Sunday, May 28, 2017


Helena in Same Costume Worn at Masonic Lodge
This morning, something came to mind when I was watching a video on the evils of Freemasonry, and I felt called to share it. So here it goes... Years ago, when I lived in Canada, at the height of my Belly Dance career (my Belly Dance career spanned 20 years, but it was at its height between 1989-1992), I was invited to dance at a Scottish Rite Freemasonry Lodge on a Friday evening, in a mansion that was hidden behind high stone walls off a secluded forest road. At the time, I knew nothing about the Freemasons except that they were a secretive men's only organization. I had danced at men's only gatherings before without incident, so I wasn't afraid, and I was expecting to see all men there when I arrived. But not so!

When I walked in, and was being ushered to my change room to finish getting ready to dance, I saw that there were men and women gathered there, and they were all dressed in black formal wear. The men were in black suits with white carnation boutonnieres, black and white ties, and white shirts, and the women were wearing long black evening gowns with white carnation corsages, and grotesque-looking silver serpent, dragon, and pentagram jewelry on, which looked satanic to me. Adding to this creepy scene, they were all seated in a circle on high backed chairs around a huge Mandala type star pattern that was made up of black, grey and white marble tiles on the floor of the large front foyer of this mansion-type building. My immediate impression was that I had walked into some kind of Satanic ritual celebration, and I was instantly petrified.

When I got into the change room, I could not stop thinking about the dread that settled over me upon seeing that creepy scene, and I started freaking out even more. I could feel the evil emanating from these people, even while nearly all of them had been smiling at me when I walked by. Freaking out is not a good thing when you have asthma like I do, and my asthma started acting up. So I used my inhalator several times before dancing as I tried to calm down and breathe deeply, but with only moderate success since the medicine I used is like adrenaline. But when I heard my music CD blaring from their loud stereo system, I braced myself for the show, swallowed my fear, and went out with my finger cymbals blaring and a big, fake smile plastered on my face.

Ex-Husband Leo on Left, Helena on the Right, 
Wearing Same Costume Worn at Masonic Lodge
I can't tell you how long my 20 minute performance felt as I danced with short gasping breaths in front of these evil people! I felt their eyes boring into me, and I could HEAR their thoughts, and they were not kind. These people were looking at me with lust in their eyes, and they were sending out sexual vibes that freaked me out even more. I seriously felt like they were going to pounce on me at any moment and gang rape me on that cold marble floor before I ever got out of there!

When my performance finally ended, I made a deep curtsied bow, shot back up like a rabbit with a fire on its tail as I flung my long hair back like a whip, and literally ran for the change room, not waiting to absorb the applause that followed behind me. But as I grabbed my belongings and slung on a blue cape I wore to cover up in, someone knocked on the door, and after inquiring who it was, a very handsome young man came in to give me my pay ($150 cash) for the evening along with close to $50 in tips that he had collected from my audience before I could collect them myself. As I took the money, I could feel this man's eyes looking over me with lust, and he asked if I would like to stay for the dinner they were intending to serve shortly.

I told him no, that I had someone waiting in my car for me outside, and I had to leave. He nodded acknowledgement, and although he clearly looked disappointed, even irritated at my response, I did not capitulate! I ran out of there and hightailed it back to my car, where my husband was waiting behind the wheel, nearly asleep. But as I slipped my bag and cape into the back seat and climbed into the front passenger seat, my asthma started going out of control, and I felt as if I was going to suffocate at any moment.

Frantic, I asked my husband Leo to get my rescue inhaler that I had in the car, and I tried using it several times without success because I could not suck enough in for it to do any good! Terrified as I felt myself begin to pass out, I suddenly yelled out "Help me Jesus!" before I did! Instantly, as the powerful name of Jesus passed my painted lips, I felt a rush of air go into my lungs and I began to breathe! They were short, desperately ragged breaths, but at least I was breathing! Needless to say, I thanked my Savior Jesus all the way home, grateful to have survived that bizarre encounter with just a few of the evil enemies of my soul!

The reason I shared this glimpse of my past before I stopped dancing professionally, and started writing my Language of God Book Series is to let you know in no uncertain terms that Scottish Rite Freemasonry is Satanic. For this reason, those involved in it should be avoided at all costs - unless you are witnessing to them in an effort to save their souls!

As a side note, I never danced at another Masonic lodge again, although I received several more generous offers from other lodges after my performance at that one lodge. In fact, I was much more picky about where I danced, and I never danced at another men's only gathering either after my scare at that Masonic lodge! In addition, after several more years of growing as a believer in Christ and dancing in taverna's as the main entertainment, and in many stage shows, I finally decided to stop dancing publicly altogether, except at the Student Night parties I held in a large party room at my apartment complex, and at local Greek Tavernas.

These "Student Night" dance parties were for my dance students to attend with their family and friends. It gave them an opportunity to show off their costumes and skills in front of a non-intimidating and fun family crowd. And it was also a good place for me to witness to people. I spent many an hour at these parties and in my dance classes speaking about the Gospel of Salvation in Christ, and about what being a Christian meant to me at home, at work, and on the dance floor. But now that I am nearly 60, I don't dance at all in public anymore, and I haven't for a long time. It's just something I do alone in the comfort of my home, with only God and my husband as my witnesses. And trust me, God loves it.

With Love From
Your Sister In Christ,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry