Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year Update, and Prayer and Donation Appeal From Helena

Happy New Year!

As this New Year begins, I thought it would be good to share what Yahshua has been doing in my life and ministry. I also wanted to thank you for your patronage, and ask you for your continuing prayers, and support.

Over the holidays, God has been leading me to expand the boundaries of my current ministry by adding regular audio, and video lectures. I have also just recently learned about Daystar, and the Angel TV Networks. To date, I have never watched any of the programming on Angel or Daystar TV, but have had several people recently tell me that I should, and also that I should contact them with my own material, and see if they will allow me to air a series of specials based on subjects from my books.

To that end, I have used the last of my savings to purchase several items that will hopefully make my writing ministry easier, and more productive. First, I purchased a digital camcorder, and hope to present a series of lectures on the Internet beginning sometime in March 2008, after my last book in the Language of God series is finished.

Secondly, I purchased a voice recognition program called Dragon Naturally Speaking that will help me to finish my book without aggravating the arthritic pain in my hands, neck, and back, and will also save my eyes from undue strain because the program will do the typing for me from my voice! I also purchased a used notebook PC for a very reasonable price that has enough memory to operate this voice recognition software while maneuvering through a 500-page, illustrated book without crashing.

Fellow group member David Harvey told me about this program via e-mails, and I am grateful to him for telling me about it. It seems to be working famously for me after training it, and I have already begun to write a new introduction to my final Language of God book with it - with good results.

I think all of these changes in my direction, and methods of reaching others have come about via prayers for God’s Grace, healing and mercy that have been fervently offered up by me, and many others, and I would like to thank all of you who have been praying for me. I am grateful for the prayer cover, and hope you will continue praying for me as I contend with evil forces that are trying to prevent me from finishing this book series.

Remember, everyone! The Devil hates the truth, and he hates God’s appointed truth bearers in this dark age that will soon see the rise of the Antichrist. Satan, and his demons want to suppress the truth of the salvation in Christ that will save many people from the Lake of Fire, and he is doing all he can to stop people from seeing the truth of His Gospel in the Bible, and the Stars.

Indeed, if Satan could, I know that he would surely kill me even now. But praise Yahweh God for setting up a hedge of protection around me to prevent demonic attacks! Even so, this is no time to relax, but to remain vigilant, and prayerful. I must do this continually so that the Devil can’t hurt me anymore than he already has, and so that I can be full of joy and peace, and truly victorious in Christ.

Won’t you join me in prayer, and ask Yahshua Ha Mashiach to help me finish the good task He has set before me as my gift to Him, and the world? I welcome your prayers, and donations at this time to help me continue the important task Yahshua has given me to share the Gospel in the Stars with the world before the Great Tribulations begins.

At this time, I would also like to wholeheartedly thank the people who have donated cash to me over the holidays to help me finish the work that needs to be done, and to purchase the services, and resources that I need to get it done.

Nonetheless, I have need of much more cash to finish the work ahead, and I ask you to prayerfully consider helping me in any way that you can. If you would like to donate, you can do so though my web site via PayPal, or you can mail me a check or bank draft. Any amount from $5 and up would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact me if you would like to become a monthly financial and/or prayer partner with me to ensure the success of the Pillar of Enoch Ministry. If you do, I will send you periodic prayer requests, special offers, receipts, and updates.

Yours in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman