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My Photo of Saturn and
the Super Moon, 11 August 2022

On the night beginning on Thursday, August 11th 2022, I was fortunate to have a clear sky overhead. This allowed me to photograph the final Super Moon of 2022, along with the planet Saturn, which is seen as a wandering star. In addition to being one of the brightest planets in the night sky, Saturn represents the many crowns of our Messiah Yahshua and the crowns belonging to His Saints, who populate His Royal Court.

Another Photo View of Saturn & the Moon

Both Saturn and the Moon are in the Sign of Capricorn the Goat Fish. However, they are in the tail end of Capricorn, which appears beneath the right arm of Aquarius the Water Carrier. The fish tail of Capricorn signifies those living things that were saved from dying in the Great Flood of Noah by the Ark that Noah and his family built. In addition, this tail represents the born again followers of Yahshua who have been saved by their belief and faith in Him.

Astronomy Screenshot of Signs in
Aquarius and Capricorn on August 11th, 2022

Interestingly, the fish constellation called Piscis Austrinus, which appears underneath Aquarius's feet, and has the bright star Fomalhaut at its mouth signifies the Ark of Noah! So it is tied to the tail of Capricorn as the symbol of the living things that were saved in the Ark. It also signifies the safety of the true followers of Yahshua under His divine protection.

This alignment of the Full Moon and Saturn in Capricorn's tail is also interesting because Aquarius represents Yahshua as the Living Water. This is because Yahshua gives us the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of everlasting life, which is the primary gift of salvation after being cleansed from sin by Yahshua's blood.

My Photo of Jupiter on 12 August 2022
I also went outside almost 2 hours later and took another look at the sky. Because of the time shift in the sky, I now could see the bright planet Jupiter, the Messiah planet signifying Yahshua as the Suffering Servant of Isaiah Chapter 53. As it has for the past.month, Jupiter is resting under the Ephraim Israelite Fish of Pisces. This Fish, which is swimming toward the Living Water of Aquarius, signifies the followers of Yahshua that have been grafted into the Olive Tree that represents Israel.

 Screenshot of Signs in Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn, 12 August 2022

A Closer View of Jupiter
What I'd like to say before closing is that all of the Signs that I've seen in the heavens over the past several years always have had a hopeful and protective message for those Saints who love and follow Yahshua. I want to emphasize this because it is a clear Sign that we who are not of this world are being protected by God and we should not be worried or afraid because of this. I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos I took and the screenshots I made. They were taken from my phone photo and astronomy apps, and they show the exact location of Saturn and the Full Moon in the tail of Capricorn, and the location of Jupiter in Pisces. As the screenshots reflect, I took the photos of Saturn and the Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter in Pisces between 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 11th, 2022 and 12:15 a.m. on Friday August 12th.

With Love From
Bible Scholar and Author of the
Language of God Book Series
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

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