Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Focus On: Where Do People Go When They Die?

I wanted to share an awesome ISPN show that my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ shouldn’t want to miss! It includes the amazing testimony of my friend Gerard Sybers, who had an NDE in which he visited Heaven and met the living Christ!

Be sure to catch this 1 hour show on cable or buy the DVD. It presents a powerful witness that both Heaven and Hell are real and eternal. Here is a link to the official “Where Do People Go When They Die?” show site:


Here is a rather frightening preview of “Where Do People Go When They Die?” that focuses on the reality of Hell that can be watched at You Tube:

Though that clip was scary, most of the film talks about people’s experiences of going to Heaven and meeting Christ. Leading up to one of those experiences, here is a short clip that includes a part of Gerard and his wife Elly’s fascinating testimony:

In his account of what Heaven is like that he personally shared with me, Gerard described a place that is both breathtakingly beautiful and also filled with the great love, joy and the peace of Christ that is given to us via the Holy Spirit. Though I haven’t seen it yet, it is my hope that this ISPN show will capture the highlights of Gerard’s visit to that beautiful place that will one day be the home of every believer who overcomes the world and lives for Christ.

You can find out when “Where Do People Go When They Die?” will air next at the ISPN page for this show:


Maranatha! Enjoy and be blessed!

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman