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The Heavenly Sign Over Orion on the 2018 Summer Solstice That Proclaims Christ's Coming to Rescue His Bride

Heavenly Sign on Summer Solstice 2018: Yahshua or Jesus, the
 Warrior Prince is Coming to Rescue His Bride and Destroy the NWO!
Before the Summer Solstice arrives, I wanted to share my excitement over the Signs in the Heavens on the Summer Solstice this year because they have such a powerful message to share with those who love and follow Yahshua or Jesus. Something I found while doing the above graphic is the following. It is a short and succinct story that we are being told by the Meaning of the Signs in the Heavens right now, and it is beautiful in its simplicity.  Here it is:

SUN = Son of God Reigns as the
ORION = Warrior Prince of Light
Coming to Rescue and Avenge
ORION'S BELT = The Redeemed
Saints Covered by the Prince's
TAURUS = Blood Shed for Sin

I think that is an amazing message, don't you? Of course there is much more specifically about this sign that I want to discuss. But first, I wanted to address the state of our world right now, and what time we are at on God's Sacred Calendar.  In regard to the state of this world, while Gays are being proud for all the wrong reasons this month, and New Agers, Wiccans and Occult practitioners are celebrating and worshiping the Earth and their Nature gods and goddesses on the Summer Solstice this year, believers in Yahshua need to remember that the Summer Solstice is also a Divinely created Sign that helps mankind know when the physical seasons are changing on the Earth, and when actual seed times and harvests are due to start.

But the Summer Solstice is much more than a physical seasonal marker. It is also tied to spiritual seasons when we are encouraged by God's Spirit to cast spiritual seeds in preparation for gleaning spiritual harvests - both in Heaven and on Earth. So it's not just a coincidence that the Summer Solstice is the longest day of sunlight during the year - when the Sun reigns supreme. This is appropriate because the Sun's light causes seeds to grow and mature into plants that process the Sun's light into pure food energy that is needed by all other living things. It is therefore a symbol of Yahshua the Sun of Righteousness' pure Light and love (Malachi 4:2) that is tied to His roles as the Bread of Life (made from ground up seeds) and the Living Water. This makes the Summer Solstice tie to Pentecost or Shavuot this year even more significant.

In fact, there has long been an undeniable connection between God's Covenants with mankind and Pentecost, as well as with the Rapture and Pentecost. There is documented evidence in God's Word and several extra-biblical works that indicate that both Enoch the seventh antediluvian patriarch in the godly line of Seth, and the godly prophet Elijah the Tishbite were transported into Heaven without seeing death on Pentecost. Since I believe the Great Tribulation is only three and a half years long, I firmly believe that these two godly men will return to the Earth as mortal men just after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ and the Wise Virgins, when the 1,260 days of their ministry as the Two Witnesses will begin.

So, since the translation of both Enoch and Elijah occurred on Pentecost or Shavuot, and Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai to seal the Mosaic Covenant on Pentecost, and the 12 Apostles and the other saints alive on the Pentecost immediately after Yahshua's Ascension were fully baptized and sealed with the Holy Spirit on that day, it's not foolhardy to hope that the Rapture could also occur on Pentecost, or around that time period in the late spring or summer. In fact, it makes perfectly good sense!

Full Central Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) Day After Tu B'Av, July 28th, 2018
For Best View: Please Right Click and Open Graphic in New Window
The true date for the two-day Feast of Pentecost this year appears to be June 20th and 21st, 2018 if reckoned as the Jews count it, or June 24th if counted the way some Messianic Jews and Christians count it. The 21st is also the Summer Solstice, so I'm very hopeful this four day window from June 21st through to the end of the 24th could be the time window, or very near to it. If not, I am looking to be caught up on or before the Full Central Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon on July 28th, 2018, the day after Tu B'Av. Tu B'Av is the Jewish Israeli Version of Valentine's Day, and it falls on Friday, June 27th this year, beginning at sundown on June 26th, while this Full Lunar Eclipse falls on the night immediately after Tu B' Av ends, which is at dusk on June 27th. The possible meaning of this Eclipse is suggested on the graphic above, which I created for your viewing pleasure. I took that illustration from a previous article on my blog, and also discussed this powerful Heavenly Sign at length in that ARTICLE LINKED TO IN THIS TEXT LINK! Please check it out when you can. Here is a brief excerpt from that article about the above sign:
ARTICLE EXCERPT: It strikes me as highly ironic if the Rapture were to occur on Tu B'Av since it is a special day favored for weddings, and the Rapture signifies the arrival of the Wedding of the Lamb in Heaven. Furthermore, this Central Lunar Eclipse falls in the Goat half of the Sign of Capricorn, which signifies unrepentant people as unruly goats, as well as the Nephilim that died in the Great Flood of Noah, while the fish half signifies the mercy that God showed Noah and his family.  Finally, the Blood Moon in conjunction with Mars suggests the onslaught of a war in which there will be much bloodshed due to the breaking of a covenant. Also interesting to note is the way that the Sudden Destruction coming upon the wicked seeking peace is spoken of in the Bible. The wording of 1 Thessalonians 5:2-4 makes it sound as though it will occur right after the Rapture.
Portion of  Summer Solstice Heavenly Sign Graphic Focusing on
Orion, Gemini, Taurus, Lepus and the Winter Triangle
I'm also hopeful that the Rapture could be this June or July because there are so many allusions to late spring and early summer in regard to the timing of the Rapture in the Song of Solomon, the Book of Ruth, and in regard to the timing of the spring Barley Harvest and Summer Wheat Harvests in Israel. Since this is the case, I thought that I would look at the Heavenly Signs on the 21st of June this year to see what they can tell those of us who are watching, and what I found is astonishing. Looking at the image that I created and posted at the beginning of this article of the Signs in the Heavens on June 21st, 2018, and at the portion of it directly above this paragraph, you can see that the Sun will be directly above the tip of the sword of Orion, the constellation that signifies Yahshua coming as a Warrior Prince to conquer those who oppose His rule.

Orion's the Brilliant's opposers are signified by Taurus the Bull, which - in the End Times - signifies the Beast from the Earth in Revelation 13, although it also signifies the blood price needed to pay for sins in any age. In its End Time role, Taurus serves as the Beast that issues from the Tribe of Joseph, which is directly connected to the Gentile nations of the West that are clamoring to form the New World Order with the Antichrist at the helm. This Beast and all who love and follow it are going to be slaughtered by Yahshua when He comes again, and their bloody deaths and subsequent imprisonment in the Lake of Fire will be the everlasting price paid for their disobedience.

By this heavenly juxtaposition of Orion and Taurus, I am reminded of the ancient art of bull fighting, where the matador fights an angry bull to the death. So we have the Sun symbolizing Yahshua as the Matador or Sun of Righteousness of Malachi 4:2 poised over the tip of Orion's sword that is raised in aggression against the Bull that signifies the New World Order of the Antichrist! That in itself is screaming that our Warrior Prince from Heaven is coming again soon! This is why I wrote the following on the Star Sign informational graphic at the beginning of this article:


Upper Left Portion of Summer Solstice Heavenly Sign Graphic
You can see that bold proclamation directly above this paragraph on the left side. This graphic focuses on the upper left portion of the full graphic of the Heavenly Signs on June 21st, 2018 that is at the beginning of this article. In this portion of the graphic, you can see the head of Leo the Lion signifying Yahshua as the Lion of Judah, Cancer the Sheep Fold signifying the righteous sheep gathered into Yahshua's Kingdom, Gemini the Twins signifying the Wedding of the Lamb to His Gentile Bride, and Canis Minor signifying the Mosaic Covenant on Mount Sinai, This is due to the fact that Al Nitak in Orion's Belt is connected to the Great Pyramid at Giza, and when the stars of the Winter Triangle are superimposed over a map with Al Nitak aligned with the Great Pyramid, a direct line from Procyon to Al Nitak/Giza directly intersects the spot where the mountain called Jabal Al Lawz in Saudi Arabia is located. If you have not heard, this mountain has all the earmarks of being the real Mount Sinai and you can find some good printed books and video documentaries proving this at YouTube and on DVD.

In the final portion of the larger graphic that I have placed below this paragraph, you can see Gemini, which is the symbol representing Abraham's son Isaac's twin sons Jacob and Esau, being targeted by the planet Mercury signifying the Prophet Enoch as the Righteous Heavenly Scribe of God and the other prophets of God's Word. But Gemini also signifies the Wedding of the Lamb of God, Yahshua with His Bride because this much sought after Wedding (which will occur after the Rapture or catching away of the Bride to Heaven) will repair the breach or rivalry between Jews and Gentiles forever.

Portion of  Summer Solstice Heavenly Sign Graphic Focusing on
Orion, Gemini and the Winter Triangle
You can also see the Winter Triangle in the above graphic portion, which depicts three places on the Earth where our Creator God either set up His Blood Covenants with mankind, or prepared His people Israel to accept these Covenants. The star Procyon in Canis Minor signifies the path to Mount Sinai where the Mosaic Law was given, while the star Betelgeuse in Orion signifies the land of Egypt, which served as a refuge for God's people Israel, as well as their place of enslavement. This led to their subsequent release and founding of a kingdom called Israel, which is depicted by the brightest star in the heavens called Sirius. Fascinatingly, Sirius A and Sirius B are directly tied to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and its home constellation Canis Major signifies the entire land of Israel.

There is so much more that I could reveal about this incredible connection between these stars and the earthly locations of God's people and their Covenants in ancient times, and I wish that I could focus on this connection more deeply right now because I love discussing this sort of thing with those who love God. But I really need to get this article online before the Summer Solstice tomorrow! So I will have to save a more in-depth discussion of the meaning behind the constellation Canis Major for another day - if we're here for much longer, which I sincerely hope that we are not!

Before closing though, I just wanted to say that no one knows the exact day or hour of Yahshua's return to rescue His Bride, but this sign on the Summer Solstice, and on the True Date for Pentecost this year (IF it is counted the way the Jews do it from the night of Passover) is certainly indicating that it could be this Thursday, June 21st, 2018, although it could also be on Sunday, June 24th, 2018. The reason I say this is because Sunday June 24th would correspond with counting the 49 days of the Omer from the Day of the Firstfruits Offering during the alternative Passover Week that fell in April rather than March. Remember that Yahshua rose from the dead on the Day of the Firstfruits Offering, so its culmination in Shavuot or Pentecost also has a direct connection to the Rapture.

In the meantime, I pray that all of you reading this article will stay in a humble attitude of prayer, beseeching God to prepare your heart to meet Yahshua when you are taken up to dwell in His heavenly Mansions, and to save your unsaved friends and family who are left behind. Trust God to answer those prayers, and He will!

Yahshua our Bridegroom is Coming Soon! 
Are You Ready?

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