Friday, May 21, 2010

My Important Notes at Facebook from May 21st, 2010:

I must have missed the report that they had found the tomb of Osiris and think Osiris is Apollyon. I think Osiris was Lamech, the Cainite father of Tubal-Cain, who learned his metal-working trade from none other than the fallen angel Azazel/Satan. Was that in the Project Camelot Video smuggled out of Giza too? I didn't listen to the whole thing, got interrupted. In my books, I explain how there are pyramids from evil kings right next to the righteous ones in Egypt. Examples include Unas and Pepi I, 6th Dynasty Old Kingdom Pharaohs who supposedly reigned shortly after the Pharaohs who built the Giza pyramids. Their tombs are filled with the oldest known record of Sorcery and Magical incantations in the world known as the Pyramid Texts that they erroneously tied to the Great Pyramid, which we know was created for an entirely different purpose than to aid a dying Pharaoh with Black Magic to ensure his immortality after death!

Anyway, it is entirely possible that, after the Giza complex was wrestled away from Shem and his descendents by Nimrod/Narmer, many things could have been altered or changed to reflect his skewed view of the world and hatred of God. In the Book of 1 Enoch, the Abyss is associated with a place where there is great heat and a strong sulfurous odor. I don’t think that would be Giza. I actually think it is located underneath Hawaii, which is on the opposite side of the Earth from Giza. You need to read my book “The Language of God in History” now. Start in Chapter 6 and you will soon see what I am talking about! Makes me wonder about O’s supposed birth being placed in Hawaii even though it may have been in Kenya…

Start on page 493 in LOG 3 History to read about Hawaii... Interesting that I tied Hawaii to Tibet and Cambodia as strongholds of the Cainites before the Flood and "O" is going to the sacred Buddhist Temple at Borobudur in Indonesia this June that is a great deal like the one in Cambodia called Angkor Wat that I wrote about. Could it be so "O" can become the Maitreya Buddha, or Maitreya - the Messiah of the New Age? Could it be he will tie his visit there to the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction on June 6th, 2010, which the New Agers are heralding as a sign of great positive change?


Terrible Oklahoma Hail Storm - Devastating Flooding in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Kentucky. What Is God Saying to America? Could it be this message of Judgment against the drunkards of Ephraim (ie America)?: “I will make justice the measuring line, and righteousness the plummet; the hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters will overflow the hiding place.” - Isaiah 28:17 (See the “drunkards of Ephraim” mentioned in Isaiah 28:3)


Do you know the greatest gift that God ever gave to humanity? He gave it in the form of His only begotten Son Yahshua. God's own Son incarnated into a man and died on the Cross for your sins so that you could find everlasting life through Him! If you don't know Christ, now is the time, for He is coming soon! Ask Him to forgive your sins and to be your Savior before it's too late.