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There has been a concerted effort in recent years by many Bible Scholars and Prophecy Teachers to combine the two bloodlines prior to the Flood into one bloodline, and very few believers seem to realize how evil this seemingly reasonable teaching is - especially in light of the fact that there is no ambiguity concerning the fact that there were two distinct bloodlines being traced in the Book of Genesis, one that began with Seth, who was a righteous man, and one that began with Cain, who was a murderer and a liar - just like his spiritual father, the Devil.

My books and articles unswervingly teach Biblical Creationism and the truth that there were two diametrically opposed Bloodlines, with the Sethites generally following the Way of Yahweh or Righteousness, while the Cainites generally followed the Way of Cain, or the Serpent - the same Serpent that tempted Eve or Havah in the Garden of Eden to disobey and rebel against Yahweh.

Following these two bloodlines, it is also made clear in the Book of Genesis that there were several patriarchs in both lines that shared the same names. Despite this similarity, there is no reason to assume that these people were one and the same - especially in the case of Enoch. Looking at the Biblical account, the Enoch in the line of Cain is explicitly identified as Cain's son, and not the son of Jared the Sethite (See Genesis 4:17 and Genesis 5:18).

There were also two men named Lamech prior to the Flood, with Lamech the Cainite being the seventh generation from Adam through Cain who fathered Tubal-Cain and two other sons (See Genesis 4:19-22), while the Lamech in the line of Seth that fathered Noah was in the ninth generation from Adam through Seth (See Genesis 5:28-29).

There were also two men named Cainan that figure prominently in the extra-canonical books. According to the Book of Jasher or Upright Record, the Cainan prior to the Flood was a great sage and servant of the Most High God, while the Cainan that was born after the Flood seems to have revived the study of the stars that was recorded on stone from prior to the Flood.

Personally, I think the Cainan born after the Flood to Arphaxad, the son of Shem re-discovered the Dendera Zodiac, which is likely much, much older than archaeologists allow for it. In fact, I believe that it was Enoch the Sethite that carved this remarkable masterpiece of astronomical observation with the help of the Holy Watchers, and that the Hamites after the Flood re-discovered it in Egypt and eventually moved it and placed it inside the rooftop Chapel to Osiris that was found atop the Temple to Hathor at Dendera, Egypt.

Now, with the exception of the the two men named Cainan, the Bible makes it clear that the two patriarchs named Enoch, Lamech and Methuselah prior to the Flood were NOT of the same bloodline. This is highly significant, especially in the case of the two men named Enoch. A clue as to why this is important rests in the meaning of the name "Enoch", which can mean "Teacher" or "Initiate".

Now, if the Enoch born to Cain was called a teacher or initiate, we have to assume that he taught something that others were also taught and initiated into. This is also true of the man named Enoch in the line of Seth, who is described in the Bible, the Book of 1 Enoch, the Book of Jubilees and the Book of Jasher as an extremely righteous man that others sought after for wisdom and knowledge.

Furthermore, these records indicate that Enoch the Sethite spent more time in the presence of the Holy Watchers, where he was being actively instructed in the Way of Yahweh, than he did in the presence of his peers, and that this was a very unusual experience for any human being to have. Therefore, this Enoch in the line of Seth had to have been a "Melchizedek" or "Teacher of Righteousness", and not a teacher of the false theology of the fallen angels that was taught by the Enoch or Teacher in the line of Cain.

The same records that tell us that Enoch the Sethite was a righteous man also tell us that his son Methuselah, grandson Lamech, and great grandson Noah were righteous men. They were therefore the spiritual opposites and historical foils to their Cainite counterparts. Keeping this in mind, if you do your research, you will find that the "mother" of the New Age Movement was named Madame Helena Blavatsky, and I have been told by Yahweh God that I am her spiritual opposite, and historical foil.

The name "Helena" means "Enlightened" or "Light". But the type of light people with this name shed depends entirely on the Spiritual Master they follow. While Helena Blavatsky was an initiate into the realm of the Occult, Satanism, and Demonic power, I am an initiate into the power of Yahweh God given by Yahshua via the Holy Spirit. So, although we share the same name, Madame Blavatsky and I have nothing else in common!

I teach Biblical Creationism, while Blavatsky believed that some higher intelligence created mankind from apes! I teach that we are fallen sinners in need of a Savior, while Blavatsky taught that people could ascend to higher spiritual levels through Occult knowledge, magic, and the use of meditation and altered states of consciousness. We should therefore not assume that the men sharing the same names prior to the Flood had anything in common either - spiritually or otherwise!

As I teach in my Language of God Series Books, you need the power of the Holy Spirit to tell the difference between the Way of Yahweh or Righteousness and the Way of Cain or the Serpent. You also need the Holy Spirit to question why there has been such a concerted effort by many Bible Prophecy Teachers and Pastors to combine the two bloodlines prior to the Flood and make them one, thereby destroying the remarkable spiritual differences between the two bloodlines! This truly smacks of a conspiracy meant to undermine the truth!

Please buy and read my books, I beg of you, Brothers and Sisters, especially my book "The Language of God in History"! As I explained in my earlier blog article entitled "BLOOD MOONS, AND BLOOD MONEY", my books have been deliberately ignored by the Church, and I have been deliberately ostracized by the mainstream Churches and Prophecy Teachers, and I strongly feel that it is because my book line and I expose these subtle lies that are being taught in the biblically ignorant Church today as the truth!

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Maranatha! Adonai Yahshua is coming very, very soon!

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