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Total/Hybrid Solar Eclipse of April 20th, 2023
As Viewed From The Southern Hemisphere


Before getting into this analysis of the Heavenly Signs surrounding the Total Solar Eclipse of April 20th, 2023, it's important to note some facts about Solar and Lunar Eclipses that everyone ought to know. First of all, since ancient times, Solar Eclipses have been linked to sackcloth, which is a roughly woven fabric used to make storage sacks for grains, dried legumes, beans and other foods and commodities. 

Since sackcloth is a coarsely woven cloth, it was considered unsuitable for clothing. That is, unless a person was in mourning, was practicing some form of asceticism, or was repenting of some terrible sin. In these cases, donning sackcloth was utilized to show one's inner suffering outwardly in the world, or as a form of self torture and loathing. This practice has absolutely ZERO value if you are a born again believer though. So I am not endorsing this practice! 

So, when the Sun is symbolically dressed in sackcloth by the Moon, the Sun and Moon can be likened to people dressed in sackcloth and ashes as a sign of their pain, repentance, suffering or sorrow. This is not evil in and of itself, though it is not necessary to do this anymore when you are a born again Saint! But it is meant to be a warning Sign! This is because the Sun is symbolic of the Light of God! So blocking its light has a sinister or negative meaning to it that most people are unaware of. 

By way of explanation, think about how Solar and Lunar Eclipses always block the light of the Sun in some way. Therefore, since light can be likened to wisdom, the suppression of wisdom is indicated by a Solar or Lunar Eclipse. This is because the light of the Sun is tied to the Wisdom or Light of the Creator God Yahweh and His Word, while the reflected sunlight on the face of the Moon is comparable to the wisdom that the Saints share with others. 

This analogy suggests that blocked sunlight is indicative of a decrease in, or suppression of wisdom. So the Signs in the Heavens surrounding every Solar or Lunar Eclipse brings a specific warning concerning the suppression of wisdom. This is especially in regard to the suppression of wisdom in the Body of Believers in Yahshua or Jesus. These saints are the vessels that reflect God's light, just as the Moon reflects sunlight. 

Thinking about the mechanics of a Solar Eclipse can tell us much of what we need to glean from these occurrences on a spiritual level. For example, in a Solar Eclipse, the totally blackened face of the orb of the New Moon moves directly over the orb of the Sun. This can completely block the Sun's light, and when it does, the Moon casts a long, curving linear shadow over the face of the Earth, as seen in the diagram below:

April 20th, 2023 Solar Eclipse Visibility Path

Though temporary, this Moon shadow on the face of the Earth is symbolic of the fact that people can and often do suppress or distort wisdom and truth, just as the Moon can block the Sun's light for a brief time. Solar and Lunar Eclipses are also referred to as occurring when the Day of the Lord or the Great Tribulation is at hand, when God's wrath is about to be poured out. See Joel Chapter 2 and Revelation Chapter 6, when the Sixth Seal is opened to find references to these End Time Solar and Lunar Eclipses. 

Keeping this warning that we are seeing increasing spiritual darkness, and that we will see even more before the end, there is plenty of evidence in the Heavenly Signs of April 20th, 2023 that suggest that the Rapture and subsequent pouring out of the Wrath of God are also very near. For example, let's look at the other celestial bodies located in Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Aquarius at the time of the Eclipse.

Focus on Heavenly Signs in Aquarius,
Pisces, and Pegasus on April 20, 2023

The planet Saturn is in the constellation of Aquarius the Water Bearer. Saturn signifies Divine Authority and Dominion. Currently, our dominion over the Earth has been handed over to Lucifer and his fellow fallen angels and demons, who operate through possessed people that hold top positions in our governments, churches, foreign religious bodies, and educational and scientific institutions. But the dominion and the authority represented by Saturn and its many rings or crowns actually belong to Yahshua and His Saints (aka those who are born again and awaiting Yahshua's glorious return). Those who are born again have God's Dominion and Authority within them already because it is given to us when we give our lives to Yahshua at the foot of the Cross. That is the sacred place where Yahshua suffered and died for us so that we could be forgiven - once and for all time! Hallelu-Yah!

Because of our belief and faith in Yahshua, we are expected to use Christ's Authority to call for supernatural back up! By faith, we have our Messiah's supernatural authority available to protect us from and hold back the forces of evil. If we exercise that Authority with Faith, we will be able to bind, cast out and imprison the demons trying to hurt us. This is why we must all strive to have enough Faith and Trust in God! We need to be strong in Yahshua so that the demonic realm cannot harm us or our loved ones. But we can only do this through our Faith in and love for Yahshua, our love for our Heavenly Father, and our complete Trust in, and reliance on the Holy Spirit. As we praise and worship our triune God, and we pray with power in the Spirit for healing miracles and supernatural protection, we should be seeing positive, life-affirming results!

If this is not the case for you and the situation you are in, then it's likely because you have lost fellowship with God for sins that you have not repented of. This is why it is important for us all to examine ourselves daily to see if we are on the Narrow Path that leads to Everlasting Life, and that nothing is blocking the way for us to commune with God in the spirit. The biggest blocks to having a healthy and open relationship with God in prayer are fear and dread, which indicate that we lack faith in and/or trust in God. 

Disbelief in any of God's promises indicates a lack of Faith! If this describes you, you should make an effort to read scripture often to reinforce what it says in your mind. Then after bolstering your Faith, boldly ask God for guidance so that you can zero in on any sins you have committed, repent of them, and ask God to forgive you. Then you will be in good standing with the Father, and your prayers will be heard and answered!

Just keep in mind that any kind of fear or doubt that raises questions about the power and authority that you have in Yahshua will mar your efforts. You must develop UNSHAKABLE FAITH, and complete Trust in the fact that Yahweh God can give us an INEXHAUSTABLE SUPPLY of everything we need - here and now - if we trust in God always, and never doubt Him or what is promised to us in His Word.

In addition to Saturn in Aquarius as a symbol of our need to claim the authority that we have in our Messiah, the planet Neptune is directly above the Ephraimite Fish of Pisces. Neptune is tied to the 12 Apostles, and all of the many past and present disciples of Christ. In a Messianic and Christian context, Neptune's trident signifies the triune role of all disciples of Christ as royal dignitaries in the King of king's court, as servants and fishers of men, and as priests of the New Covenant sanctified by Yahshua's shed blood. 

As can be seen in the focused Graphic 6 paragraphs above this one, this Fish and the planet Neptune are also symbolically riding on the back of the Flying White Horse called Pegasus, which calls to mind the vivid events of Revelation  Chapter 19, when the saints and holy angels will accompany King Yahshua in victory at His Coming to vanquish the Antichrist and his armies, and to set up His Millennial Kingdom on the Earth.

Focus on Heavenly Signs in Pisces, Cetus, 
Aries, and Taurus on April 20, 2023

Another important message can be gleaned by examining the focused Graphic above this paragraph. There, we can see the dwarf planet Eris in Cetus the Sea Monster signifying the Beast from the Sea, which can be connected to the United Nations. As a reflection of the spiritual darkness coming out of the United Nations, the dwarf planet Eris represents unrepentant sinners that cause chaos and rebellion. They do this because they are deceived, depraved, and in love with the nefarious plans of the leaders in the New World Order of the Antichrist. These are the ones who are causing the spiritual darkness that is represented by the Solar Eclipse to spread throughout the Christian churches and Messianic synagogues. This darkness is causing the lack of faith and hope so many are suffering from! 

But we also see the giant planet Jupiter near the Solar Eclipse on the border of Pisces, and Jupiter (which is more like a brown dwarf type of star rather than a terrestrial planet), represents Christ on the Cross, and His shed blood, which gives us forgiveness for all of our sins. Jupiter's presence in Pisces signifying the Two Houses of Israel means that all believers need to draw very near to Yahshua and His sufferings right now, This will help us all to stand strong in Faith and make it easier to bear whatever we have to endure until He comes for us, which seems to be very near!

The position of the planets Mercury and Uranus in Aries the Ram, signifying the Lamb of God are also significant. The planet Uranus represents the Born Again Saints that are depicted by the Five Wise Virgins described in the Parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew Chapter 24. Meanwhile, Mercury is a symbol of prophets and witnesses within the churches and synagogues today, as well as past prophets and witnesses that foresaw the coming of Christ. But it can also represent false prophets and false witnesses that have spread throughout the churches and synagogues. These false prophets are there to cause havoc and spread unbelief and lack of faith! So we all need to be wary of who we are listening to!

We can also see the planet Venus in the Sign of Taurus as the rampaging Bull of Heaven that signifies the coming Great Tribulation. But it also signifies the bull used in the blood sacrifice for sin in Ancient Israel. This offering was made outside of the gates of ancient Jerusalem - where Christ was crucified! This sacrificial bull therefore represents Christ's sacrifice for us on the Cross for all believers, no matter where they are scattered on the Earth. Venus is the brightest celestial object in the heavens, and it is connected to the Fire of the Holy Spirit and to Yahshua as the Bright and Morning Star of Revelation Chapter 22, verse 16.

Finally, I want to show the Twelve Tribes Wheel of the Mazzaroth that ties the connection of the Twelve Tribes of Israel with the Twelve Major Constellations on the Sun's Circular Ecliptic or orbital path through the heavens. As shown below, this Wheel signifies the coming Unity and Brotherly Love that the different nations that initially housed remnant believers from the original Twelve Tribes of Israel today, as well as many grafted-in believers. This Wheel also highlights the fact that all human beings born on the Earth also have a Sun Sign and Moon Sign that tie us to Two Tribes of Israel. These are not random, but are divinely assigned to us, and evident at our birth when viewed in a Natal Chart of the Heavens. 

Connection of the Twelve Tribes of Israel With
The Wheel of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac

I am now taking pre-orders to create Messianic Christian Natal Charts with detailed notes that reflect the Signs in the Heavens at your birth, tying in the Gospel in the Stars as your guide to who God sees you as. It's not an effort at fortune telling at all, but merely a snapshot that looks at WHO YOU COULD BE and how you will fit into the Kingdom of God - IF you stay faithful to Yahshua to the end. To inquire about getting on the preorder list for a Sacred Astronomy Natal Chart by Helena Lehman, and to find how much this service to you will cost, please contact me via my contact form here on my blog, or on my POEM Ministry website by clicking HERE, or via Messenger, Snapchat, or WhatsApp. Just look up Helena Lehman, and then look for an email address associated with that name that reads "pillar of enoch". 

All In all, the Heavenly Signs surrounding this Solar Eclipse portend evil tidings for lukewarm or apostate believers who are not grounded in their faith in Christ. This is a warning Sign from God for all those who are asleep or teetering on the edge of unbelief and lack of faith. All of these are in danger of being deceived and led astray by false prophets and false witnesses! Wake up, oh sleepers! Because NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO LACK FAITH AND TRUST in our Almighty Creator and Father God Yahweh!  

That is why I want to call everyone's attention to the fact that this particular Solar Eclipse is best viewed in Western Australia, Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. This may be an indication that the spiritual darkness being spread throughout the churches and synagogues today may be even more widespread in Southeast Asia and parts of Australia at the moment. So the believers living in those regions of the world need to be especially on guard, and extremely grounded and faithful in keeping their praise, worship and prayer time with God everyday! This is because we are nearing the time of the Rapture, and the pouring out of the Wrath of God on the wicked. So we need to be engaged in spiritual warfare via praise, worship and prayer while keeping our eyes on Yahshua! We should be praying, communing, and communicating with God constantly in order to stay safe, to be filled with love, and to be at peace and feel protected.

Before I close this article, I want to make it clear that I believe that the Earth and Moon are celestial spheres, and that's partly because the constellations are seen in the reverse direction or upside down when viewed from the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth. This is a fact, not a theory, and it is evident in the graphics included with this article because my professional Astronomy program correctly shows this affect that is only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. If this doesn't fit your current worldview, please be assured that this is not meant to be an attack on those who believe in a Flat Earth model for our Solar System.

If you believe in the idea of a Flat Earth, and the theories surrounding it, that's all right by me, and God isn't going to judge us over this belief. Since this is not a matter of importance concerning our salvation, we can agree to disagree, and still love one another as Christ loves all of us. As long as our beliefs and faith in Yahshua or Jesus are solid and grounded in the biblical Word of God, we can live in unity, and love each other equally - even if some of our doctrinal beliefs are a bit different. Please be mindful of this if you decide to leave any comments. 

Thank you for reading my article, and praying for me and supporting my Ministry. I appreciate it and I am deeply grateful for every bit of help that I've been given, and I hope to receive more in this pressing time of need in my life. In the meantime, let's all hope and pray that none of us will have to worry about money in the very near future - when we are at the Wedding of the Lamb in Heaven! 

Maranatha, and may Yahweh God bless you all as we await the coming of our beloved Messiah Yahshua!

🙏💖With Love and Blessings,💖🙏
From Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


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