Saturday, December 22, 2007

Have a Stoplight Christmas!

To make your Christmas a bit merrier, I thought I would share the politically incorrect, and often quite funny Stoplight Video commentaries produced and hosted by Focus on the Family's Stuart Shepherd.

The one that got the most laughs from me this Christmas season is called "Merry Tossmas:"

I found it funny partly because I had already been actively engaging in this activity with the literal flood of catalogs I get between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.

Of course, to be environmentally responsible, I have recycled all of these unwanted catalogs after tossing them in my recycle bin.

Yes, as a way of being a good steward of the Earth, I am an active recycler, though I am NOT a Global Warming activist in the sense that I think we humans have anything to do with it. As a result, another Stoplight video that I found particularly good was Stuart's questions about Global Warming that was done this past summer:

In fact, all of these edgey, and sometimes hilariously cynical videos are wonderful to watch, and good as conversation starters. I recommend them highly. A full index of all the Stoplight shows that have been produced so far can be found here:


Merry Christmas!

Helena Lehman