tried to preach to one of my ex-husband's New Age friends about the gift of salvation in Christ, and I watched something horrifying happen as I did!

The moment I started to preach the salvation message, that man literally shut down! He closed his eyes and became motionless, as if he were frozen in stone until I finished preaching! But after I had said what God had directed me to say, this lost man's eyes opened and he started engaging in the conversation, acting as if he had been unaware of how he had just shut down for a quarter of an hour and not heard a word of what I had said!

I also see it in my own family daily when I start preaching something they don't want to hear and they start talking over me to shut my voice out of their heads or tell me to shut up when I start getting through! This happens constantly, even though I am constantly on my knees begging Yahweh God to unstop their ears and melt their icy hearts! So trust me when I say that preaching to those who choose to be damned despite our best efforts doesn't work!

Again, you have to understand that you can't love and teach anyone who doesn't want to know God. Without that hunger to know Him, it's wasted effort! So do not cast your pearls before swine, and learn which battles are worth fighting before you get chewed to bits by a world hell-bent against the God you preach! Be gentle as doves and wise as serpents, and wait for God to lead you to people that will be open to the messages that you preach.

This is what Yahshua meant when He told us not to cast our spiritual pearls before swine! We need to wait for the lost to come to us for help before we offer it. If we do, things will go better for us while we wait for Yahshua's return, and we won't get beaten up so badly. Trust one who knows what it's like being a spiritual punching bag for every lost soul around her - NAMELY, ME!

Also trust me when I say that the signs are all around us that Yahshua is coming very, very soon! The apocalyptic Earth changes, the animal, bird, fish and insect die-offs, the fearsome new diseases, the insane weather that has led to massive storms, floods and droughts, the constant fireballs and other Signs in the Heavens, the watered-down messages or outright heresies being preached by most in the Church, and the huge increase in worldwide wickedness should be making that fact crystal clear!

These are all signs that the end is nearly upon us, and that this world is passing away! So why try to save it? Instead, do your best to insulate yourself from abuse and stay safe as you keep your eyes on Yahshua and on the prize that awaits you for staying faithful to Him!

PS: When I said "Why try to save it?" I was referring to the fact that this world is passing away, and the fact that almost all life will be destroyed during the Great Tribulation. This is why Yahshua told us not to fight, but to live in peace, and to love everyone into His kingdom. Without the assurance of entering the Kingdom of God through Christ, all unsaved people risk annihilation and damnation.


Love and Blessings,
Helena Lehman of the
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  1. Didn't you get the memo?

    This world
    is passing away,
    and all the dogs and cats,
    and cows and pigs
    aren't going
    in the Rapture.

    they are all destined
    to perish
    during the
    Great Tribulation.

    This is what
    you need to be
    preaching to your friends,
    and your family,

    just as Noah did!

    ~ Helena Lehman

  2. I have said it again and again: if people won't listen to God about their lifestyle, then what makes me think they will listen to me? I am reminded that unless the Holy Spirit compels them, they will not know Him. Sad. I see it too often and it is chilling and heartbreaking.


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