Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As I listened to part of Obama's State of the Union Address on live television, I soon grew shocked and angry at his pompous words meant to make Americans feel secure about our still teetering economy and moral degradation during this Shemitah Year of Spiritual, Social and Economic Change and Upheaval. Sadly, Obama's words were also meant to inflame Russian Leaders and embolden Gays and Environmentalists, and his entire speech was riddled with constant lies.

As Author and Christian Political Analyst Joel Rosenberg recently announced on his blog, the State of the Union is NOT Strong when millions of unborn babies are murdered every year as a matter of "choice", when major Radical Islamic threats at home and abroad are not addressed, and when millions upon millions of Americans are still unemployed and unable to find work. To read more of Joel's blog post, CLICK HERE.

To add to Joel's rant, I would like to remind everyone that America's borders have been deliberately compromised to allow millions upon millions of illegal immigrants into this country from socialist nations - illegals that are now clamoring for instant citizenship. Though some try to justify this by saying that these illegals deserve compassion because they fled those nations due to injustice and came to America to find freedom from it - this is likely only the case for a few of these immigrants, and certainly not all of them! In fact, it doesn't take a wild stretch of the imagination to recognize the fact that these people have likely brought most of the socialist cultural ideologies they were taught from birth with them, and they are as much a part of America's potential and looming demise as the Obama administration's actions (or glaring lack thereof) have been.

Beyond these sad facts that tell us the State of the Union is at an all time low, the biggest lies (at least the ones I heard) that Obama  made during his State of the Union address were in regards to lifting embargoes on Cuba since it supposedly poses no threat to America, even though it is a Communist Dictatorship on good terms with Russia, and in regard to the so called cause of Global Climate Change being our fossil sources of fuel, when it is actually tied to Solar Flares, Solar Radiation and Solar Winds generated by our Sun, and to God's withdrawal of protection due to rampant sin and apostasy. I grew so angry after hearing that Obama blames our dependence on fossil fuels alone for Climate Change that I soon had to leave the room in order to calm down, as my husband was watching the broadcast too and seemed interested in hearing more.

Sadly, the day after the SOTU broadcast, I saw many articles declaring that Russia is indeed angered by Obama's speech. Some even declared that the United States has its eyes on Global Power and Rule. Here are just a few of them:

US 'wants to dominate the world', says Russia

Opinion: Perhaps you missed it: We’re at war with Russia

Putin Accuses NATO of Making Ukraine a Political Puppet - 

Russia ends US nuclear security alliance 
(due to rapidly deteriorating relations between the two countries!)

Putin Greets Fresh Obama Sanctions with 80+ New ICBMs by 2015

Putin prepares bitter and hysterical missile surprise to 'American partners'

With Russia boasting of its plans to make more Nuclear ICBMs, and its possession of new sea-based cruise missile launchers (as attested to in the last two articles above), it's clear that Obama has again succeeded in leading us ever closer to an armed conflict with Russia (and potentially China) that could very well go "Nuclear", destroying millions upon millions of lives - or even billions - if it turns into a global war of annihilation - such as the Ezekiel 38 War and the later Battle of Armageddon will be. With the East pitted against the West as it already appears to be politically, economically, and sociologically, this is not such a far stretch of the imagination, and it should be abundantly clear that the Cold War of the 60's, 70's and 80's is raising its ugly head again - not only with the Behemoth called Russia, but the Leviathan called China.

But don't forget that our Father God Yahweh knew that this was going to happen all along. As I show in my book "The Language of God in Prophecy", God addressed this exact scenario with the prophetic words of the Prophet Ezekiel in the Bible's Book of Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39, as well in Revelation , where we are told that God will make a way for the Kings of the East to attack Israel. But remember that Israel is not just the tiny nation of Israel in the Middle East, but America and the other Western Nations that are still heavily Christianized - with many true believers still openly practicing their faith - despite increasing persecution.

But of course, there is no doubt that it was Obama's intention all along to bring the East against the West as he has, just as he has been striving to bring black against white. But do not make the mistake of thinking that Obama was acting alone as he played the traitor! There is no doubt that his cunning behavior and ruthless decisions had the  approval of those who most certainly control him. Contrary to popular belief, Obama is not really the totally incompetent idiot that he appears to be, but a master Illuminati puppet doing his real underlying job, which is to destroy America! Here are more glaring headlines that speak of Obama's calculatingly incompetent - and potentially deadly - behavior:

Let’s stop pretending Israel isn’t a partisan issue

Obama will not meet US-bound Netanyahu

Obama will not meet Israel's Netanyahu on U.S. visit

U.S. sending nearly $12B to Iran?

Pope sees 'shadows and dangers' amid Vatican attack fears

Doomsday Clock Set at 3 Minutes to Midnight

China's leader is telling the People's Liberation Army to prepare for war

In addition to the above headlines, which should be sounding the prophetic alarm to awaken the sleeping Church that the final End Time wars and cataclysms spoken of in the Book of Revelation are nearly upon us, there have been sporadic reports that Russia has resumed sending war ships and spy ships into Cuba's ports since 2008 - and you can guess that they were NOT there to spy on Cuba and the many other Socialist states in Central and South America, which are mostly allied to Russia.

Interestingly, the year 2008 also brings to mind my interpretation of the Hidden Prophecy in Psalm 108, which is tied to the year 2008, and was surely geared to warn believers who are awake about the impending conflict between East and West that is surely coming. Despite my freely given information about this prophecy on my blog, and in my free book excerpts, most Prophecy teachers seem to be completely ignoring its great significance! To read and share my blog article: "The Hidden Prophecy in Psalm 108", CLICK HERE.

There have also been documented reports of Terrorist training camps that have been planted all across the United States. One of them that has been well publicized is in a municipality of New York. It's called Islamberg, and it is best described as a virtually off-the-grid Islamic town under Sharia Law, where prospective male and female jihadists - many of whom are disgruntled Americans with a criminal record that were recruited in US prisons - are being trained with weapons for combat.

Because the town of Islamberg is under Sharia law, there have been reports of people being tied to trees in this training compound and whipped in public for being disobedient, among other atrocities. Ominously, the 2010 documentary video on Islamization linked to below reports that Islamberg is one of 30 such compounds in the USA that are run by the Radical Islamic group called Jamaat Al-Fuqra, and who knows how many more there are by now. There is also an article about Islamberg posted after it:

Islamberg, New York - 2010 Documentary Video:

An Expose' On Islamberg Fittingly Published on 9-11-2014:
America’s First Islamic Government: 
A Muslim Only City-State on American Soil?

Despite all of these dire headlines and prophecies of impending doom, however, this should not really alarm those who are saved and born again, but awaken us all to the hope that our beloved Messiah Yahshua is indeed coming again very soon, and we need to prepare our hearts and minds to be ready for Him when He comes. The Bible is very clear that the global, demonic deterioration in morality that we are seeing today, and all the huge satanic threats to continued world peace that have arisen recently were preordained.

The Bible also makes it clear that these End Times would see a massive rise in wickedness that has been unparalleled since before the Flood! It therefore seems unlikely that there will be any sort of world revival right now, but a continuing increase of unrighteousness in the general world population, and the viral spread of the wickedness already infecting every high office. But until this world ends, we need to pray against this downward trend, no matter what! Please see my closing plea for more about this!

If we forget to focus on Yahshua, as I have done at times, all this bad news can cause believers to feel a deepening sense of despair as we face a dire future without Christ leading us, That is why - as the threat of  world war and apocalyptic weather increases - we need to stay totally focused on Yahshua and His Will for us today, which no doubt should include fervent prayers for forgiveness, protection, love, mercy, and for the salvation of the many poor souls who are currently lost in every economic and social stratum of society.

In the meantime, I not only pray, but know that Yahshua is going to come for His Bride and the Wise Virgins who will accompany the Bride of Christ to Heaven very soon, because we can certainly see that the world is about to erupt into war amid Great Tribulation. The preceding headlines I listed show that all the signs of impending world war are here, just as they were prior to World War II - a largely conventional war that destroyed over 26 million lives. Just imagine what the threatening clouds of an all-out nuclear world war could do to end the lives of so many more!

As I will reiterate in a soon-coming blog article about the coming Heavenly Signs that Yahshua warned us to pay attention to, even the heavens are declaring that we are on the brink of the greatest trouble and supernatural moves of God in human affairs that the world has ever seen or known. The fact that 2015 is a Shemitah Year (or Sabbatical (i.e. Sabbath) Year) presaging potential economic upheaval, and 2016 is a biblical 50th Year of Jubilee - when all debts were to be cancelled and slaves freed in Israel - it should also be a huge indicator that we are on the brink of the end, and that the Rapture is imminent!

For this reason, we need to make sure that we continually pray for our Father God to love, bless and protect the righteous in America and the world right now, and that we will be ready when Yahshua comes for us - at that rapidly approaching moment when the trouble in this world explodes into global collapse, cataclysm, death and chaos!


Hear What the Spirit of God Says! America has a destiny that the mismanaged US Federal Government is trying to destroy. That destiny is to be a safe haven for every peace-loving and hard-working person seeking freedom from tyranny. We owe everyone of these kinds of people our love and compassion when they seek our help and want it.

The whole world needs our love and compassion, and we need to have compassion on all who flee tyranny and oppression and seek to have a better life in the United States. But they all need to be made aware that this is a Nation under God, and it is our God Who gives all mankind liberty and freedom from sin and oppression through Christ. If we can instill the conviction that true Liberty and Freedom are only gifts for people who are under submission to God, then all oppressed people who agree to Christ’s Yoke of Freedom should be allowed to stay!

America has plenty of wilderness areas that can be opened up to house more people. With God’s Spirit of love and brotherhood working in our nation from the highest levels of government to the lowest, and a desire to truly work together to accomplish our goals on all sides, we could achieve that old Utopian dream that no one will ever need to go hungry or homeless or without medical care ever again!

But Brotherly Love through Christ is the Key, without which America has and will continue to fail at its mission, which has always been to provide a safe haven from Antichristian tyranny in all its varied, ugly forms. So what this Nation needs more than ever before is a massive grass-roots revival - OR a constant wave of godly intercessory prayer - that will take this nation and the world by storm!

So please join me and pray not only for the lost and dying around the world who surely deserve our prayers, but for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on you, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and on every American - illegal or otherwise! Pray for the healing of your neighborhood, your city, your state, and our Nation, and pray for the restoration of our Republic as One Nation Under GOD in Yahshua’s coming Millennial Kingdom!

Let Freedom In Christ Ring! The Spiritual Revival that so many are longing and hoping for may not happen until after the Rapture, or just before Yahshua returns, but let’s pray for it anyway, everyday, without ceasing! The eternal destinies of many lost souls are hanging in the balance, and we can't let ourselves grow weary of caring for their fate now!

Also, despite all the bad things that are going on right now, please allow our Father God to give you His peace, for He has assured me that we are going home very, very soon! So let’s be courageous and stand firm in our faith, and in our love for God and all mankind until the end!

Maranatha and God Bless You All, 
My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Yahshua!

Amen and Hallelu-Yah! Yahshua is Coming Very, Very Soon!

Love and Blessings,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


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