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New Year's Eve 2016 Celestial Sign Meaning Tied To USA!

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I created the Graphic included with this message to show the deep spiritual meaning surrounding the Heavenly Signs on New Year's Eve this December 31st, 2016. Please read what it has to say, as that is where the spiritual messages surrounding the signs are expounded upon in greater detail. In order to understand the graphic better, I wanted to share something very interesting about the New Year's Eve Comet that will be visible with binoculars near to the Crescent Moon in Capricorn, and about the planets Mars, Venus, and Neptune in Aquarius. This is the fact that the Signs of Aquarius and Capricorn actually have a physical designation on this Earth that are based on how ancient Sacred Astronomers used the heavens to organize and identify physical places on the Earth.

Placing Orion's Belt over the Pyramids at Giza, I found that Gemini,Taurus and Aries mark the quadrant of the Earth where Europe, Africa and the Middle East are located. This can be deduced because Orion is thematically tied to Taurus. Moving West from there, the signs governing the Atlantic are Pisces symbolizing Israel, and Cetus or the Beast from the Sea, which marks the Atlantic Ocean itself. This highly suggests that NATO is attached to the Beast from the Sea as an antagonist to Israel - just as the United Nations is. Moving further eastward over North America, Aquarius and Capricorn and their decan signs mark the continental USA, and almost all of South and Central America as well. I will delve more into this in a moment.

To find out more about how I deduced that Orion's Belt stars and the Giza Pyramids mark that celestial sign's ties to the Earth, and led to my discovery that there is a worldwide network of earthly locational ties to all the celestial signs in the heavens, please check out my 800-page book: "The Language of God in History" by clicking on the embedded text link here. In that book, I go into great detail about this system that everywhere proclaims: "As in Heaven, so on Earth!" Contrary to popular belief, this is not a pagan idea, but a message from the ancients that our Creator God's Will - as it is mapped out in the heavens by His own hand - will be done on Earth - one way or another!

Aquarius is a symbol of the Great Flood (i.e. Judgment for Unrepentant Sin), as well as the pouring out of the Holy Spirit (i.e. Mercy, Grace, and Re-Birth), and it marks the Eastern half of the USA. Meanwhile, Capricorn, which is a symbol of the death punishment for sin (signified by the dying goat front half of Capricorn), and the promise of spiritual rebirth for believers in Christ (signified by Capricorn's lively fish tail) mark the Western half of the continental USA. However, Alaska, the California coast, and the scattered islands of the Eastern Pacific Ocean fall under the jurisdiction of Sagittarius, the symbol for Christ coming as a conquering King riding upon His White War Horse. Meanwhile, Hawaii and the western Pacific islands are connected to Scorpio. Eerily, the layout of the Hawaiian Islands actually mimic the curved appearance of a scorpion's tail!

These signs that are celestially and spiritually aligned to America really show that God wanted it to be a place where people could find salvation and freedom in Christ. But it also shows that trouble is coming to America because it has strayed from that path, and many people have been led astray. Now, many Americans have turned their backs completely on r Creator God Yahweh God, and worship Satan instead. THis truth can be seen in the fact that Scorpio the Satanic Scorpion is attached to Hawaii, and President Obama, who has done so much to destroy America, was supposedly born in Hawaii. I therefore think that this assignation of Hawaii as Obama's birth place was not an accident!

Could all of these celestial signs be heralding that the USA is the last great bastion of Christian and Jewish Freedom and Liberty in this world, and that it is soon going to see those who are born again caught up to Heaven, followed by war and bloodshed, along with an outpouring of God's Wrath upon America and the World for hurting His saints? Could it also be a sign that this war to end all wars, which will culminate with the arrival of Christ our Messiah as a conquering King, will partly be fought in the continental USA, as well around Israel in the Middle East?

As Comet Honda 45P swings around the Sun, it could break up. If it doesn't, the Earth will pass through the regular debris tail of the Comet, and this could produce more fireballs in our skies soon. If Comet 45P breaks up, the Earth could pass through a much larger, and potentially more damaging debris field. Could this be a trigger for the events of the Sixth Seal marking the Rapture, and the initial outpouring of God's Wrath in Sudden Destruction? Only time will tell, but all the heavenly signs say that it will be soon!

Regardless if Comet 45P breaks up or not, fireball sightings have increased dramatically all over the world in the past few years, and some of them have even exploded in the Earth's atmosphere or hit the ground and exploded. I believe all these celestial signs, when taken together, indicate that the Great Tribulation is coming quickly, and we should all take heed that Christ is coming again very soon in the Rapture, as well as to serve as the Judge and Conqueror of the wicked in this fallen world. So please stay alert, and pray that your standing before God is intact by confessing your sins and letting go of all bitterness to ensure that you will not be left behind.

Maranatha, Happy New Year,
And God Bless You All!

With Love From
Your Sister In Christ,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

My Original Facebook Post About This:
This somewhat tongue-in-cheek Mashable article describes the New Year's Eve Comet 45P Honda that will be whizzing around our Sun on the evening of December 31st, 2016 in the Sign of Capricorn. It will be visible with binoculars near to the thin crescent of the waxing New Moon sometime after 5:00 p.m.. Although the article pokes fun at the idea that this Comet is a sign of the Apocalypse, it does rightly comment on the fact that the ancients viewed visible Comets as an Evil Omen. It also contains a NASA "What's Up?" video that mentions the fact that several planets - namely Mars, Venus and Neptune - will be visible in Aquarius and Capricorn all through December, and are best viewed 2 hours or so after sunset, low in the Western sky. ~ Helena Lehman

A comet will fly past Earth on New Year's Eve.

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