Thursday, February 03, 2011

Two Must-Read Articles Regarding Muslims By Dr. David Reagan

I have consistently been surprised and delighted by the soundness and clarity of Dr. David Reagan's Eschatological (End-Time Prophetic) Studies, and these two articles are truly beautiful testimonies of God's Spirit revealing truths to His children through this godly man. I hope you will find the time to read them.

Article # 1:

Like Dr. David Reagan, I Reject Joel Richardson’s Muslim Antichrist Theory For Many Reasons. This Article Carefully Explains Why It Is Fatally Flawed! However, One Thing Dr. Reagan Misses Is That The Antichrist Could Fit Both Bible Prophecies And Muslim Expectations In A Person Of Mixed Race Who Hails From A Muslim Lineage And A Roman One, And Guess Who That Is?

Islam - An Evaluation of the Muslim Antichrist Theory
by Dr. David Reagan:

Article # 2

This Article Showing That Yahweh Loves Muslims And Plans To Bring Them Into His Kingdom By Dr. David Reagan Is An Excellent One To Read Now As Things Heat Up In The Middle East!

Islam - The Fate of the Muslims by Dr. David Reagan: