Tuesday, February 08, 2011

“Heavenly and Earthly Signs Of 2010 And 2011 Heralding That The End Is Near.”

February 12th UPDATE: With over two weeks spent in its production, I hope my new article will offer much in the way of insight and understanding as to what is going on around the world today and how it relates to Bible Prophecy and the Star Gospel. Here is the new introductory paragraph I've written and the new link to this new article at my POEM web site:

In this comprehensive, profusely illustrated, 32-page article, Bible Scholar and Sacred Astronomer Helena Lehman examines the many earthly and heavenly signs proclaiming that the Tribulation period is fast approaching and could already be here. Included in this article are Helena’s thoughts about the supposedly “new” Zodiac sign Ophiuchus and the possibility of a massive pole shift in the near future, the bird and fish die-offs, the newest earthquakes, and the January 2011 uprisings in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East that escalated after the December 2010 Blood Moon and the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction and Solar Eclipse of January 4th, 2011. Helena then looks at the UFO sightings in Jerusalem and Utah and the possibility that the Signs in the Heavens in April, June and July of 2011 could be “the Sign of the Son of Man” spoken of in Matthew, Chapter 24 that is to appear in the sky just before Yahshua comes for His Bride in the Rapture.


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In the meantime, I wanted to let everyone know that, though I did not do my Internet Radio show this week because I was really sick with the flu, the heavy inflammation and coughing are subsiding now, so our prayers have been answered! Thank you so much for your concern and prayers. They are helping!

I hope to get some more rest over the next few days and get fully back on my feet again soon. In the meantime, God Bless and Maranatha!

Your Sister in Christ,

Helena Lehman