Monday, July 30, 2007

For Immediate Release: July 30th, 2007

Media Contact: Helena Lehman, 708-453-1888

Did the Design of the Ark of the Covenant and
Desert Tabernacle Have A Hidden Message?

Is it possible that the Ark of the Covenant and Desert Tabernacle described in the Bible had a far greater, hidden purpose than most people are aware of? Bible Scholar Helena Lehman has written an intriguing book called “The Language of God in Humanity” to show the meaning of these, and many other symbols used in the Bible. Topics in this well-researched, imaginatively illustrated, 660-page book include:
  1. The meaning of the nine Blood Covenants that God made with humanity
  2. How the design of the human body reflects God’s invisible image
  3. Why the New Covenant fulfilled every other divinely initiated Covenant
  4. How the Desert Tabernacle symbolized the triune nature of God and mankind, the 12 Tribes of Israel, the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, and the mission of Christ in His First Advent role as a Suffering Servant
  5. How the Ark of the Covenant represented the nature and purpose of Christ as High Priest and King, the triune nature of God, and the salvation of mankind
  6. The prophetic message of the nine biblical Feasts of Israel
  7. How every blood sacrifice was a symbol of the blood atonement that was given by Christ for all people, and for all time - making the need for blood sacrifices obsolete
  8. How many heroes of the Bible typified Christ, and were represented in the Zodiac just as Christ was
Helena Lehman’s easy-to-read study of these topics shows how the Zodiac is a reflection of the Bible, and its greatest heroes. In layman’s terms, Helena offers thorough descriptions that reveal many layers of hidden spiritual meaning in every symbol, and hero mentioned in the Bible, and how each person is a living parable. In the process, she reclaims many ancient symbols for Christ, who is their source.

For those who seek to know even more about the remarkable ways God speaks to us, “The Language of God in Humanity” is the second book in a four book series that exhaustively covers many different aspects of this complex subject. Helena’s books, along with excerpts, free articles, and downloads on related topics are available at the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Web site at In addition, all the Language of God Series books are available at local and Internet bookstores, and through Ingram/Spring Arbor distributors.

Helena Lehman is an expert on the connection between the Gospel in the Stars, the Great Pyramid, the Desert Tabernacle, and the Bible, and she is available to speak on the bulleted topics above. Interested parties may call 708-453-1888, or e-mail Helena at: for more information, or to obtain book copies for review, and media kits.

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