Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Watch a New Armageddon Radio Show with Helena Lehman on March 9th at 6 p.m. CST

Tune in this March 9th, 2011 for another Armageddon Radio Show with Helena Lehman at 6 p.m. CST (7 p.m. EST) on the Edge AM site. This week’s show will return to the subject of the artifacts that were found in Ecuador that Helena found out about AFTER she finished her books and that actually help to validate her findings in “The Language of God in History.” In the process, Helena will show what the location of their discovery means within Biblical history and the Star Gospel, and how they show what Babylon the Great is and is not, with a strong emphasis on the United States in Bible Prophecy - not as Babylon, but as the Antithesis of Babylon seen in the 13th sign of the Zodiac named Ophiuchus. Indeed, though Ophiuchus depicts the fact that the Serpent is alive and well in America and the world, Ophiuchus also shows that the Serpent doesn’t win but is instead going to be overpowered and destroyed by Yahshua’s return with God’s people!

In addition, Helena will return to the subject of the Altar in Heaven’s ties to the Zodiac Signs of Taurus and Aries and the decan of Taurus named Orion to zero in on how Taurus dualistically depicts both Christ redeeming His Bride by His own blood and the tragedy of the Church joining hands with Zeus, the Serpent seed and representation of the Antichrist spirit. Helena will show how the ideology of rebellion against God depicted by the Serpent that was and is Zeus as the Bull carrying off Europa is being achieved through the acceptance of the Pagan Greek culture that emphasizes personal pride, fleshly indulgence, and a lack of shame for sin, the advancement of the Ecumenical movement, and the introduction of New Age practices and ideas into the Church.

This has resulted in a large portion of the Church being married to the rebellious Serpent spirit of Pagan Babylon and Greece rather than the Way of Yahweh taught by Yahshua, the Lamb of God. A huge portion of the Church has re-embraced the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life that are celebrated in the false man-centered and technological culture of Pagan Greece and Rome that offers a phony counterfeit of the true salvation that can only be found in Christ. Sadly, Yahshua has already been rejected by a majority of people in the Church.

The rejection of Christ by a huge portion of the Church will lead many apostate Christians to accept the false Christ or Antichrist who will soon be revealed. This Antichrist figure will likely be a powerful leader already known to the world. Furthermore, he will likely be a human-alien hybrid that will tout humanism, universalism, evolution and the acceptance of sin and fleshly indulgence rather than the Messiah who is fully human and fully God that gave up His own sinless flesh to redeem our sins and offer us a real path to redemption through death and rebirth in His image.

In fact, the Antichrist will likely deny that Christ ever rose from the dead to redeem our flesh and all of creation from the death and destruction of the material world that the advancement of sin and rebellion against God inevitably cause. Instead, the Antichrist will likely offer a false kind of immortality through technology and genetic manipulation, promising a type of everlasting life through the auspices of Transhumanism rather than through the true redemption and immortality of human flesh offered by Christ alone.


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