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The Beast from the Sea in Revelation 13 (Click to Enlarge)

Before I launch into this discussion, I want to present a scenario to my readers that I first introduced in my book "The Language of God in Prophecy" in 2006. Back then, I learned from the Bible that the Kingdom of the Antichrist would be formed as a result of the wars between the King of the North and the King of the South. Furthermore, its seemed likely that the King of the North was represented by Russia, while the King of the South was Turkey or Iran as potential leaders among the Middle Eastern nations that represent and promote Satan's hatred of Israel.

According to God's Word, the King of the North will win his battles against the King of the South, and the Northern king or leader that is also a prince known as Gog will pave the way for the establishment of the kingdom of Magog, which will be ruled over by the Antichrist. After his defeat of the King of the South, the leader or King of the North will either become the Antichrist, or will be followed by him, and that wicked leader of the North that has previously taken over the majority of the Middle East will plan a hostile takeover of Israel.

So, although I know that Russian President Vladimir Putin looks like the good guy right now with his kindness toward Jewish people, and his support of Christianity, I'm NOT convinced that Turkey is Magog instead of Russia. For one thing, people discussing this issue keep forgetting that Gog is not referring to a nation, but a prince or leader that governs the nation called Magog. Furthermore, there are historical maps with references to the lands surrounding Moscow as "Magog" (although there are also historical references that also tie the land of Magog to the United Kingdom). Here is a map I created that shows why I believe Russia is Rosh and Magog. It ties a history map showing the borders of the USSR in 1922 with an older secular map of a portion of Russia. This old map was created in 1874, and it clearly identifies a portion of Russia as Magog:

Map of Russia Showing Region Called Magog - Click To Enlarge
Years ago, I cited President Obama as the potential King of the South due to his Muslim heritage and faith. Now that his love of the Muslim Brotherhood is well known, and his actions in the Middle East show his unswerving support of the Muslim Brotherhood, this has only strengthened my opinion. After all, it is Obama's policies in the Middle East that set up the right environment that led to the "Arab Spring", which created great instability in the Middle East. In addition, the USA under Obama helped to form and arm ISIS against the wishes of the majority of the American people that still follow Christ!

For those with their eyes open, it has become increasingly clear that Obama is acting like a Muslim in going against the wishes of at least half of the American population that loves Christ and supports Israel. Not only that, but there are Muslim Brotherhood members that serve as advisers to the Obama Administration. In fact, along with his wicked Jewish counterpart - the Jewish Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel - Obama has endorsed the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood political platform in Illinois, which has a large Muslim population primarily located in Chicago, as well as a large liberal Jewish population.

From what I understand, like the Jews in New York, the majority of Jews living in the Chicago area do not support their own brethren living in the Middle Eastern nation of Israel, despite the fact that many of these Jews attend synagogues and claim to have some degree of faith in the God of the Bible. In addition, despite their religious leanings, many Jews tend to be very Liberal in their political beliefs. Of course this flies in the face of the teachings of the Bible because the Liberal or Democratic political platform is currently so antagonistic to biblical values and morality.

Tragically, during his two terms as US President, Obama's actions have led some Americans to turn their collective backs on God with the aggressive political and media support of Homosexuality and Abortion - despite the objections of a large number of the American people. In addition, Obama's actions as Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups to take advantage of the chaos that both former US President Bush and US President Obama fostered.

As a result of the ensuing chaos from political destabilization over the past decade of war in the Middle East, branches of the Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood raised their ugly heads in many Middle Eastern Nations. They did by causing or encouraging rioting and civil wars so that they could take over and advance their objectives. Sadly, their main objective is to destroy Israel. But, along with ISIS, they want to take over the entire Middle East in a revived Muslim Caliphate with one leader, and attack and destroy the United States while subjugating and persecuting the true Christians living in Europe and Russia.

Now, what greatly puzzles me about the stated objectives of ISIS is that the entire Western alliance signified by NATO is acting in line with Obama's directives and desires, which is to bolster the side of the "rebels" that are actually a part of the ISIS Jihadist/Terrorist organizations that are murdering Christians, and anyone else who stands in their way, and won't advance their cause. How this could be was initially baffling to me since the West is where the majority of Christians are located, and it is they who are the largest supporters of Israel.

But now that I have become aware of how apostate and ungodly many of the people in the Western nations have become, this isn't such a mystery to me anymore. Due to the Laodicean nature of the majority of the Churches in the West that seek "Health and Wealth", "Prosperity" and increased "Self-Esteem" and "Self-Realization" instead of the traditional Christian values of morality, poverty, purity, chastity and humility, it has become clear to me and many others that Yahweh God has withdrawn His protection from the once Christian West, and it is now totally vulnerable to destruction.

The most obvious result of Western apostasy is that the United Kingdom and its allies that are part of the British Commonwealth such as Canada and Australia are now acting in unison with US troops in the Middle East, and actually appear to be fostering the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. Furthermore, this whole scenario is not so strange when one realizes that the Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth represent the conflicting spiritual ideologies, with one side that is based on the Christian principles of Liberty and Freedom, and the other side that is opposed to both and seeks to depopulate the world through manufactured wars, conflicts and diseases as they establish global Martial Law, and political and spiritual oppression.

Sadly, under Obama, it seems that - at least in the political realm - the Western nations within NATO that once supported Liberty and Freedom have become increasingly friendly toward the notion of Communism or Spiritual Oppression, and in favor of the Totalitarian rule that is represented by the Beast from the Sea, and which has a strong connection to the current world political climate that the Vatican and the British Monarchy helped to shape.

Meanwhile, the Beast from the Earth represents another form of political and religious oppression that seeks to put the OPEC nations - especially the oil-rich nations of the Middle East - in control of the world rather than the current top Western powers. Sadly, it also appears that the two horns on the Beast from the Earth seem to be connected to the Leaders of the United States and the United Kingdom, whose actions in the Middle East are supporting and promoting the rise of Radical Islam.

For a long time, the leaders among those who sought to oppress and destroy human beings, and to wipe out Christianity were Communist Russia and China. But under Vladimir Putin, Russia is being painted in a much more benevolence light toward Religious Liberty, and Freedom of Religion than the United States, the United Kingdom, and its Commonwealth nations. In addition, with the supposedly unwitting aid of Western coalition armies led by the USA, Radical Islam has now fully raised its ugly head, and shown that - if it gains control of the world - it has nothing but political and spiritual oppression in store for the entire human race under their demonic false god Allah.

Due to this, it now appears that NATO and the Western nations are now acting as if they were already taken over by Radical Muslims or their sympathizers. In fact, although many Americans, Canadians and Europeans are still under the impression that their governments are trying to protect them and their interests, the opposite appears to be true, and this makes Russia's leader appear to be more benevolent than he actually is.

Sadly, the majority of the leaders in the West seem to be aggressively making it possible for Russia and Radical Islam to take over the world. For this reason, it seems that the West has already been lost, and it has collectively become the Kingdom of the King of the South, which appears to be led by Obama and the NATO alliance. But we must keep in mind that - according to the Book of Daniel in the Bible - the King of the South will be defeated by the King of the North, and the Bible paints the final King of the North - which now appears to be the current leader of Russia - as the final Antichrist.

The fact that Russia is acting as a benevolent force for good in the world at the moment even though it likely has sinister motivations should be no suprise to students of Bible Prophecy, who are told that the world will love and worship the Antichrist, and that their leaders will give their power to him. This means that many of the huge numbers of apostate Christians that are to be left behind after the Rapture in the West will love and follow this same Antichristian leader into perdition, and everlasting damnation!

By the way, although many people have said that the desire to control the oil reserves in the Middle East underlies all this political maneuvering and military action today - as if the rest of the world doesn't have enough - that is totally untrue. There are actually large reserves of oil in North America, South America and Russia. So there is obviously something much deeper and more sinister behind the virtually inexplicable actions of the Western Nations and their political opponent Russia, which are already fighting a proxy war on the ground, and in the air over Syria.

This is why I do not think we should be singing the praises of Vladimir Putin in Russia as the potential Messiah of the West. Remember that he is most likely the coming King of the North or Anti-Messiah who will DEFEAT the King of the South represented by Obama and NATO rather than Turkey. Furthermore, the Bible tells us that everyone will mistake this King of the North as a good guy, even though he will prove to be anything but.

Nonetheless, Russia is not alone as a member of the Beast system. The United Nations and NATO are certainly part of the same Beast system, as are the European Union, OPEC and the British Commonwealth nations, and each group may belong to one or both of the two Beasts of Revelation.

What I have said in my books and articles, and will now say again is that - according to Ezekiel 38 - Magog is a nation that includes most of the Middle East in an alliance of some kind before it attacks Israel. So my guess is that whichever nation is Magog will either overrun and conquer most of the Middle East, or be allied to most of the nations that hate Israel before it becomes the aggressor toward Israel. But we have to remember that Israel is not just the tiny nation of Israel being spoken of in Prophetic Scripture. It also includes the Gentile followers of Yahshua or Jesus that have been grafted into Israel, and the United States still has the largest number of Christians that support Israel than any other nation on Earth.

Right now, Russia is poised to take control of the Middle East since it has allied itself with Iran and Syria, who both HATE Israel, and are at odds with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who are on good terms with the United States. Meanwhile, the USA is allied to Turkey through NATO, and to ISRAEL, and Turkey and Israel are not on good terms since Turkey began siding itself with the Anti-Israel rhetoric being pushed by most of the Middle East today. From what Scripture says, the Antichrist will not only have alliances with most of Israel's enemies, but it will have a leader that the world will think is playing the part of the good guy, and right now, this happens to be Russia's leader Putin. Although Obama still seems to be considered a good guy on the world stage also, too many in the USA hate him and all that he stands for. Meanwhile, many in this same group that despises Obama and his policies are now singing Putin's praises.

But, regardless of Obama's actions, the USA is still Israel's most powerful Military ally, and Israel still considers the USA to be a reliable ally. However, if the tensions with Russia and Turkey over the downing of the Russian military jet by Turkey further escalates into a war, then the USA will be fighting Russia by proxy in two nations in the Middle East that both hate Israel, and this could motivate Israel to come to the USA's aid in the region, placing Israel at odds with Russia, Iran and Syria. Furthermore, it would not take much for either hostile nation to attack Israel.

In connection to the wicked nations of the Earth that are in rebellion against God, the Prophet Daniel saw the great stone from Heaven falling on the feet of the statue representing the many nations that will follow after Babylon. In fact, all of the nations of this world have a connection to Babylon the Great in their rebellion against God. Furthermore, Yahshua or Jesus was depicted by Daniel's Stone from Heaven, and He will return from Heaven and crush all the nations of the Earth because ALL of them - including Russia and the USA - will be or are now run by evil leaders that will gather their armies against Israel just before Christ returns.
UPDATE August 28th, 2016: In an article I wrote in April of 2016, I explained how the United Nations fits the symbolism connected to the Beast from the Sea in Revelation 13. In that article, I included the same telling illustration that I used at the beginning of this article. I highly recommend reading the article, in addition to the one that you are now reading. Here is the title and link to it:

Resumption of Original Article: 
As I showed in the edited graphic at the beginning of this article, the Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth are political systems, not individual persons. I showed this in my interpretation of Revelation 13:2, which is given as follows:

~*~ Revelation 13:2 ~ The Beast from the Sea ~*~
“Now the beast (i.e. political system) which I saw was like a
leopard (Germany), his feet were like the feet of a bear (Russia),
and his mouth like the mouth of a lion (the United Kingdom). The
dragon (or Red Dragon of False Religion) gave him (i.e. the Beast)
his power, his throne, and great authority.”

For more information about my take on the Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth that ties them to the truths hidden in the Gospel in the Stars, read my fascinating and lengthy article linked to below:

And How The Beasts Are Revealed In The Star Gospel

Now let me tell you why the current political and religious rhetoric regarding Israel doesn't make sense. The main reason for this is the fact that most people make the mistake of thinking that the "Israel" that Yahshua or Jesus is coming to save only signifies the tiny nation of Israel in the Middle East.

Contrary to this belief, I have learned through my Bible studies that the Kingdom of Israel on the Earth today is actually represented by the Tribe of Judah or the Jews, and the Tribe of Ephraim, which signifies the born-again Gentile believers in Yahshua or Jesus all over the world, not just in Israel! This means that Israel is not an isolated piece of land or a nation occupying that land, but the huge, worldwide congregation of people that love the God of the Bible and will one day collectively love and follow His Son.

So, following this logic, the Bible is telling us that the Antichrist's kingdom is seeking to destroy not just the tiny nation of Israel, but both the Jews and the truly born again Christians now living on the Earth, as well as those that will become faithful to Yahshua or Jesus after the Rapture. Also, keep in mind that the Russian brand of Orthodox Christianity is just as tainted as the Roman Catholic form of Christianity, which puts a whole plethora of saints ahead of Christ.

Sadly, the Roman and Orthodox branches of the Church worship a false Jesus that preaches the unconditional love of all humanity without preaching the need for repentance and rejection of sin. Furthermore, they are not looking for the coming of Yahshua or Jesus as the King of kings riding on a white horse. They do not seek to have the real Christ or Messiah serve as a righteous Judge and King that will conquer the wicked armies of the Earth that hate Him and His Kingdom, but to preserve the belief that mankind can bring about everlasting peace on Earth by human means.

Unfortunately for the world, the majority of world leaders now seem to be in agreement with the Illuminati, who believe that only their strictly enforced brand of Socialism or liberal Communism can lead to lasting world peace. Furthermore, they seem to think that this Communistic world can only be possible with the destruction of the established monotheistic religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, as well as with the obliteration of over two thirds of the world's population through any means available, including - but not limited to - war, disease, and pestilence.

This leads me to point out the uncomfortable fact that - for all its seeming support of Christianity -  Russia is still a Communist country. Also, it leads me to point out that the Russian Orthodox Church is just as much an Antichristian religion as Roman Catholicism because it replaces Christ with human saints and man-made doctrines instead of Christ and His Word.

This means that the supposed believers that are lost in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian religions - and who do not recognize the disgusting affront that their priests, popes, bishops, cardinals and saints pose to God and His Son - are NOT a real part of the Kingdom of God! Furthermore, the leaders of the New World Order or Antichrist's Kingdom that may pose as Christians will use any means available to accomplish their goal of wiping out those that truly follow Christ, and their tactics obviously now include using Radical Islamic organizations to further their wicked ambitions.

Before closing, I'd like to encourage everyone who reads this article to read this related article:


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