Friday, December 20, 2013


Two points have made me come to the dramatic conclusion that the Rider on the Black Horse has definitely begun his ride:

1. Videos of Comet ISON's trip around the Sun showed that large chunks of the comet likely crashed into the Sun as it broke up, causing two massive Solar Flares as it passed Perihelion, which may have irreversibly damaged our Sun.  Here is a video by BPEarthWatch discussing a bit of this possibility:

ISON'S Incoming Debris Hitting the Sun 

In fact, there is evidence that the Sun has been weakened because of this. Though it is supposed to be at a high point in its cycle, the Sun mysteriously quieted down dramatically after ISON interacted with it, and this may have a direct affect on Earth's weather patterns if it persists. In addition, there is a great deal of space debris that has been caused by the unprecedented numbers of other comets in our Solar System right now, and all of this debris has increased fireball sightings this year all over the world.

Personally, I believe that Comet ISON was the Sign of the Son of Man that was to appear in Heaven before Yahshua's return for His Bride and that it also took part in fulfilling the prophecy of the Woman Clothed with the Sun this November 2013. This means that the Rapture must be imminent! For more information about this, read the following article:

Four Comets, Chanukah 2013, And The Sign of the Son of Man 

Now, even though Comet ISON broke up so that part of the above article is no longer relevant, its debris field may possibly be coming our way and could affect Earth's weather drastically in the near future as well, as per this more recent ISON article update that I did:


2. Volcanic activity has increased dramatically over the past year, and large eruptions have been historically proven to drive the Earth's temperatures down into a cooling trend because they increase the particulates in the air, which cut down on the light of the Sun that reaches the Earth, and also causes heavier and persistent cloud covers, which will cool the Earth down even more. Here is an article discussing the record volcanic eruptions and the possibility that it will cause global cooling:

Record Number Of Volcano Eruptions In 2013 – 
Is Catastrophic Global Cooling Dead Ahead? -

If this continues, the combined affect of these two events could lead to an even longer and more bitterly cold winter than our last one, which was very severe, and affected many farm crops and home garden for the worse. If this winter is even more severe, it will shorten the growing season for commercial farmers, and many crops will be stunted or will fail altogether, causing sudden and widespread famine, which is what the Rider on the Black Horse brings with him.

In my research, I discovered that the the Rider on the Black Horse is connected to the sign of Libra and to the Orient and Australia. To find out more about this, read the following article on my blog:

Have The Four Horsemen Already Been Released?

Here is additional recent data on Earth's volcanic activity:

Volcanic activity worldwide 18 Dec 2013: Shiveluch,
Dukono, Galeras, Nevado del Huila, Nevado del Ru...

This article was written as a WARNING that Yahshua's return for His Bride is imminent, and the Tribulation plagues are about to increase  even more dramatically in 2014. Since it appears that we still have some time to wait before the Rapture (though I am guessing that the Rapture will likely occur within months), we need to keep watch, pray and be prepared for major catastrophic events with a few months store of food and water, and a method of cooking without electricity or gas.

I hope you will heed this warning on a spiritual level also and get your hearts right with God the Father and His Son Yahshua, forgiving all who have hurt you, and repenting of all known sin.

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)
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NOTE: The photo used in this short article features the explosive fireworks of the Sakurajima Volcano that erupted in southern Kyushu, Japan in March of 2013.