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The Amazing Star Gospel Connection of the USA and Israel, and the Zodiac in Bible Prophecy

Copyright 2007 By Helena Lehman

October 16, 2007 - There is an intriguing lead in determining where the United States figures in prophecy - a lead that no one to my knowledge has ever noted before, but that God has shown me. It stems from the fact that the continental United States consisted of forty-eight States from 1912 until 1959, when Alaska and Hawaii were added. Up until that time, the number of States was the same as the number of Levite cities in Israel, and constellations in the Ancient Mazzaroth! (NOTE: Mazzaroth = Hebrew word for “Zodiac”) Could this be just a coincidence, or a highly significant clue into determining the destiny of the United States? Let’s examine this clue to see what it may be trying to tell us.

Since Alaska and Hawaii are not physically part of the mainland appropriated by the United States, and do not share a common border with the other States in the Union, they are not part of the continental United States. There are therefore still only forty-eight States that make up the mainland United States. Could it be that these forty-eight States are meant to represent the forty-eight Levite cities, and constellations of the ancient Zodiac? One day, God gave me the answer to that question!

It happened while I was praying to God for help in finishing my book
“The Language of God in Prophecy” (available for purchase at http://pillar-of-enoch.com, and Amazon.com). While in prayer, I had an amazing vision of the United States, and its role in history. In this vision, I saw a bright blue sky where cool, cloudy Alaska suddenly appeared superimposed over a big silver crescent, and the islands of hot, sunny Hawaii were superimposed over a big yellow Sun shape. (See illustration shown full size in the Adobe PDF file linked to below).

In the next instant, the forty-eight continental States were spread across the heavens beneath the Alaska Moon and Hawaii Sun. When the vision ended, it became clear to me that Alaska was being depicted as an allegorical representation of the Moon, while Hawaii was an allegorical representation of the Sun. Meanwhile, the forty-eight other States stretched out across the sky could only mean one thing: they must represent the forty-eight constellations of the ancient Zodiac!

This vision clearly showed me that the fifty States represent the forty-eight constellations, and the Sun and the Moon that pass through the Zodiac every year! Could this be why 50 white stars superimposed over an azure background represents every State on the US Flag? Uncannily, while researching the history of the US Flag for this book, I discovered that the thirteen stars on the original flag were intended to represent a new constellation! This means that what I saw in a vision was anticipated and symbolized in the US Flag from the beginning.

This suggests that, coupled with the US Flag, my vision is Yahweh’s way of showing all Americans how important the USA is to Him as a nation, and a people “under God.” Incidentally, the original US Flag had thirteen stars on an azure background, and thirteen stripes: seven red, and six white. The stripes stand for the thirteen original colonies, which became the first thirteen States in the Union. Interestingly, the total number of the stripes in one color, 7 and 6, also indicate the year that America declared its independence from Great Britain. To better understand my meaning, click on the following URL to see the Adobe PDF file with illustrations showing the USA’s connection to the Mazzaroth, and the Original Flag of the USA with its 13 stars and stripes:


This idea that the United States is a symbolic representation of the Mazzaroth, and of literal and spiritual Israel is also substantiated by the dream that the patriarch Joseph had when he was a boy (Genesis 37:9-11). In that dream vision, Joseph was shown that the people in his life who were signified by the Sun, Moon, and stars would one day bow down to him. Like Joseph’s Israelite family, the United States represents every nation on Earth, and one day every nation will bow their heads to Christ, including the United States! But on another prophetic level, Joseph’s dream vision also suggests that the United States is truly viewed as a literal part of Israel in prophecy by Yahweh God, not just a spiritual part of it.

The association of the numbers thirteen and forty-eight with the United States are prophetically significant in several other ways. First of all, the USA’s connection to the number thirteen signifies that it is symbolically connected to the Sun transiting the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac, as well as to Jacob and the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and Christ and the twelve apostles. Secondly, America’s connection to the number forty-eight indicates that it shares a relationship with the Tribe of Levi, and the Gospel in the Stars.

Allegorically, the Tribe of Levi was the spiritual center of the nation of Israel, and - alongside the Bible and Yahshua (i.e. Jesus) our Messiah - the Gospel in the Stars should be a spiritual guide for the world. Since the number 48 is connected to the Gospel in the Stars, which recognizes 48 constellations, it is another clear indicator that America is meant to be a great source of spiritual light in this dark world. Based on the number of professing Christians in the U.S. population, and the many missionaries these American Christian congregations have sent out into the world, the United States is unquestionably the statistical world leader in both numbers of missionaries and churches.

Through Moses and Aaron, the Tribe of Levi inherited the priesthood. This suggests that, besides being considered a literal part of Israel, the United States is also being reckoned as the Tribe of Levi! This means that America is being called to give more spiritual light to the world than any other nation today outside of the nation of Israel. America, then, is the modern spiritual “navel of the world,” just as Giza in Egypt is the physical “navel of the world.”

As my friend Janice Moore pointed out to me, a navel is a scar left when a baby is severed from its mother by the cutting of the umbilical cord. It is therefore a potent symbol for the Fall of mankind, for this was when Adam and Eve were severed from their personal relationship with God. In addition, a navel is a symbol of our need for spiritual and physical redemption from sin
and death. All professing Christians therefore serve to remind the unredeemed sinners in the world that they are damned without Christ. As the greatest bastion of Christianity in today’s world, America is a symbolic navel of remembrance among the nations.

Stay tuned for more articles like this one, which is based entirely on exciting material taken directly from the book
“The Language of God in Prophecy,” the last book in the four-book encyclopedic Language of God Book Series, that explores the symbolic Language of God hidden in the Zodiac and the Bible, and the need to understand the connection between the two in order to correctly decipher Bible Prophecy.

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