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Syrian refugees overloaded boat, refugee boy dead on beach...
Judging from the comments under the listed articles below that reveal the plight of so many poor Syrian and Iraqi refugees, many Westerners seem to think it may be a good idea for the West to help the Syrians help themselves to end this Civil War raging in their country. They want the Syrian people to be armed and trained so that the refugee crisis that Europe and the world is facing would be able to stop. However, since this entire refugee problem may have been engineered so that Radical Muslims could advance their plot toward world take over by both radicalizing the nations they move into - and using the weapons the West gives them against us, that would be a very foolhardy thing to do.

Tragic image of drowned Syrian toddler
highlights human cost of refugee crisis

Drowned Syrian boys buried in hometown they fled

The advocates of arming the people to fight back are very short-sighted, having forgotten that the USA tried to train the people in Iraq to defend themselves against Islamic Radical takeovers to the tune of 15 Trillion dollars, and it FAILED completely! This is because our troops eventually had to leave, and Iraqi soldiers are MUSLIMS that fear Allah and his radical jihadist helpers! So there is no way training the Syrians to fight back would work any better than it did in Iraq. That is - unless the West establishes PERMANENT totalitarian rule there and enforces the peace - which is what I believe that the Illuminati leaders working behind the scenes want to do!

How has the West created this crisis, you may ask? They did so by attacking the necessary totalitarian leaders that brought stability to Syria, Egypt and Iraq, arming the rebels in Syria, Egypt and Iraq, sending billions of dollars in to aid Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Palestinian citizens that was channeled to arm and train Radical Islamic groups instead, selling US made weapons to the entire Middle East, especially the Egyptian and Saudi Terrorists supporters, and because they knew that so many Muslims think they might be fighting against Allah when they resist their Radical Islamic overlords. This is HOW the Illuminati have carefully and superbly engineered this crisis so that their PLANNED take over of the Middle East will eventually be determined to be necessary by the world.

According to God's Word, this is exactly what is going to happen, and it will lead to the Battle of Armageddon - or Ezekiel 38 and 39 War, where God wins, NOT the Illuminati! The West is already fighting it out with Russia in their bid to take over the Middle East, and to form the New World Order, which is the totalitarian international government that the Antichrist will control and use to persecute all the people of faith that resist him. This coming persecution of the Tribulation saints - and the persecution and slaughter of the saints that is already going on in the Middle East at the hands of ISIS - will anger God so much that He will finally release His Wrath.

After the coming Rapture of the Church or Bride of Christ to Heaven, the world will suffer from wave after wave of God's Wrath, which is described in the Bible's Book of Revelation, Chapters 6 through 19, and many billions of wicked, sinful, and unrepentant people will die from catastrophic world judgments that include deadly celestial bombardments, massive worldwide droughts, floods, earthquakes, fires, disease outbreaks, volcanic eruptions, the total destruction of forests and lakes, and the massive loss of the fish, birds and animals in them that people rely on for food. This will allow the Illuminati to take over what is left of the rest of the world also, and form the Antichrist's worldwide totalitarian Beast kingdom.

However, the proverbial "fly" in the bitter, satanic ointment of the Illuminati is that, due to their mad ambition for power, and their lust for more control over humanity as well as the Middle East's and the world's oil, gas and other resources - they are going to go after the nation of Israel, and try to take it over too. After all, the world is already aligning itself against Israel via the United Nations and their foolhardy Mid-East Peace Plan, which paints the Palestinian refugees as the victims of another fully engineered humanitarian crisis bent on destroying Israel.

But - fortunately for God's people - that will be the New World Order's downfall, because God WILL intervene on Israel's behalf, and a heavenly army far stronger than anything humans could imagine will destroy the armies that go against Israel! So bring it on, baby! I, for one, am looking forward to having my Messiah return in Glory to wipe out these Illuminati thugs and all of their satanically inspired helpers - after which He will set up His righteous, loving, and justice-filled kingdom on Earth that will NEVER end!

By the way, the ONLY way to escape this coming time of trouble -  and to be included in the Rapture - is to believe in and follow Jesus the Christ, or Yahshua the Messiah - as our coming King of kings is known to Messianics like me. So please, if you want to live forever, seek for Yahshua now with your whole heart, and you will find Him in the pages of the Bible, and in the hearts and minds of those truly loving and gentle human souls who already love and follow Him.


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Hallelu-Yah, and Maranatha!
Please Come Soon, Lord Jesus/Adonai Yahshua!

~ Helena Lehman of
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