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Revelation 13 Star Map Showing Connection of Hydra as 
Beast From the Sea with Draco the Red Dragon
Text Taken From The Graphic:
IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT THIS SIGN: Camelopardalis is a new constellation that didn't exist when the Book of Revelation was written circa 90 AD, and via Heraldry, the Leopard/Camouflage can be connected to France, the Bear/Feet can be connected to Russia, the Lion/Mouth can be connected to the United Kingdom, and ALL of these are in the United Nations Security Council!
This New, Heavily Detailed Graphic depicts the Revelation 13 Sign of the Beast From The Sea that is Shown as it will appear on August 4th, 2018, and it is just as it was revealed in the Five Doves Article linked to at the end of this post. Please read that article to get an understanding of what the dashed line that is cutting across the center of my graphic with the Scripture excerpts from Revelation 13 running along it means. This detailed graphic has been uploaded below. Please download the graphic so that you can enlarge it and read all the text added to it to find out what the Gospel in the Stars is for all the constellations shown that have some bearing on our Redemption and Deliverance through Yahshua our Messiah.

As a Sacred Astronomer, I have created this graphic to show that the hypothesis made about the Beast from the Sea of Revelation Chapter 13 being depicted by a Direct Line from the constellation of Draco the Dragon to Hydra the Serpent is absolutely correct! This Symbolism is tied to the Signs of the Mazzaroth as described in Revelation 13, and it forms a Sky Date Line targeting August 4th as important to the life of the Beast and the Red Dragon, although the exact year is not indicated. It just reveals the day that is tied to the angle of the dashed pink star date line in my graphic where it crosses the Ecliptic.

If you draw a line from Polaris to the Sun in Cancer and beyond it in my Star Map, it will directly target the head of Hydra under Cancer. I used the brightest star in Hydra as a marker in my graphic. But the head of Hydra is what the feet of the Messiah will crush, and it is targeted on August 4th. This is how the Graphic reveals Yahshua's role in healing the breach between God and Man that the Devil caused, as shown in this close up. It can be seen in the front paws or feet of Leo representing Yahshua as the Lion of Judah crushing the head of Hydra the Serpent or Beast from the Sea in an allusion to the first prophecy in the Bible found in Genesis 3:15:

Close Up of Revelation 13 Star Map Showing Leo and Hydra Allusion to Genesis 3:15
Since August 4th is Barack Obama's supposed birth date, it implicates him as the possible Antichrist or Son of Perdition. However, it also reveals that the Beast is not one person or one nation, but a league of nations. This league of nations could be none other than the United Nations - with the United Kingdom figuring prominently in the set up of the Beast's Kingdom, which has been dubbed the New World Order by the Illuminati. Ominously, the United Kingdom has a beastly Lion on its Royal Arms, and it is affiliated with the Red Dragon on the Welsh Flag because Wales is a part of the United Kingdom, and it is where NATO often meets to discuss policy.

The date of August 4th in this era also may be targeting the time of the birth of the Man Child that is issued forth from the Woman Clothed With The Sun that is described in Revelation 12, and was depicted in the heavens on Rosh Hashanah, September 23rd, 2017 within the Sign of Virgo the Virgin. As a symbol for the Messiah of Israel, the Man Child may be meant to depict the symbolic ONE NEW MAN of Ephesians 2:15, which is made up of the natural cultivated and grafted in wild branches of the Olive Trees in Romans Chapter 11 that the resurrected Church will form at the time of the Rapture!

This doesn't necessarily mean that the Rapture is going to happen on August 4th - though I TRULY HOPE that it will! But it certainly could be on that day, or around that time! So Keep looking UP Everybody! :-D

May Yahweh God Bless You All! It is My Hope That
Yahshua our Messiah is Coming Again Very Soon!

Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

Article From Five Doves 
Used In Creating The Article Graphic:
Astronomical Calendar in Revelation 12
And 13 Pointing to Antichrist’s Birth?

Please Note: The Graphic attached to this article literally took me an ENTIRE DAY to create and finish, and this is work that I do not get paid for by anyone except those who benefit from it in the form of donations! So please consider giving a donation to my ministry via PayPal using the PayPal drop down menu that is below the large graphic on the following page at my POEM Ministry Web Site:

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