Thursday, February 24, 2011

Armageddon Radio Show of 2-23-2011 Now Playing!

For those who missed my Armageddon Radio show last night, it is now playing on my show page and has been archived at the Edge AM.

A download link has also been added if you would like to watch it on your PC with RealPlayer, a free player available at If you download the show, you can avoid the commercials.

You can use this link to visit the show site:

For those who missed my write-up about the show yesterday, here it is again:

This week's Armageddon Radio Show will cover the spiritual implications of the Christchurch Quake in New Zealand, the recent uprooting of the White House Christmas tree by a strong wind, who “The Woman Who Rides The Beast” represents in Scripture, and other recent current events in relation to Bible Prophecy and the Gospel in the Stars.

Be blessed!


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