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My Rebuttal to the Video Teaching: "The Third Temple and the Islamic Antichrist"

Still Taken From Video: "The Third Temple and The Islamic Antichrist"
The Video linked to below was shared with me on Facebook in late February of 2015: 

The Third Temple and The Islamic Antichrist

After watching it, I was very upset, and felt a strong need to comment about it. So, after praying and sitting down to collect my thoughts, this is what the Holy Spirit led me to write:

Respectfully, this is what the mainstream Prophecy teachers are teaching as fact, when it is, in fact, supposition, not fact! There are those like me who believe that Daniel 9:27 was fulfilled by Yahshua. In fact, as I have shown in my book "The Language of God in Prophecy", the Prophet Daniel's entire 70 Weeks Prophecy pertained to Christ's First Coming, although the timing it indicates also appears to apply to His Second Coming. After all, Yahshua confirmed a covenant with many (all who believed in Him) on the Cross, and at the same moment, He brought about an end to the need for animal sacrifices and blood offerings in the Jerusalem Temple.

My interpretations of Daniel, Chapter 9 from my book "The Language of God in Prophecy" are available to read online at my POEM Ministry Web Site. Please read it it to see what I mean about its previous fulfillment at Christ's First Advent. Here is a direct ink to the PDF book excerpt:

A New Look at Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy 

As my book explains, the end to the need for sacrifice and offering was indicated by God when the Veil between the Holy and Most Holy Place in the Temple was torn in two at the moment that Yahshua died on the Cross. This torn Veil indicated that, through Yahshua - Who is embodied by the Veil - there is no longer any separation between man and God, and they can commune and fellowship together through Yahshua.

Meanwhile, the Temple Priests played the villain twice by first plotting to have Yahshua murdered, and then by replacing the torn veil in the Temple with a new one that was not torn. This was the Abomination of Desolation for the Jews loyal to the Temple Priests, for they had summarily rejected Christ's sacrifice on the Cross and scorned His offer of direct fellowship with God for a second time! The first time, God offered direct fellowship to the Israelites at the foot of Mount Sinai (See Exodus 20:18-20), but they rejected it then too.

Another thing about the video that really upset me is the fact that the Antichrist is described in it as being "Islamic", which is a fairly recent view that really caught on in popularity after the World Trade Center in New York was destroyed in September of 2001. The truth is that the Bible disagrees with this assessment, first connecting the Antichrist to Greece via the little horn of Alexander the Great, who was a type of Antichrist. In addition, the Book of Revelation specifically connects him to the Beast from the Sea, which is a description of the one time totalitarian and tyrannical power of the British Empire, which was made possible by their military supremacy on the land and on the sea via their massive army and fleet of war ships.

These are aspects of modern day End Time Prophecy that I really disagree with due to my understanding of the Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth in Revelation Chapter 13. I explain my view of them in an article I wrote that is now a part of my book "The Language of God in Prophecy."  Ths article explains that recent events with worldwide Terrorism at the hands of Radical Islamic Fundamentalists who hate the West are connected to the Beast from the Earth, while the Beast from the Sea connected to the British Empire is what gives the final top Antichrist his authority. The article/book excerpt explaining this can be found online here:

And How The Beasts Are Revealed In The Star Gospel

Please pray for discernment, read this article carefully, and you may find that your view of the theories of the most popular End Time Bible Prophecy pundits may end up being different. In fact, you be become skeptical of their theories, and may wish to formulate your own like I did using the Bible as a guide. But even if it isn't enough to make you question the most popular End Time Theories, it's always good to question them - especially when there are so many alternative views out there that have Scriptural support, yet are being largely ignored.

Maranatha, and Get Ready, because 
Yahshua is coming, very, very soon!

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