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Shalom to You, Brothers and Sisters.

I have a grave message for you that is decidedly unpleasant, but it needs to be shared. It is about the realization that the world we are living in is very close to perishing forever. It's obvious to me from what Yahweh God has shown me, which is that all of the governments of the world are part of the BEAST system - whether communist or democratic - because they are opposed to the Will of God.

Although that doesn't make everyone who works in government a willing participant, they are strapped as to how much they can and can't do because of the bureaucratic rules and legal limitations that they are constrained by. Nonetheless, some government workers still fight for justice and truth in whatever way they can without breaking the law, resorting to violence, or being cited for treason.

I believe that there are men and women who still care and strive to do good. But I also know that they're not perfect, and none of them has ever been the REAL answer for America's woes, or the world's. We need Yahshua Ha Mashiach as the ruler of our nation and the world - not some aging man or woman in a business suit. No matter how good their intentions would be, the system is too corrupt.

America needs a complete overhaul, and soon violent Americans with an ax to grind and hate-filled foreigners who are not born-again will try to destroy the current regime and take over. In the process, they will virtually destroy what is left of the America that once touted Biblically-based Liberty and Freedom as the answer - a Biblical Liberty that our fathers believed in - and worked, fought and died for.

But America's glory days are now over - if they ever really were. It's very sad, but I foresaw it many years ago, and have always known that it was coming. Although I had hoped something might change to steer America back on to its once upright path, I see that this is no longer possible because many of the people of America and the world have become as debased and corrupt as the slimy politicians that they elect and trust.

Many don't think the New World Order has anything to do with the Church. But you'd be wrong. The Beast out of the Sea represents the political alliances of the Western nations - the USA , the UK, and the EU, with one another, while the Beast out of the Earth signifies the political platforms in the USA and the UK specifically working together with Political Zionist Israel to create the New World Order.

The Church is the Woman Who Rides the Beast, and she is riding the Beast along with the Harlot, which is the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church of England combined in their mutual love of the Ecumenical Movement. Their goal is to wipe out True Christianity in favor of the New Age version of Christ (the god Horus) and His deified mother Mary (the goddess Isis) that are accepted by nearly all faiths.

Believe it or not, the Political Zionists want the same thing because they don't want anyone who isn't a Jew claiming the blessings of Abraham, and Zionist Pastors like John Hagee are aiding them in claiming that the Jews have an exclusive right to those blessings, when they do not. He also claims that the Jews don't need Jesus/Yahshua to be saved, and this is also FALSE.

The Church has always been meant to be included in the same blessings, as they are God's New Covenant Chosen People. This is why I think it's extremely tragic that ANY Criticism of Israel is looked down upon by otherwise discerning believers, and they have blinders on and can't see that Israel is just as much behind the setting up of the New World Order as the USA and UK are, even though THIS IS GOD'S WILL.

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To add to this spiritual blindness, very few are godly anymore, even though they self-righteously think that they are. But Yahshua called the Church of Laodicea "lukewarm" because they have mixed the truth of God with the lies of the world (abortion, homosexuality, sexual fornication, etc), and have tried to reach a compromise with the world that will never work in the end.

The current world that ungodly men have forged, and the Devil leads, is falling into the Antichrist's wicked hands even now. But one day soon, the Devil and his human and spirit-world henchmen will be defeated, and the wages for their sins will be paid in full.

Yahshua is going to return, and He will unleash God's Wrath on everyone who stands against Him! Not one wicked person will remain alive! After that, Yahshua will set up His righteous Kingdom of Liberty and Freedom, which will never end.

I'm looking forward to that time, and it is near. May our Father God Yahweh, His Son Yahshua and the Holy Spirit bless you in the meantime, and Maranatha!

Adonai Yahshua is coming back very soon!

Your Sister in Yahshua
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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