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Book Review of “EDEN - The Knowledge of Good and Evil” by Joye Pugh

Great Concepts Marred By Faulty Research

Book Review by Helena Lehman of 
The Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)

Dr. Joye Pughs Book: “EDEN”
Like Dr. Joye Pugh, I have had many questions about the past, and have done quite a bit of research in an effort to answer the questions I had concerning the origins of our faith in the one Creator God Yahweh Elohim, and the evidence that He has always been active in mankind’s affairs, and visible within human history since the beginning of time. Unlike Joye, however, my research has taken me into many different areas of scientific and religious study. In the process, God has shown me the sacred origin and meaning of many ancient and arcane symbols and sciences. His Spirit has also guided my spirit to understand the most ancient extra biblical Judeo-Christian writings available to us today. In the process, I have written a book series that goes much deeper into hidden prophetic symbolism than Joye Pugh’s book.

Though Joye and I have similar notions about the origins, and evil nature of the fallen angels or Watchers and their giant Nephilim and Anakim offspring, my research has led me to see different things than Joye. I believe this was because her field of study was narrower. My book series covers the same ground as Joye’s, but with far more references and detail taken from several other extra-biblical manuscripts other than the Book of 1 Enoch. I also explore the amazing cosmic origins of mankind’s knowledge of God before the Bible and Holy Spirit were readily available to everyone. This knowledge of God was encapsulated in the allegorical images attached to the 48 constellations of the ancient Zodiac, and in the writings of Enoch, the seventh antediluvian patriarch in the line of Seth. This righteous mans wisdom has been partly preserved for mankind in the Ethiopian Book of 1 Enoch, and, to a lesser extant, in the less reliable Slavonic Book of the Secrets of Enoch.

Knowing the sacred origins of mankind’s most primitive religious beliefs, and knowing how they were twisted and perverted by lies and half truths, and polluted by gross idolatry and fornication by the Nephilim and fallen angels, I have had to call some of Joye’s ideas in her main thesis into question. For example, the Bible - which supersedes and is superior to all other written religious and historical literature - makes it clear that the physical world that Yahweh God created and placed Adam and Eve in was originally good, not evil. Furthermore, the Bible states that Cain was Adam’s son, not the devil’s spawn, and though Eve sinned by desiring to become a god, she was not an adulteress. Nonetheless, the prophecy in Genesis 3:15 of the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of the Serpent was, and is still being fulfilled today, but in a somewhat different way than Joy Pugh believes.

Genesis 3:15 is the very first prophecy in the Bible, and is also the most important. Through it, we are given the understanding that there are - and have always been - two distinct spiritual and physical bloodlines that have shaped history, and have affected the unfolding of Yahweh God’s Plan of Salvation through Yahshua. First of all, the Bible makes it clear that Adam’s son Seth provided the pure human DNA that would lead to the birth of the Seed of the Woman, Yahshua the Messiah. But though the spiritual aspect of the seed of the Serpent did come from the line of Cain, the physical manifestation of it did NOT come from Cain himself, but from his female descendants - in the seventh generation from Cain.

The Bible is very clear that the seventh generation from Adam and Eve’s Fall was extremely important in two ways. First of all, it was the generation in which the Sethites (i.e. descendants of Adam’s son Seth) were governed by the seventh generation Sethite Patriarch named Enoch, who was the most righteous man who ever lived outside of Yahshua and Elijah. In addition, it was also the time when the Fallen Angels arrived, and began to pollute the genetic make-up of both animals and humans. My research has uncovered that the half-alien, demonic seed of the Serpent likely originated at this time with a woman named Naamah. However, this was NOT the righteous daughter of Enoch the Sethite that became the wife of Noah, but the wicked antediluvian daughter of Lamech the Cainite. Contrary to popular belief, various stories in the Jewish Midrash suggest that this wicked Cainite woman was NOT the wife of Noah, but was instead the consort in lust of a fallen angel. Furthermore, the Midrash suggest that Naamah the Cainite mated with none other than Azazel, the fallen angel known to us as Lucifer, the Devil or Satan. This is far more likely to be the true origin of the very first Nephilim giants that hated mankind, and who contaminated the human gene pool with alien blood and ideas. 

In addition, my study of Sacred Astronomy shows how the Star Gospel is linked to the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza in Egypt, and to the pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico. This strongly suggests that high civilization and complex science are NOT the products of evil angels and Nephilim as Joye Pugh believes, but are, rather, the products of righteous men and holy angels with a sacred purpose. In fact, my Language of God Series books delve into the evidence that not all of the Watchers that Yahweh sent to Earth to help mankind became evil and debased, but only 200 of them. The rest of these angels did not take human wives or teach mankind evil and useless knowledge. Instead, they were in league with Yahweh, and did their best to protect and guide mankind away from Satans lies, and toward Yahweh God’s truth via His Holy Spirit.

Joye Pugh fails to recognize that not all of the Watcher angels that were sent to Earth by God during the time of Enoch the Sethite’s father Jared lusted after women or perverted God’s truth and creation. As a result, she demonizes just about every aspect of civilization as we know it, and seems to think God intended mankind to live like the Native Americans did prior to the advent of the Western colonization of the Americas. Though living without technology or huge cities “polluting” the natural landscape has some appeal, humanitys current inability to avoid pollution is not a cause to dismiss all civilization and technology as evil!  Though we see the greedy excesses, disgusting pollution, and environmental destruction evident everywhere in our world, this does not mean that all aspects of modern civilization are tainted with the supposedly Nephilim and fallen Watcher spawned ideas that the ancient Pagan Greeks and Romans loved.

Please understand! I am not against the idea of a simple pastoral life in the country. This sort of lifestyle is very appealing to many of us. However, my research has led me to partly refute Joye’s idea of the primordial view of Paradise as a rather “Amish” world full of technology-free small towns and farms that are virtually inseparable from the world’s vast expanses of wilderness. All one has to do to refute it is read about the great wealth, magnificent architecture, and detailed city planning surrounding the Millennial Kingdom Temple to Yahweh in the Book of Ezekiel. In addition, the Bible leaves no doubt that the New Jerusalem described in the Book of Revelation is going to be an immense, beautifully planned and constructed city that will replace the Millennial Kingdom’s Jerusalem and Temple one day. 

The New Jerusalem is a city that has already been constructed by Yahweh God as the perfect home for His angels and saints. When we finally get to behold it, this heavenly city will far surpass the grandeur and beauty of anything made by fallen men, fallen angels or demons, and it will have a magnificent Temple in its center where Yahweh Elohim will dwell forever in the Person of Yahshua Ha Mashiach, along with His Holy Spirit within every resurrected believer.

Where my books differ most markedly from Joye Pugh’s are in focus. Much of Joye’s book discusses the modern effects and workings of the Nephilim, or Serpent bloodline through organizations like the Freemasons and other Illuminati organizations. She discusses Masonic rituals in relation to occult dealings in our world today, and shows how alien abductions, crop circles and other strange anomalies are tied to the clandestine activities of the demonic spirits of the Nephilim, and their mostly “human” hybrid descendants. She also attempts to show how many political leaders could be descendants of the original Serpent bloodlines, or are working for them. Though this focus on the present is interesting and informative, my books expose the truth that all of the greatest sacred traditions and spiritual ideas of Classical Paganism, the Illuminati and Nephilim bloodlines are the debased, twisted, stolen and perverted ruins of a totally pure and unadulterated source: the Gospel in the Stars found preserved in the 48 most ancient constellations of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth.

The allegorical symbols tied to the ancient constellations have not changed appreciably over the years, and - when stripped of their Pagan veneer - reveal pure Biblical truths that are almost totally centered on the Person, work and purpose of Yahshua, the Son of God and King of kings. In addition, the evil serpent and dragon symbols in the heavens are always shown in subjection to, or being defeated by Yahshua and His saints. Much Zodiac symbolism is also evident in the Bible’s Old and New Testament prophetic literature, and these prophecies aren’t easily understood without the Star Gospel to illuminate their meaning. 

Like the Bible, the Gospel story revealed in the heavens indicates that the whole world and the Universe will one day be completely free of wickedness and evil because of Yahshuas sacrifice on the Cross. Furthermore, it reveals that those saints who worship Yahweh in spirit and in truth will reign and rule with Christ over all the Earth. This will happen one day soon during the Millennial Kingdom of Christ after the coming Great Tribulation - the short stretch of 3-1/2 years when Satan will have his evil way. But the glorious Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth that will follow the destruction and death of the Great Tribulation will gladden every saved persons heart. Furthermore, the Bible promises that Yahshua Himself will dry every tear that was shed by the countless multitudes of resurrected and immortal saints - believers that Yahshua loves more than they already love Him!

Praise Yahweh for His goodness, His promised Kingdom, and for the coming New Heaven, New Earth and New Jerusalem that will replace this current Universe and Earth one day! I am truly looking forward to the time when all mankind will love Yahweh God and one another just as His One and Only Son Yahshua came to teach us to do. Maranatha!

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman,
Author and Illustrator of The Language of God Book Series and
Creator of the Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site at

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