Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don’t Miss Helena’s March 30th Armageddon Radio Show at 7 pm EST

Helena’s March 30th Armageddon Show at 7 pm EST will focus on Enoch’s little known 7000-Years Prophecy, which accurately prophesied against the apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church and the world of Islam and shows the reason why it was so ruthlessly suppressed when the Popes came to power in Europe. She will also discuss the Comet Elenin as a possible Pole Shift catalyst and how it is tied to how God speaks to us through natural disasters.

Helena will also briefly discuss Rapture doctrine and the reason why it has so many detractors as well as the mystery, mythology and meaning behind the Mayan World End Date of December 21st, 2012.

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Finally, Helena will return to a discussion of America’s place in Bible Prophecy as revealed in Psalm 108 in relation to Glenn Beck’s and Sarah Palin’s ideological beliefs. In the process, Helena will show how the patriotic but slightly skewed religious values of the Tea Party movement actually tie in well with what George Washington saw in his vision recorded in the Library of Congress.


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The following Book Excerpt will be referred to during this week’s show:

The Language of God in Prophecy - Book Excerpt
Chapter 7 - Enoch's 7000 Years Prophecy and the Cherubim Prophecy: