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Debunking The Flat Earth And Geocentric Theories With Science and Photos Taken From Space

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Proof That The Earth And The Moon Are Spheres!

If you take a telescope and look up at the planets and their moons, you will see that almost all of them are spherical or ovoid in shape, and they are revolving in space. Our own Moon, with its many phases is an obvious, unavoidable and roughly spherical testament to the overall spherical shape of most celestial bodies. This can be seen quite clearly in this time-lapsed photo of a Total Lunar Eclipse from the vantage point of Dallas, Texas. This is of the last Blood Moon of the 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad on Jewish Feasts which occurred over the USA on the Feast of Tabernacles on September 28th, 2015:

Time Lapse of Blood Moon of 9-28-2015 Over Dallas, Texas
Even celestial bodies like asteroids that are not always spherical are still generally elliptical and three dimensional objects that are spinning in space. This is why I was moved by God one day to write the following to a Flat Earther: Get yourself a good telescope, learn how to use it to look up into God's magnificent creation, and you will see that the universe is a symphony of spheres upon spheres made up of billions upon billions of suns, planets, asteroids, comets and many other types of celestial objects moving in a long and amazing dance as they show us God's infinite power and creativity.

Above this paragraph, I've linked to an article that disproves the Flat Earth theory based on observation and science. It reminded me that, during the days when I had access to a high powered telescope, it had a motorized mount used for tracking various celestial bodies. This mount is calibrated to work on the assumption that the Earth is a sphere, and it worked perfectly when given the correct angular coordinates to follow.

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Considering what scientific observations have shown modern Astronomers, have you ever run across a Flat Earther on Facebook or YouTube, and wondered what in the world would lead them to believe such a scientifically inaccurate theory? Well, the truth is that the number of modern Flat Earth proponents is growing for some reason in these last days, and I feel it is no doubt due to widespread demonic activity, which is evident in the complete lack of love and respect these Flat Earth proponents show in conversation.

Unfortunately, Flat Earthers act like brain-washed Quasi-Christians that believe in the Geocentric Theory and the Flat Earth Theory of the Earth because passages in the Bible written to describe the behavior of the Sun, Moon, planets, stars, and various miraculous events that God used to shorten or lengthen the Earth's day to achieve His will could suggest this to someone unfamiliar with Astronomy.

Although observations of the Earth's Moon and our Solar System done with a telescope basically disprove all of their theories, Flat Earthers have a cult mentality, and their behavior is decidedly Antichristian and ungodly toward those who disagree with them because of this. I know this because some of these Flat Earth proponents have befriended me on Facebook just to argue with me. Furthermore, they would become especially vile toward me whenever I posted something related to Astronomy, or the Gospel in the Stars that disproved them, and they were completely unwilling to listen to me when I refused to give their theories any credence, and attempted to show them proof that they are wrong. That is why I have written this article. It is meant to be a tool to share with any Flat Earth or Geocentric Theory proponents I run across in the future, and I am sharing it in hopes that it will help others dealing with these same types of brainwashed individuals

As a Sacred Astronomer, I am familiar with Sidereal Astrology, which determines the movements of the planets, Sun and Moon by direct visual observation, or with the use of binoculars and/or a telescope. Telescopes can be costly, but anyone that has had the privilege of looking through one like I have will soon discover that planets like Mars, Jupiter, Venus and their moons appear to be mostly round in shape, and they are shaded like a ball or sphere from the shadows cast on them by the Sun.

Time Lapse Photo Showing The Phases of the Moon
As shown in the above composite photograph, our Moon is also a constant visual testimony that celestial bodies tend to be round. Due to the phases it goes through each month, the Earth's Moon clearly displays its spherical shape from the shapes of the shadows that form on the Lunar surface. The Moon's patterns of light and shadow are also best explained by a heliocentric model of the Solar System, as shown in the diagram below. But reasoning with Flat Earthers is impossible because they have a cult mentality, and think they are the only true Christians in the world today, just like the Mormons, Jehovah's Witness, and Worldwide Church of God cult adherents also believe.

Sadly, the fact that Flat Earth proponents pose as Christians, but clearly are not, makes all those involved in the Flat Earth cult mindset extremely damaging to the cause of Christ. This is because Flat Earthers are bullies and extremists that are driving many already skeptical and lost people away from finding salvation in Christ because of their crazy ideas and refusal to see reason.

Despite the beliefs of these deluded people, the photos used in this article clearly show that the Earth and Moon are spherical in shape. These and other numerous recent photos taken from various unmanned spacecraft and the International Space Station of the Earth show a spherical shape to the Earth's horizon. The curve of the Earth is apparent, and the impression that we are looking at a roughly spherical planet is evident. So anyone who believes in a flat Earth can only do so by ignoring or disbelieving these obvious and unavoidable photographic images and facts.

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The Bible passages that Geocentric Solar System and Flat Earth theorists point to for support are ignoring the fact that, from the perspective of the Earth's surface, it does appear that the Earth is stationary, and that the Sun, Moon, planets and stars are revolving around the Earth. This is why most of mankind believed that the Earth was flat or concave like the back of a tortoise shell for thousands of years. However, modern photographic imagery like the ones shown here are clear evidence that the theory that the Sun, Moon and Planets revolve around the Earth, and/or that the Earth is flat are incorrect.

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Many of the Geocentric Universe and Flat Earth theorists that I have come across also like to insinuate that NASA is an occult controlled organization, so they refuse to trust anything that NASA puts forth as the truth. However, they refuse to admit that NASA is a not a religious organization, but a truly scientific one dedicated to sharing the truth just as an atheist would see it. Although, just like the rest of this wicked world, NASA does have an Antichristian agenda by default because they discredit the existence of God and His act of creating the Universe, they were NOT founded for Satanic purposes. Nonetheless, to quiet the naysayers, I've made an effort to share some images that are not taken from the NASA spacecraft photo archives, but by other space exploration agencies around the world. Please read the captions on the photos to see where, when and by whom they were taken.

But beyond the photos taken from space and the International Space Station (ISS) that disprove the Flat Earth Theory, there is also the science behind the ISS, and the charts used to track its whereabouts based on its trajectory around the Earth. All of these charts are based on the time it takes for the ISS to circle around a globe, not a flat disk. Here is the title and link to an excellent and detailed forum page using the science behind the ISS to debunk the Flat Earth Theory, and despite it's title, there's much scientific information there besides the photos:

Space Station Photos Disprove the "Flat Earth" Theory

On that note, I wonder if the Geocentric Theory and Flat Earth Theory are under the control of some kind of demonic stronghold. I do not say this to imply that everyone who believes these theories are demonically possessed, but that they may nonetheless be influenced by demons. This is because so many people that believe in these illogical theories are very antagonistic and hateful toward anyone that disagrees with them, and this is the same kind of behavior that those in the Liberal community resort to.

Instead of being kind and respectful, Flat Earth theorists and Geocentrists often use insults, put-downs, accusations, and foul language to drive their critics away. They also like to take arguments that are given and call them attacks when they are simply factual statements supporting an alternative view. But the evidence shown in the collection of photos in this article are undeniably clear: Our Earth and Moon are roughly spherical in shape.

As for the fact that the Earth and Moon heliocentrically revolve around the Sun, and not vise versa as Geocentrists claim, this can be proven from a spiritual standpoint when the Sun is identified as the symbol for God the Father and Yahshua or Jesus. As Biblical proof that this is the case, God's Preincarnate Son was called the Sun of Righteousness in Malachi 4:2. This makes much sense spiritually and scientifically since the Sun gives life-giving light and warmth to plants so that they can produce food via photosynthesis, and thus supply virtually all the living things on this Earth with food to eat.

This is in mimicry of how God has designed all of His Creation to reflect His Spiritual Light and Wisdom, and to feed the soul and spirit of every God-ordained creature that lives on the face of the Earth, especially the souls and spirits of mankind. Since God the Father is indeed the center of any Christian or Jewish spiritual universe, it follows that His Sun symbol in outer space is also the center of our Solar System.

As I show in the first book of my Language of God Book Series that is called The Language of God in the Universe, the other planets and minor planets in our Solar System are connected to the Twelve Major Signs of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac, and therefore to the Twelve Apostles and the spiritual heads of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. To find out more about my book, and how to purchase it, click on the embedded link in this paragraph.

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  1. I just "ran into" some flat-earthers myself. Unbelievable that people would claim this nonsense in the name of Jesus. I directed them to this article. Thanks for your work, Helena!

  2. Dude all those photos are photo shopped so enjoy spreading your false awareness, you must not have read the bible, the book of enoch, jasher, or jubilee..

    1. I'm not a "dude". I'm a lady, and I have indeed read the Book of Jasher, the Book of Jubilees, 1 Enoch and a host of other ancient religious texts, which I wrote about extensively in my "Language of God Book Series". You ought to read them. They're very intellectually and spiritually stimulating.

      I am also a trained Astronomer who has viewed the heavenly bodies through a high-powered telescope, and can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Sun, the stars (which are distant suns) and all the other planets, moons, and other single celestial bodies in our Solar System and beyond it are roughly round AND spherical in shape.

      It doesn't take a rocket scientist to debunk the Flat Earth theory. It just takes the power of human observation, a good telescope, and some simple common sense. Using a telescope, it also becomes quite clear that none of these photos of our Earth and Solar System were doctored or altered in any way. God bless.


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