Thursday, February 15, 2007

Discover the Connection Between the Great Pyramid and Tabernacle!

I've done a detailed study of the religious and prophetic significance of the Great Pyramid in my book "The Language of God in Prophecy." In that book, I've devoted an entire chapter to the clear connection between the Great Pyramid and the Desert Tabernacle. In fact, over 250 pages in that 590 page book are devoted to the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, and Tabernacle, and their connection to one another. This book is available for purchase now on CD in PDF form, and/or as a large, quality paperback from my web site at:

Since we know from the Bible that God gave Moses the plans to build the Tabernacle, it seems highly likely that God gave the plans to build the Great Pyramid to Enoch, who was the greatest prophet of his time. This is an assumption I substantially back in my books, with illustrations to show how the Great Pyramid, Bible, and Tabernacle all tie together as one message in different forms. Even more information about this is now being compiled for inclusion in my book on bible history, "The Language of God in History," which should be in print in May 2007, and I am now accepting pre-orders.

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