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~*~ Revelation 22:14-17 CJB ~*~
“How blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they have the
right to eat from the Tree of Life and go through the gates into the city!
Outside are the homosexuals, those involved with the occult and with
drugs, the sexually immoral, murderers, idol-worshippers, and everyone
who loves and practices falsehood. I, Yeshua, have sent my angel to give
you this testimony for the Messianic communities. I am the Root and
Offspring of David, the bright Morning Star. The Spirit and the Bride say,
‘Come!’ Let anyone who hears say, ‘Come!’ And let anyone who is thirsty
come — let anyone who wishes, take the water of life free of charge.”

The above Scripture, taken from Revelation 22 in the Complete Jewish Bible, lists the types of unrepentant sinners that will NOT be allowed into the Kingdom of God in the New Jerusalem, which is the home of the Bride of Christ. Each believer in Yahshua or Jesus is seen as a living stone that forms the New Jerusalem, and that is why this perfect and transcendent City of God is identified as the Bride of Christ. Among these unrepentant sinners that will not be allowed into the Kingdom of God, homosexuals and sexually immoral people are listed along with idolaters, deceivers that practice falsehoods, drug abusers and murderers.

Sexual immorality encompasses all types of sexual sin, including homosexuality, cross-dressing, having sex outside of marriage, and living with a sexual partner outside of wedlock. I am guilty and ashamed of having sex outside of marriage, and living with a man I was not married to, but I'm also proud that I finally repented before God, made amends for my wrong-doing, and stopped living in sin. I'm also humble enough to admit that I saw my failings, and asked God for forgiveness for failing to keep His Moral Law - even while thanking God for forgiving me for it through my acceptance of the blood sacrifice of His Son on the Cross for my sins.

It is my love of, and desire to follow God's Son that gives me the right to judge others based on His Law, and to lead them to repent of their sins as I have, and to pray and ask God to help them live a better life in keeping with His Commandments. If you find that objectionable, it strongly suggests that you are in rebellion against God and His Law, which calls all of us to love one another by leading them to love and follow the truth found in the Bible, and to follow God's Moral standards.

My goal is to instill the desire in those who are sinners to repent, and to follow Christ by fleeing from all forms of sin. This includes sexual immorality, lying, adultery, greed, thievery, stealing, lust, violence, murder, sexual promiscuity, fornication, gluttony, and all other forms of hatred toward oneself, one's family, and humanity as a whole. But avoiding these sins is not easy, and we require God's constant help through His indwelling Spirit to succeed at it.

The idea that Christ gave His followers is that we are to love the sinner, but hate the sin, and do all we can to dissuade people from engaging in sin. We are also to live in the world, but not be of it. This means that we don't love the world, or its lusts and desires because we love God more, and desire to be with Him. The ability to do this is only possible for those who are born again through their belief in, and love for Christ, and their desire to follow Him. This desire to follow the Messiah opens the way for believers to be indwelled by the Holy Spirit of God, Who helps repentant sinners like me to stay on the narrow road that leads to everlasting life, and to stay off of the broad highway that leads to destruction.

Unfortunately, most people on this planet don't have a clue what it means to be born again, and most of them do not have any real relationship with God or His Son. By relationship, I mean the kind where two-way communication is not only possible, but frequent and helpful. This type pf communication allows God to help us make the right choices in life, and to stay away from situations and people that could lead to sin or pain.

For more information on what it means to be a born again follower of Yahshua Ha Mashiach or Jesus the Christ, please see the following articles linked to below. In addition, if you have not done so already, now is the time to repent or turn away from all sin, especially sexual sin, and seek Yahshua for your salvation, asking Him to forgive you, and to ill you with His Spirit so that you will have God as a Helper to keep you from sinning again. Now, to ensure your Salvation in Christ, please read:



MARANATHA! Yahshua our beloved Messiah is coming again soon! First, He will come again to rescue us from mortality and the wickedness of the world in the Rapture, and then He will come again with us all following Him as a conquering King! Hallelu-Yah!

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