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The Connection Between the 144,000 Witnesses, and My Prophetic Drawing called WARRIOR PRINCESS

Artist's Acknowledgement:
Drawing called “WARRIOR PRINCESS”
Prophetic Drawing done by Helena Lehman
AKA Helene Lutz, at age 17 in early 1975

I wanted to share something profound with all of you that comes in the form of what I think is a prophetic drawing that was drawn in pencil when I was 17 years old. This drawing has a strong connection to a recent vision that was given to me by God. Before I explain its symbolic meaning, however, I wanted to clarify some things. Though some people think Jewish Stars are associated with Pagan worship, I associate them with Judaism and the Jews, and that is how this symbol over the female Angelic Warrior Princess' sword at the center of the picture should be interpreted. There's also a Celtic style cross over her chest, and I did not know anything about Celtic crosses then. I know some people think Crosses are evil too, but to me, they represent Christianity. I later learned that the Celtic style Cross is also tied to the Sun and to the Astronomical symbol for the Sun, and Yahshua is called the SUN of Righteousness in Malachi 4:2, and that is NOT an accident.

I drew this in early 1975, and very little in this drawing made much sense to me at the time. My name was Helene Lutz back then (Look for the year and my signature on the lower right corner of the drawing). Also, for your information, there was no A at the end of my name back then. I added that A myself with a legal name change in 1988 or thereabouts, to reflect the "AH" sound in Yahweh God's Name. I also had ZERO knowledge of the Nephilim or the Great Tribulation then because I was raised Catholic, although I am fairly confident that this is what this scene actually represents.

When I showed this drawing to the friends I knew back then, they liked it, but asked me what it was supposed to represent because it made no sense to them. I said I had no clue, although it came to me when I drew this that I was to become the Warrior Princess holding the sword in the center of the drawing, and the dead beastly creature on the ground was demonic. But I thought it meant I would war against demons in some mystical and esoteric sense. However, although my initial understanding of it was certainly true, I now have been given additional impressions of it due to my study of the Book of 1 Enoch, and a recurring vision that God recently gave to me that is related to the End Time information in that ancient prophetic text.

In this vision, I see myself in a glorified state, full of enormous supernatural power, beauty and strength. I am dressed in bejeweled silver and gold body armor, like Xena's, but far more costly. Behind me are a company of male Angels in full battle regalia. But unlike my drawing, neither me nor my angelic companions in my vision sported wings. The wings in my drawing are a symbol of the fact that those who are transformed at the Rapture will no longer be limited by the Laws of Physics. However, Ezekiel described the Cherubim, which were angelic heavenly beings, as having many wings (Ezekiel Chapter 10). There is also a prophetic reference to some female messengers with wings in Zechariah 5:9.

In this vision, I know that my mission is to protect and defend the new saints that are to be saved during the Great Tribulation. What's more, I keep seeing this vision - even after countless prayers against all demonic deception. So I know it's true, and it's going to happen soon. I also know that I don't have to do a thing to make it happen. In a Word of Knowledge that I received after seeing this vision for the first time, God's Spirit within me said that HE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN, and all I have to do is wait and let God make it happen when it is time, which will be at the time of the Rapture.

Through this drawing and the recent recurring vision, God is asking me to recall what came to me in a conversation with God that I had several years ago. In that conversation, God came to me one day when I was contemplating the events of the Great Tribulation and the hope of the Rapture. At that time, He asked me the following: “Would you be willing to stay behind during the Great Tribulation to witness to and help the saints that will be saved then?” I thought about this for several moments, thinking about all the terrifying events that will occur then, and almost said "NO!" But then I thought about the happiness it would bring me to save and help my fellow brothers and sisters, and I replied: “If it would please you Lord, Yes, I would be honored to”.

After that conversation, God called me to do a study of the Scriptures connected to the 144,000 Witnesses, which are to be chosen out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, as explained in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 7. They are also further referred to in Revelation Chapter 14. During that study, I was given spiritual insights that the Witnesses would not all be men, or literal virgins or Jews, but would be glorified spiritual virgins that will come out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel that includes all the grafted in Gentiles. This is fitting since we are all assigned a potential Tribe by the position of the Sun in the Mazzaroth at our time of birth.

I have also been given Words of Knowledge that the 144,000 Witnesses would be somewhat like a truly Holy version of the Knights Templar. They will not only be very godly human beings that are beloved by God, but very powerful Warriors for God that will be supernaturally equipped to destroy the demonic hordes trying to kill the saints during the Great Tribulation. So in that sense, my vision and drawing are telling me that I am one of the 144,000 Witnesses.

Now, I know that many might object to my saying that I am one of the 144,000. But, as you can see via my vision, drawing and Words of Knowledge that were revealed here, I have been given strong indications that this is the truth. Furthermore, I am now sharing this not to receive praise or condemnation, but to show everyone that there is more to me, and to the 144,000 Witnesses than most believe or have been taught.

In closing, I would like to share the study I did of the 144,000 that was published on my POEM Ministry Blog in August of 2008. The Title and Link to it are below.

Who Are The 144,000 Witnesses of Revelation?

I hope that you all will read the above-linked to article now in a new light.

With Love From Your Sister in Yahshua,
Author of the Language of God Book Series.
Helena Lehman of the Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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  1. Please can you send me the bible reference of angels haven wings. Thank you. Blessings. in HIM. Louis Susairaj.

    1. I revised my article. Take a look, and it now answers your question about the wings.


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