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A Tale of Two Goats

Listen to what the Spirit says to the Churches! Yahweh is speaking to His Two House Church through two female goats that were rescued after being found trapped on a high ledge near a place called Roundup in Montana exactly seven days from the Feast of Trumpets! See my article below to find out what God is saying through their story!

A Warning to the Church in the Symbolism of Yom Kippur
and the Story of Jacob

By Helena Lehman

On Tuesday, August 31st, 2010, two young female goats were found precariously trapped on the ledge of a railroad bridge near to a place called Roundup in a remote location of the State of Montana! Less than two days later, on September 2nd, the trapped goats were rescued using a Cherry picker truck's big crane lift that had a cargo cage big enough to hold both the goats and their rescue crew.

According to Sandy Church of the Rimrock Humane Society, the two goats had collars on, and were thought to have wandered onto the ledge of the bridge by accident at night. However, this seems highly improbable and my guess is that these goats were deliberately planted there by being lowered down to a flat-topped pillar next to the bridge, after which they quickly sought the partial safety of the bridge ledge. There on the ledge, the goats could then lean against the bridge for much needed support while standing for such a long time without rest. After they were rescued, the goats were taken in by a person named Cory Freeman that owns an animal sanctuary where the goats will be put up for adoption.

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After reading the preceding details, my knowledge of the Language of God quickly kicked into play and showed me that there is no way that this goat rescue incident was anything other than a message from God! Let me explain what I mean.

First of all, let’s look at the names of the people and places involved. Isn’t it uncanny that two female goats, which can be seen as symbols for two troubled branches of the Church of Christ, were rescued near to a place called Roundup, which alludes to Yahshua’s final harvest of souls before His Second Coming? Even more remarkably, the persons who helped to give the goats sanctuary after their harrowing experience are named Sandy Church and Cory Freeman. Could the last names “Church” and “Freeman” allude to those in the Church who are rescued by Christ and are thereby freed from death and slavery to sin? Furthermore, could the humane society called “Rimrock” and the fact that the goats were found on a narrow ledge symbolize the fact that some people that are supposed to be standing on Yahshua as the solid Rock of their Salvation are instead teetering precariously close to the rim of that Rock via unrepentant sin? Could this also indicate that these unrepentant sinners are in real danger of falling off of the only solid foundation for their faith, which is Christ?

When seen through the Language of God, the story of these two goats is filled with even more powerful allegories. For example, these two young goats are highly symbolic of the two goats that were once annually sacrificed on the Day of Atonement in the Temple to Yahweh in Ancient Israel. Even more amazingly, one of the rescued goats was spotted like Jacob's sheep were after his seven years of serving his uncle Laban for the privilege of marrying Laban’s lovely daughter Rachel. This spotted goat (i.e. Rachel) is symbolic of the humble and imperfect yet lovely and desired Bride of Christ. In addition, the spotted goat is symbolic of the goat that was sacrificed on the altar as a sin offering on the Day of Atonement, which symbolized Christ’s death on the Cross for the sins of all mankind.

Meanwhile, the solid brown goat that was found on that bridge is clearly reminiscent of Rachel’s undesired sister Leah as well as Laban's solid-colored sheep that were technically spotless or solid-colored. This suggests that the brown goat symbolizes unrepentant people who think that they are pure and sinless just like Laban may have viewed himself in comparison to his nephew Jacob. As such, the haughty flock representing Laban can be seen as a symbol of the Azazel goat that was thrown down from a high place in the wilderness to meet with a grisly and untimely death on the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur. Though this is highly unsettling, God also led me to see that the name “Laban” means “White” in Hebrew, suggesting that Laban signifies those among the White or Caucasian people of the Western nations that see themselves as superior to people in other racial groups.

Here, hidden in allusions to the Bible in a featured story about two little rescued goats on the Internet, is a hard-hitting Bible study that speaks of judgment as well as mercy. Just as Laban means “White” and his technically “spotless” flock suggests a lack of repentance, the White Supremacists in nations all around the world that believe they are superior to other people groups are soon going to be even more harshly judged than they already have been.

However, keep in mind that the modern goat signifying Jacob’s sheep has brown and white spots! In addition, there is a breed of true sheep on the Earth today that are actually called Jacob’s Sheep! These unusual and pretty sheep feature spotted coats of white, brown, and black and often have two distinct and magnificent sets of horns! In addition, horns like those found on Jacob’s Sheep are perfect for use in making the distinctive Shofar or Ram’s Horn Trumpets that are always blown on the Feast of Trumpets by devout Jews and Messianics!

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When seen in this way, a spotted sheep or goat becomes a clear allusion to the many redeemed sinners from every race, color and nation on the Earth today that belong to Christ and will serve as His Bride. In addition, the ancient story of Jacob and Laban and this modern story of two little goats suggests that mercy will be shown to many of the people represented by both goats. Eventually repentant, many of these sinners who once thought of themselves as superior to one another will finally love each other through Christ and will be able to claim their place in His coming Kingdom.

Like the two robbers on either side of Yahshua at His crucifixion, these two goats symbolize two diametrically opposed groups. One of these loves Christ while the other reviles Him, though both may profess to follow Christ and the Way of Yahweh. However, only those that have taken up their crosses to follow Christ and who love Yahweh like Jacob are destined for heavenly glory. Meanwhile, the apostates in Laban's spiritual house that secretly despise the Cross and hate Yahweh like the fallen angel Azazel or Satan are destined to perish.

Could this staged “accident” be a clear warning from a hidden servant of God to the Church that the final harvest of souls that will live to see the end of the Tribulation is now only seven years away? Furthermore, could it signify that one half of the redeemed sinners in the congregations of the world who profess to love Christ are going to be abandoned or left behind while the other half will be found worthy to be taken up to Heaven to be spared the time of Jacob's Trouble that is known as the Tribulation?

On the other hand, since goats are symbolic of rebellious, unrepentant, and carnal sinners, could these two goats signify that many from both of the opposing branches of the Church today will be left behind but will finally find redemption and unity in their love for Christ during the trials of the Tribulation? Could the fact that the modern goats found sanctuary together and are to be adopted be a sign that there will be saints living through the entire Tribulation period that will be given sanctuary through God’s holy angels during the tempestuous and terrifying pouring out of God’s Wrath in the last half of the Tribulation? Furthermore, could these same Tribulation Saints be adopted into God’s family in time to be allowed entrance into Christ’s coming Millennial Kingdom on Earth?

Are all these pointed Biblical allusions to be taken as a prophetic word from God for His Two House Church of Judah and Ephraim? In addition, could this be a word for the two branches of the Tribe of Joseph that are signified by the two horns of Taurus and signify the Gentile and mixed Israelite Churches of the world? Could the Rapture be on Rosh Hashanah this year as some hope, and could the end of the Tribulation be seven years after that? Only time will tell, but as a Watchman on the wall, I know the story surrounding these goats was not an accident!

Even the Gospel in the Stars confirms this interpretation in the constellation known as Auriga the Goat Herder or Goat Shepherd. In my book “The Language of God in the Universe,” I was inspired to draw Auriga as a shepherd holding a pregnant female goat in his arms. Uncannily, I envisioned the two bright stars in the body of the goat in the shepherd's arms as two baby kids about to be born! Thus, these two modern goats that were rescued are clearly being alluded to in the constellation of Auriga!

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Fascinatingly, the goat shepherd Auriga appears above and between two highly important Zodiac signs. On one side of Auriga is the sign of Gemini the Twins, which signifies the struggle between Jacob and Esau (i.e. Jews and Christians against Muslims) and Jacob and Laban (i.e. spotted or colored people against whites) as well as its ultimate resolution via the glorious Wedding of the Lamb in Heaven. On the other side of Auriga is Taurus the Bull, which represents two distinct branches of sinners that Yahshua as the Kinsmen Redeemer offers redemption to with His perfect shed blood. Directly below Auriga and also between Gemini and Taurus is the large hour-glass shaped constellation of Orion, one of the most messianic of the constellations that dually signifies Yahshua as a sacrificed Redeemer and risen, conquering Prince.

In addition to Orion, Taurus the Bull signifies Yahshua as the Avenger of Blood coming in fierce judgment against the wicked in the world today that hate true Christians and Jews because they truly desire to love one another and live in peace through the power of the Holy Spirit. As such, can there be any doubt that this modern story surrounding two little Montana goats is meant to be a clear warning for the Church or Bride of Christ in America and around the world to prepare to meet Yahshua the Bridegroom, for He is coming very, very soon? It won’t be long until we all find out!

Though only a small number of believers are currently hoping in a Rapture or even believe that there will be one (since over half the Church is silent about Bible Prophecy, and the Rapture in particular), many of the minority of Messianics and Christians that are hoping in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture believe that there will be one this Rosh Hashanah on September 9th and 10th, 2010. I am not certain (and that uncertainty proved true!), though it could well happen this year, as many believe. But I am positive that, if this year passes without a Rapture, there will be one before the Wrath of God is poured out on the world in the middle of the Tribulation, which may be in the summer of 2014.

(9-18-2010 Update: Though the Rapture did not happen on Rosh Hashanah 2010, there is no reason to despair. Check my later blog posts to learn more about the many promising signs in the heavens in 2010 that indicate that the 1st Rapture is very near. There are awesome signs promising that the Rapture is near that will appear in the heavens on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles this year, and a Lunar Eclipse over Orion's sword on December 21st, 2010 that may indicate the beginning of the Tribulation. Keep in mind though, that since 2011 is the Yom Kippur year according to a prophetic word that was given to me during the days of awe in 2004, the Rapture may be as late as the end of summer in 2011, or there may be only one Rapture in the middle of the Tribulation).

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According to Michael Rood, Daniel Matson and my own calculations and prophetic deductions based on the Prophecies in the Psalms that I wrote about extensively in my 550-page book “The Language of God in Prophecy,” the seven-year Tribulation will begin this year sometime shortly after Rosh Hashanah, meaning that the end of the Tribulation is set for the year 2017. As we wait for the Rapture and Tribulation to unfold, I certainly hope everyone is ready to be with Christ for all eternity. I sure am ready to hear the Shofar blast announcing the arrival of my King and Lord Yahshua in the Rapture! How about you?

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