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ARTICLE UPDATE 11-1-2015 and 11-29-2015: Changes have been made to several portions of this article to update it with new ideas as to its interpretation concerning its possible ties to a High Rapture Watch period for the Bride of Christ. So please re-read it if you have read it already.

The following article surrounds the recap of a dialogue that went on between me and a dear friend and Sister in Christ that concerned a wonderful, vivid dream that she had. This dream was clearly prophetic, and that is why she felt led to share it with me. At first, I believed a time and date correlation in her dream might have been pointing to a Rapture on the Day of Atonement beginning on September 23rd, 2015 this year. However, that date has come and gone, so I felt spiritually led to re-evaluate the date.. 

According to my newest observations, the 9:23 time from my friend's dream may actually correspond to the Hebrew 9th month of Kislev, which corresponds to the Solar Calendar's month of December, and in which the Feast of Chanukah falls this year. For what it's worth, my revised interpretation of my friend’s dream (with my new findings incorporated) follows her recounting of it, which appears directly below:


Hi Helena.

I wanted to share a dream I had last night. Please know there is no pressure of expectation for an interpretation.... I'm only sharing because I feel led by the Holy Spirit. Blessings and favor to you in Jesus our Savior and bridegroom king!                            

I dreamed I was standing outside of a very tall building at least 100 stories high. I could see many elevators were attached to the outside walls. Most of the elevators were going up and down. A few were moving horizontally. I went inside the building and found an elevator that was going up. I knew I wanted to get on it. The door opened and I got in with just a few other people. There were more people who wanted to get on but I thought to myself, “No that would make the elevator too full.” And as I had that thought, the door closed.

When the door opened again I knew we had arrived at the penthouse of the building. We were greeted by a man who looked to be in his 40s or 50s. He was fit and had short brown, curly hair. I knew somehow that this man was our father (me and the other people who were on the elevator) He showed us around the Penthouse. It was minimally decorated and all I saw was the kitchen/entertainment area and a ballroom. Then he showed us a very large (roof) outdoor space. That area had only a lawn and a few shrubs. I asked him, “Can I make a garden out here anyway that I would like?” and he said, “of course you can.” Then I noticed he was wearing a light blue shirt that had a rose flower brocade woven into the fabric. I told him I really liked his shirt.

The scene changed. I was coming out of a classroom at the lobby level of the same building. I and the others in my class were glad to be let out early at 9PM instead of 9:15 which was the time the class was supposed to be over. But, we were excited about the class so we all sat down together at an empty table to chat with each other. The lobby was filled with other tables where other students, not in our class, sat. I spoke first. I said that after having a secular education and secular job for so long I was thrilled to be taking classes that would train me to work for Jesus. The other people at my table agreed. Some people at the other tables overheard us and laughed at us and called us lame. I decided it was time to start home. I looked at my watch. It was now approx. 9:23 (after 9:20 and before 9:25)
End of dream.

9/17/2015 - My Spirit-led Dream Interpretation:

What a great prophetic dream, sister! Thank you for sharing it with me. As for what it means, I inquired of God, and the following is what the Holy Spirit has given me in interpretation, which I find very exciting and hopeful:

First of all, the lofty building with 100 stories is tied to the Kingdom of God. But it’s more than that. It represents the Tabernacle of Moses and David, which had high walls made of 100 cubits of white fabric each on the North and South sides. This means the Tabernacle was 100 Cubits long. So the 100-story high building ties in to that. Cool, eh? :-) Now here’s more...

Since the building signifies the Tabernacle, the Penthouse signifies the Most Holy Place beyond the veil inside the Tabernacle’s central tent. This space is where the Ark of the Covenant representing Yahshua was kept, so it also corresponds to Heaven, where Yahshua is now, and where we will dwell with God, and will be given our own homes and outdoor spaces to fix up any way that we like after the Rapture. As a symbol of Heaven, the Penthouse Ballroom is where the Wedding Supper of the Lamb will take place! ;-) With this in mind, it becomes clear that the elevator going up with only a few on it with you was a sign that the Rapture will be very small, and so many in the Church who are not living for Christ or repentant of their sins will be left behind.

Likewise, the class you were taking is an analogy for our lives after we are born again, for whatever we do on this Earth before the Rapture for God is part of the wealth of lessons we are being taught, and the spiritual gifts we are receiving under the Holy Spirit’s tutelage. Meanwhile, the Main or Lobby floor of the building signifies the entrance to the Tabernacle, and the table that you sat at signifies the altar just inside the Tabernacle entrance, which represents Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross for our sins! So your table signifies the gathering place of the Wise Virgins that are attuned to Christ and His Kingdom, and love serving Him. Awesome, eh? :-D

In your dream, you are sitting with others like you at a table signifying an Altar to God. These are believers that have a right attitude in desiring to serve Him. But woe to the people sitting at the other table that mocked you, for they signify the Foolish Virgins in the Laodicean or Lukewarm Church that think they’re right with God even though they’re not serving Himim, but themselves. These foolish ones are sadly ripe for the terrible Judgment that’s coming, yet they are smugly unconcerned and oblivious to it.

Now, here’s my interpretation of the times you saw on your watch. If I’m right in my interpretation of them, these may be the BEST part of the dream…

Getting out of class early - at 9 pm instead of 9:15 - is a sign that we are in the 9th hour representing JUDGMENT right now. Furthermore, it suggests that our time learning new spiritual lessons on this Earth will be finished before 9-15, or September of 2015 comes to a close.

When you glanced down at your watch again, and thought it was time to go home, I was given the strong impression that this meant that it was time to go home to be with Yahshua. Even better, the time on the clock was 9-23, which corresponded to several dates, as partly explained at the beginning of this revised article. The traditional Jewish Day of Atonement began on the evening of September 23rd, 2015, and the revised Day of Atonement began on the evening of October 23rd, and I believe Yahshua was born on the Day of Atonement in 3 BC - just 5 days before the week long Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles. As a side note, since Yahshua’s birth was so near to the Feast of “Sukkot” or “Booths”, and there was no room for His mother Miriam in the Inn, it is highly likely that He was born inside a “sukkah” or festival booth - and not a barn!

If Yahshua was born on the Day of Atonement, and I strongly believe that He was, it means His First Advent or First Coming officially began on that day. So it follows that His Second Coming in the Rapture, in which He and His angels will be seen above the Earth, could also be on that day, or sometime near to that day. However, Yahshua's true first moments of life in human form came when He was conceived in His mother Miriam's womb, and this would most likely have been around the week long Jewish Feast of Chanukah in December of 4 BC - if He was born in September of 3 BC.

However, as per this update, there are also other possibilities. The 9:23 may correspond to the 23rd day of the Ninth Jewish Month of Kislev, which corresponds to two days before the 25th of the Ninth month of Kislev, or the beginning of the week-long Feast of Chanukah, also known as the Festival of Lights. Using the traditional Jewish Calendar, the Feast of Chanukah will begin at sundown on December 6th, 2015. So the 9:23 could correspond to December 4th, 2015, or the 23rd day of the traditional Ninth Jewish Month.

Also, using the adjusted Jewish Calendar that has moved the Ninth Month forward one month, the actual beginning of the Ninth Jewish Month would be at sundown on January 10th, 2016, which would make the 23rd day of the adjusted Ninth Jewish month correspond to February 3rd, 2016. So this opens up a much larger possible Rapture window than I first suspected! :-)

At some future point, if we are still here, I'd like to do a study of the heavenly signs throughout this newly calculated time period to see if I can find any interesting alignments. So expect a future update sometime soon if the Rapture is delayed.

Maranatha and God bless you!

9-17-2015 - Further Discussion Ensues:

Now, after sharing my dream interpretation on September 17th with the sister who shared the dream, she shared the photograph below, with the following explanation:

Helena, I wanted to show you a photo of a new library on my son's campus. We visited it last Saturday (i.e. on 9-12-2015), just after my dream (which was on 9-10-2015). The building is just 3 stories high but you can imagine my shock when my son took us up to the 3rd floor, and when we stepped out of the stairwell - we saw this! The grass right outside of the window is on the roof! Eventually, it will be a garden terrace. But the building is so new it just isn't finished yet. It looks (although a bit smaller) just like the roof garden in my dream. Oh Helena, I hope that the Rapture is this year. But I’m uncertain. Yes, I agree that the dream was about meeting God after the Rapture.... I'm just not certain about the year. I don’t want to be disappointed.

Photo 1 - A View Overlooking the Grassy Rooftop of the School Library:

Then she shared the next photo- with this explanation: 

Here is another photo. This is a stone bench just outside of the new library....... look at the inscription!

Photo 2 - The Inscription on the Wide Bench Outside the School Library

Note From Helena:

For those who can’t see the above photo, the inscription on the library bench reads:

“I will be with you always, to the end of time.” - Matthew 28:20

Now, if that isn’t the most beautiful dream tie-in to reality, I don’t know what is. :-)

Before closing, let me leave you the following caveat:

After discussing my above dream interpretation with the Sister in Christ who shared the dream, she cautioned me that the 9-23 may correspond to the month and year of September 2023, since the 9-15 is tied to September of 2015. If so, however, it makes no sense to me because September of 2015 to September of 2023 marks an eight year period, NOT a seven year period that could tie in to Bible Prophecies concerning the End Times as an allusion to Daniel’s Seventieth Week. But even then, the Great Tribulation, which corresponds to the last half of Daniel’s Seventieth Week, is only 1260 days, or three and a half years long - as per the Book of Revelation. In other words, there is no definitive seven year Tribulation period, and there never was.

Now, I’ve no doubt that the dream my friend shared with me was prophetic, especially with the fact that she saw a grassy rooftop space very much like the one in her dream on a School Library rooftop a few days after she had the dream, and without knowing anything about it beforehand. But whether my interpretation of my friend’s dream is 100 percent correct or not remains to be seen. After all, for now, we mortals “see through a glass, darkly” (1 Cor. 13:12).

With that said, I want to let you all know that I’m 99 percent sure that most of the interpretation that I was given of the dream was Spirit-led, and is correct. But numbers have never been my forte, so there is some ambiguity in my mind about the date correlations with the times shown on my friend’s wrist watch. So let’s not get our hopes up too high. We all have to realize that our honest interpretations of dreams, like our interpretations of Scripture, are not always perfect. In the meantime, let’s hope and pray that we will be counted worthy to be taken up to Heaven in the Rapture whenever it may be, and that it will be very, very soon - maybe even 2 days before the traditional or adjusted Feast of Chanukah this year. We can only HOPE!

God bless you all, and Maranatha!
I Pray We're Going Home Soon!

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