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Written and published on Facebook on June 16th, 2013, this article of mine could have been written yesterday!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:
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You are welcome to disagree, but...


Right now, believers all over the world are suffering tribulation - especially in the Middle East. Whole congregations and towns of Christians have been wiped out or are being raped, beaten, and run out of town by Religious Radicals in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, and many other places in Africa, and in various Asian countries in the past few years. Meanwhile, we Westerners sit back and pretend it can't happen to us because we're so much more loved by God than those martyred believers who died so horribly, either being burned alive or beheaded, or beaten to death.

Meanwhile, if you are a Wise Virgin, you should be aware that our own US government is using our military to incite this religious violence, and they are not protecting the believers that are being slaughtered, so their blood is on our own hands. They have also made it illegal for our Christian troops to witness to others, or give the people in these foreign countries Bibles like some of them got caught trying to do. In addition, the DHS has labelled every believer in America as a potential gun slinging terrorist hell-bent on overthrowing the government, and they've built detainment camps, bought millions upon millions of rounds of hollow point bullets that explode in the body - leaving no chance of survival, and acquired guillotines and mass coffins to kill and bury those who refuse to comply to the Antichrist's coming rule, or that die in the horrific wars he plans to start.

There is also the sex and gender war being waged here and elsewhere, where it has now become a crime to openly disagree with the homosexuals, the transgendered, and the pro-choice abortionists. Christian business owners are being thrown under the bus right now and being threatened with losing their businesses if they don't comply while we sit in our living rooms thinking it can't touch us because we're going to be taken in the Rapture before it does. But the simple fact is that the Tribulation has already begun, and too many people, including many scoffing, backslidden believers, are totally asleep and could care less!

What baffles me is how anyone could still be asleep! There is ample evidence that the Tribulation has already begun in the massive increase in deadly, extreme, and severe weather of the past few years that has caused record-breaking floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, hail storms, hurricanes, blizzards, droughts, heat waves, prolonged and deadly cold-snaps, a huge increase in earthquakes and sinkholes, massive animal, bird, fish and bee die-offs, and many new and deadly pestilences.

To top it all off, there are numerous Signs in the Heavens that Yahshua told us to watch for, with many significant full Solar and Lunar Eclipses, many prophetically interesting comets, meteorite sightings, and near-miss space objects flying past Earth in the recent past, and in the upcoming near future. Meanwhile, on the Earth below, scientists are now playing God by introducing unreported and unidentified GMO food crops and animals into the human food chain that threaten all humanity when consumed, and there is also enormous worldwide economic and political instability everywhere.

Go ahead and pretend the big-name Bible Prophecy teachers are right. Listen to their lying Gospel that you are deserving of prosperity and riches, or are more special than the 25 million or more believers that died in concentration camps or in mass graves during World War I and II in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Russia, or later on in Korea, Vietnam, and elsewhere. Pretend you are better than the millions of believers all over the world today that are being persecuted, or are dying for their faith every single hour.

How many of us really care about these poor souls who die so horribly? How many of us have swamped Washington with massive protests against it? How many of us have given up some of our own riches to help the poor believers in other countries? How many of us have used media venues to sound the alarm and get other believers to wake up! Well, count me in as one of the few willing to stick my neck out and say the Bible Prophecy Teachers with their Pre-Tribulation Rapture fixation are WRONG, and we are NOT more blessed than other believers, just more complacent and asleep!

The Bible tells us that the Wrath of God isn't officially coming into play until the Sixth Seal massive Pole shift and earthquake, and I firmly believe the cataclysmic events of the past few years are a clear sign that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have already begun their rides. Wake up people, repent, and turn to Yahshua with all your heart NOW if you don't want to be left behind to suffer through far worse calamities to come! If you haven't been paying attention, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and the United States have been rattling their sabers at one another. Meanwhile, Israel is being faced with annihilation by a potentially nuclear-armed Iran, as well as a potential conventional war on her borders shared with Syria as the Syrian civil war rages on. This means that World War III could happen at any moment. So NOW is the time to wake up and stop pretending that we can go on living as selfishly as we like and still be taken in the Rapture.

Yahshua is coming for a deeply loving and beloved Bride that adores her Bridegroom, and is eagerly awaiting His return, not a bunch of part-time disciples that spend most of their free time cavorting around in bars, or getting drunk at home parties while watching the football game, or following the entertainment world and playing video games while ninety percent of the world doesn't have a pot to pee in! If this sounds like you, it's time to REPENT of your sins with true REMORSE, and ask God for mercy and forgiveness through His Son Yahshua!

God is NOT going to be happy with a drunken whore for His one and only Son's wife! Our Heavenly Father is - first and foremost - a Father to His Son Yahshua, and He wants His Son to have a pure and spotless Bride that is worthy of Him, not a harlot that can't control her lusts! No one is expected to be perfect, but a truly redeemed sinner is baptized with the Holy Spirit, and is constantly changing inwardly in a way that will reflect outwardly. This mean that they know how to REPENT and seek God's Spirit to help them change!

If a believer in Yahshua blends into the world scene so well that no one can tell they are disciples of the Messiah, then how can they be salt and light? They are like salt that has lost its saltiness, and Yahshua warned that this salt is no good for anything except to be thrown out!

I'm sorry, but this attitude of complacency with the world and with sin in the Church makes me sick, and it makes our loving and mighty Father God sick too! That is why Yahshua said that He is soon going to spit all the lukewarm believers who are the Foolish Virgins out of His mouth, and that means that they will be left behind or cast into the outer darkness of the Great Tribulation, where there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth!

The choice is yours. Choose this day whom you will serve! If you choose Yahshua, however, you need to show it by REPENTING of your sins, asking God for forgiveness through Yahshua. Then you need to show your change of heart by caring more for others than yourself, asking those you have hurt for forgiveness, frequently praying for yourself and others, and seeking more time to be with God instead of with your friends, or being distracted by worldly pursuits.

Before closing, I want to explain why I think the first Four Seal Judgments are already coming into play. Some people think that two or more of the Seal Judgments releasing the Four Horses of Revelation have been opened, while others don't think any of them have been opened.

Personally, I think that all four Horsemen have begun their rides, with the White, Red, Black and Pale Horses having been released by 2011, and reaching a crescendo in 2012 and 2013. I see the White Horse attached to the Messianic sign Sagittarius as the Watchmen in the Church that are heralding that the end is nearly upon us. Meanwhile, I see the Red Horse that is attached to Taurus and Orion in the dramatic increase in tensions between many nations, and the increased hatred and persecution of Christians, Jews and Israel that has spread around the world.

As for the Black Horse attached to Libra, the inflation of food prices has already begun in the USA. In fact, three years ago (in early 2011), food shortages made food prices rise dramatically even as the product amounts greatly decreased per package size, and they have stayed inflated ever since. Everything is almost twice as much as it was before, and some items such as pine nuts are so expensive that I can no longer afford to buy them.

As for the Pale Horse attached to Scorpio, I recently noticed that, if you reinterpret the two words "and with" from the last phrase of the description of the Pale Horses plagues to "even among", it says that one fourth of the beasts of the earth and people would die by the sword, by famine and plague, and there has been an unprecedented amount of animals, fish and birds - which are all beasts of the earth - dying in droves for the past few years along with people! Therefore, I believe that the affects of the Pale Horse's release should read as follows:

“When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.” 8 So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger (malnutrition from depleted soils), with death - EVEN AMONG the beasts of the earth.” - Revelation 6:7-8

This is why I firmly believe that all four Horsemen have already begun their rides!

Maranatha! Yahshua is Coming SOON! Are you ready?

A Message of Concern
From Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

PS: For more information about the Parable of the Ten Virgins, and the nature of the Bride of Christ and the Rapture, please read my detailed explanation about who the Wise and Foolish Virgins are. It can be found here:

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