Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Prophetic Significance of the New Christchurch Quake

Map of Christchurch, New Zealand

I wanted to share this conversation that I had with several strong believers on Facebook this morning concerning the devastating new Christchurch quake in order to warn and encourage you to seek God's face and to notify everyone you know that Yahshua is coming soon and those who are not in a good relationship with Him will suffer greatly this coming year. We need to repent and rely on and trust in Yahshua more than ever right now.


Yours Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman

Helena Lehman's Facebook Wall Comment Thread from February 22nd, 2011:

Helena Lehman - With all the prophetic significance that was attached to the Christchurch quake of 2010 by various people, there must be a deeper meaning to this far more devastating quake in terms of loss of human life and in the name of the place. Does anyone have any impressions about this quake that they would like to share with me?

Quake in New Zealand kills at least 65, traps dozens

A powerful earthquake struck one of New Zealand's biggest cities Tuesday at the height of a busy workday, toppling tall buildings and churches, crushing buses and killing at least 65 people in one of the country's worst natural disasters.

Helena Lehman - I now have the strong impression that this quake is a sign that God is not pleased with the response of His church to all the warning signs that His Wrath and the Rapture are imminent, and it is also a sign that some who think they are in "Christ's Church" will perish for lack of spiritual knowledge and a real relationship with Christ.

Joseph - my Pastor told us on Sunday that we are in for perilous times...that this year would be a two edged sword...those of us who embrace holiness and one mindedness with God will be blessed, those of us who continue to use the blood of Jesus as... Ajax to cleanse us from how we continually disobey Him will experience judgment...this is NO TIME to mess with the grace of God...this is the 11th year, and the number 11 means manifested judgment...so far this yr on the 11th of each month BIG things have happened...Jan 11-49 of the 50 states had snow, and in Greenland the sun, which was supposed to rise from the long winter night on Jan 13, rose 2 days earlier on you guessed it , Jan 11...on Feb 11 Greece's economy collapsed overnight! Every 11th of each month will bring a new earth shattering event culminating on 11/11/11. God is moving...the earth pains like a woman in travail are happening! Time to look up repent and stop doing our habitual sin that so easily besets us ...this is NO TIME TO fool around and tamper with God's grace...it can run out. Prophet Carn said that God has withheld his judgment on America that was supposed to happen around Christmas but that it will happen. We as a nation need to repent and turn back to God quickly! This will be the year like no other.

Workers Searching for Survivors at CTV Building

Carrie - I think it may also speak to the shaking that Christ's Church is going to be going through, many will learn that in order to walk with Him, we must do the works that He did, and all those tongue talkin' faith healers may have more truth than they have realized. A lot of vain traditions will fall away as Truth is revealed.

Helena Lehman -‎@ Joseph and Carrie, Thanks so much for your valuable input. Surprisingly, I posted what God showed me about the quake just before you, as you were both likely writing your responses! What you have shared aligns well with what God showed me this morning upon arising and being confronted with the quake again. I am in strong agreement with Joseph's word and Carrie's also gives me the impression it is a true word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit. Oh my Adonai Yahshua! Have mercy on us and show us all Your will and help us to warn others that Your judgment is nearly at hand! Amen!

Carrie - Yes, and Amen! Helena it has been very rare that I will go out and make a comment like that, but I am learning more and more to have boldness in what God is showing me, not being afraid to say what is on my mind because that is how He speaks - we have to start acting like we have the Spirit of the Living God inside of us, what do we think He meant when he said "Let your Light so shine among men"? Not only do must we show those who have never heard, and there are many, but many who would claim to be part of His church just don't have the intimacy with Him that empowers us ~ the whole earth is groaning for the sons of God to be revealed!

Loretta - Major Earthquake...just MORE validation we are getting closer to seeing the Lord. And, its no coincidence that it hit CHRIST'S CHURCH .So many so called Christian Church's are in denial...they are lukewarm....Yahshua's own words in Matthew ...24 ..there will be Earthquakes in divers places. Markers, so to speak that point to his coming. Also ,I feel Earthquakes are markers that point to something awesome happening , like when there was a great earthquake when Yahshua was crucified and the veil in the Temple was torn ! There was a GREAT Earthquake then too ! Halleluyah ! And, after that Earthquake ..graves were opened up ...and dead bodies were alive again and seen by many witness'. Earthquakes are VERY significant ! And, its sad when you hear believers say.."yeah, but we have always had earthquakes...." . They miss the signs Yahshua himself told us to look for

Joseph - only the hard hearted will deny what is happening...they will say it is coincidence...but we know better...we are going to see the humanistic spirit get judged like never before...it has crept into the churches and causing people to deny God's power and explain away the miraculous...let them...this is the beginning of sorrows as Jesus said...just u watch!

Susan - Helena, I had that same impression....

Toppled Christchurch Anglican Cathedral

Gina - The toppling of the Cathedral's spire may be very significant; especially considering the amazing details showing how the Lord supernaturally protected Christchurch from the previous 7.0 EQ back in September.

"Witnesses said the quake destroyed the iconic stone Christchurch Cathedral, its spire toppled into a central city square.."

For details of His supernatural protection see:


Your summation sounds right on target Helena!

Mike - Also the changes they made since the quake last year were only external changes, he is looking for changes in our hearts of our love and commitment to him. He wants total and absolute surrender. This is a warning, if it is not heeded, woe to the nations of the earth.....