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I started studying the Star Gospel a long time ago, back when I first came to know Christ. The Holy Spirit prompted my interest, and called me to look into it, so I did. I did this because I was doing research as to why the Pagan religions have so much in common in their myths with the Bible, and all the secular historical and research literature out there seemed to damn Christianity as a Pagan religious offshoot that had no original ideas, but borrowed all their beliefs from Pagan Mythology. Because the Holy Spirit was guiding me, however, I knew that this was a Satanic LIE, but did not how to disprove it.

Angry and frustrated, I prayed and asked God for the answers to this dilemma. This is when God showed me that the connection between Christianity and Paganism was hidden in the names and meanings of the CONSTELLATIONS and the stars within them. which God created and named. What had happened to obscure this fact, however, is that the Fallen Angels had revealed what the constellations meant to mankind before Noah's Flood, but had perverted the meanings so that the people would not really understand what the Star Gospel was all about.

Instead, the people that were deluded by the Fallen Angels tied the meanings of the constellations to their false gods that were Fallen Angels, as well as their hybrid children. These hybrids were the Giants of Old or Men of Great Renown mentioned in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 6. These hybrids were also known as Nephilim, and their spirits upon death became the demons that still plague mankind today. God sent the Flood of Noah partially to wipe out these vil creatures, which hated mankind and killed and at people for food.

After being misinformed by their false gods, these Pagans named the constellations after their false gods and goddesses, and their God-hating Nephilim or part Nephilim heroes and heroines. By doing so, they obscured the truth that the constellations were all connected to Yahshua's ministry to mankind, and to mankind's redemption from sin, death and the Devil through Christ.

If you look with your eyes opened by the Holy Spirit, the connection of all the Heavenly Signs with the Gospel surrounding Yahshua Ha Mashiach or Jesus the Christ is highly evident. But you have to look past the false mythology and see the kernel of truth hidden in them that pertains to Christ and His work in our redemption.

There were several Christian pioneers in this field of study in the 19th Century that wrote excellent books on the subject, which I used to write my own. However, the first book in my Language of God Book Series goes much further into this field of study than the early writers did. This is because God's Spirit showed me how the Star Gospel ties into many End Time Bible Prophecies, especially those in the Book of Revelation.

I was the pioneer in this field, and I believe that my 430-page book that was first published in 2004 is well worth the money if you would like to read it. The digital download version is only $7.50 (or thereabouts) if you buy it on my Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site, although I recommend buying a paperback edition from me there because it is easier to read. I sell these quality paperback books for less than they are listed at Amazon.com.

Below is a link to find out more about the book, and you can order a copy of it from that same page. If you scroll down about midway on the page, you will see a drop down menu for ordering this book,
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For those who cannot afford to buy my books, there are many free articles going into great detail on this subject on my Pillar of Enoch Ministry Blog and on my Pillar of Enoch Ministry Web Site that can be read online. Some can also be downloaded to read digitally as PDF files.

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