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Helena Lehman at the International Women's Press Association (IWPA) Book Fair
In Chicago, Illinois in the Summer of 2009

For those who are unfamiliar with my Pillar of Enoch Ministry and my Language of God Series books, which discuss the Gospel in the Stars in relation to God's Word in the Bible, as well as ancient mankind's knowledge of the Star Gospel, I wanted to write this message to educate you on what I believe and teach. The following is a brief recap of what I have been shown by God, and what my books are about;

At the dawn of history, before Adam and Eve fell into sin and their bodies and world were corrupted by sin, the preincarnate Yahshua walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. There, He taught them His incredible wisdom, and showed them the spiritual meaning hidden behind all the wonders of His Creation, including the starry heavens. So the first people knew the truth behind the Gospel in the Stars, and how it proclaimed the Glory of the One True God and His Only Son, Who is our Messiah and King Yahshua or Jesus.

Unfortunately, however, after mankind fell and was cast out of the Garden of God, Satan led many nations astray, and they perverted and corrupted the truth hidden in the stars and the heavens. They also fell into grave error in worshipping the Sun, Moon, stars and planets and constellations as gods. This is why the Ancient Egyptian pantheon originally included 12 primary gods and goddesses, one for every Zodiac Sign in the Mazzaroth.

But despite Satan's success in turning most of the monotheistic people in the ancient world into animists, polytheists and sorcerers of the worst sort, there were still pockets of staunch believers in the One True God who did not pervert what Adam had taught them. Instead, before the Great Flood, these righteous followers of God applied their knowledge of the Star Gospel by building several monuments of remote antiquity that were wholly dedicated to the One True God Yahweh and His Son Yahshua or Jesus, and were built in a very grand and powerful fashion so that they would survive the Great Flood.

Like the true ancient followers of God and His Son, I don't worship the Creation. I worship the Creator alone. That is why I haven't emphasized my celestial spiritual knowledge much at all lately, but have spent the past few years writing more often about the spiritual meaning of the Parables of Christ and Feasts of Israel, as well as about the concepts of Grace, Freedom and Liberty in Christ, how to be Born Again, and how to truly be saved from sin, death, the Devil, and Hell. In fact, most of my messages of late are about getting things right with God through repentance and loving God, ourselves and others. I have spent much time lately asking people to find true salvation and spiritual worth by nailing their carnal lives to the Cross of Christ, and dying to the world to live for Christ.

I know that the stars and planets cannot save. They can only guide, as they were always meant to until Satan corrupted the truth behind the celestial bodies, and turned them into objects of worship, sorcery and deception. Satan also corrupted the truth behind the oldest pyramids ever built, which are in Egypt, and are connected to the messages in the stars. Not all pyramids were or are Satanic. The First Century Jewish Historian Josephus taught that the oldest structures ever built  - which are the pyramids at Dahshur and Giza in Egypt - were built in Mizraim or Egypt by godly men, for a holy purpose. He said that they were meant to preserve the antediluvian knowledge of Astronomy, and how it applied to their knowledge of God and the world. What he didn't know is the extent of that knowledge, which my books attempt to reveal.

Those ancient Pre-Flood architectural wonders preserved knowledge of the One and Only True and Living, Invisible God, and their hope in the Divine Messiah and Deliverer of God to come Who would vanquish sin, death and the Devil forever. In truth, these ancient monuments proclaim the hope of godly men that what they observed in the heavens would one day be true also on the Earth, and that the Messiah revealed in the heavens would one day come and deliver mankind from evil. I know that Messiah. He is called Son of God, Wonderful, Counsellor, Bread of Life, Light of the World, Good Shepherd, Prince of Peace, Almighty Father, Sun of Righteousness, and Bright and Morning Star. On Earth, His name was Jesus or Yahshua, and He is my King and my God, and there is no other Name under Heaven by which we can be saved!

As for my teaching concerning the stars of the heavens, and the existing pyramids of this world, I want to make it clear that I do not worship the stars or pyramids, or symbols of stars or pyramids, or teach others to do any such thing. I also do not espouse accepting the lies being taught by those who misuse and misapply star and pyramid symbols today, and use them as a mark of their sorcery and rebellion against God.

There are hundreds of pyramids on the Earth today, but only five in Egypt and three in Mexico show any evidence at all of being built to honor the one true God and His Son. The information I have been able to find in history books and ancient texts shows that these pyramids were built by the righteous followers of Enoch, the 7th Antediluvian Patriarch and Prophet in the line of Seth, and they were built to preserve their knowledge found via Sacred Astronomy. I show how I came to this conclusion in my books, which reflect countless hours of research over many years filled with prayer. Six of these eight extremely ancient pyramids, 3 in Egypt, and 3 in Mexico, represent the three very bright stars in Orion's Belt, while the remaining two represent the brightest stars in the face of Taurus the Bull. Both Orion and Taurus signify Christ in His role as a blood sacrifice for sin, as well as the final Conqueror of the Devil at the end of time.

Taurus and Orion Depict the Body and Blood of Christ as a Sin Offering
This knowledge that I now possess leads me to say that we can't trust what we read in modern history books. This is because what we think we know of the past is colored by the interpretations of ungodly scientists, historians and archeologists that hate God, and would like us all to believe that ancient man descended from apes and that they were steeped in ignorance and superstitions based on religious myths that have no basis in fact. But I know this is a lie from the pit of Hell. Mankind is not the product of random chance. Nor was mankind stupid. Rather, mankind was created in the image of God, and the first people knew, loved and followed the One True God until Satan crept in with his rebellion and lies and robbed mankind of their innocence and their FAITH and trust in God.

There are hundreds of scriptures that support what God has shown me. The only way I know how to share them is by quoting them, and then showing how they apply to the Gospel in the Stars and Sacred Astronomy. Because, unless God wants to show someone everything I know, they will need instruction and guidance to not misapply and misuse these special revelations found in God's Word, and God's Creation.

The deception some people sense about what I teach is found in Satan's counterfeit of God's truth, which can be found in the lies connected to the sorcery behind astrology. Astrology, or the divination of the stars used for personal gain, does nothing to lead people to a knowledge of God. Instead, it leads them to practice magic and sorcery, and to actively rebel against God. Meanwhile, Sacred Astronomy, which is what I teach, does the exact opposite. It teaches humanity that the stars proclaim the truth of the existence of the One True God, and speak of the glory, promise and salvation to be found in His Son. And what sorcery is there in knowing and doing God's will as it is revealed in His Creation? The truth is that this is not sorcery, but WISDOM.

I teach that the heavens proclaim God's Glory and also show His Will throughout time - just as God called me to do. The Heavens actually serve as a sacred and prophetic clock connected not only to the past, present and future of mankind, but to the potential spiritual heritage of every human being ever born. As an example of how this knowledge can be practically applied, let me show you from my own star chart at birth. The Sun was in the sign called Cancer when I was born. This means I am of the Israelite Tribe of Issachar, not a "Cancer". Like the original Tribe of Issachar, I am a servant of God and a valiant warrior in the spiritual realms, and perhaps one day I will physically be one also, just as the men of Issachar were. I am happy that I have at least partly lived up to God's will for me in my life. Not many do because they have no clue who they really are in Christ, and how much power they could have in Christ if they loved and followed Him.

Over the next few weeks, if there is time before I depart this world in death or the Rapture, I will share the Scriptures that I have found in the Bible that support what I teach. I hope you will enjoy this series.

A Sacred Astronomer
In God's Service,
Your Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman

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